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  1. e39_eddie_46

    Gaydon Bmw Festival 2016 ?

    Typical, thought I'd missed my chance to get on the stand with you guys. I've ended up being with BMW club.
  2. e39_eddie_46

    Gaydon Bmw Festival 2016 ?

    Anybody got a spare ticket or cancelled? I'm attending the show, but would love to get on the stand with my 535d
  3. e39_eddie_46

    E60 / 61 M5 alloys - XX SOLD XX

    Hi bud friend of mine is very interested in these but is having problems joining the group could you call him on +44 7872 945757 his name is Louis cheers
  4. e39_eddie_46

    E61 remote central locking not workin?

    Stripped the diversity down, quite corroded connections cleaned it all up with electrical cleaner, gave it all a good WD-40 and bobs your uncle, it's all working again God knows how long for
  5. e39_eddie_46

    E61 remote central locking not workin?

    Thank you! Ive tried getting the key near it with no joy. will have a quick look in the morning for watee
  6. Guys hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction my 2008 535d has developed a fault with the remote central locking and neither of my keys lock the car im thinking either split wire in the boot hing or diversity? is there any way I can check the diversity? the radio seems to work well, however I have dab so I don't often use the FM any help greatly appreciated thanks Eddie
  7. e39_eddie_46

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Swirl flap delete Full service
  8. So after selling my e61 530d around a year ago, and regretting it daily I've finally managed to find myself a replacement car! ive picked up a 2008 '57' 535d touring M sport with a lovely options list! the car is a one owner from new, with a whopping 156k miles & £22k worth of invoices all from the dealers for every little by of work the cars ever needed. It really does drive as though it's done 60k anyway, I'll upload some pics, but she's in desperate need of a good clean & detail!
  9. Post #10.....seeing as this was my car and it had a slight whistle from the turbo when I Owened IT I did my own research and found it to be a normal noise. My x5 had a cracked manifold hence the same noise. I'd just like to clear up that I was not aware of any issues with this turbo, I did not want to sell the car, but Rich twisted my arm. It looks like it would have failed on me if I hadn't sold it. At least it is sorted and for not to much expense. Ps the air filter was changed 5-6k ago
  10. Rich, You shouldn't need a Eco tune downpipe as your DPF is in the middle of the car. On the pre lci the dpf & cat are separate. You' also have a egr delete but it's still in place although the it's deactivated after a certain temp. It still works when cold and then disables according to the tuner. Some of the paperwork has turned up today for the retention, expect the V5 tomorrow
  11. The x5 just has a whistle/squeak/screech under acceleration from about 1500rmp to 2500rpm. Sounds pretty much the same as the 530d did. I was only considering a smoke test as you said you'd found a leaky gasket so figured there may have been an issue. But I'm pretty sure there isn't v5 isn't back yet but as soon as it is I'll let you know. I'd be surprised if it's back before the 24th as that's the bank holiday weekend
  12. I really don't know what to say Rich, it's as I said, the car drives spot on and I was very open and honest with what I thought needed doing and also everything that had been done to the car in my Time I'd of carried on driving it around as it is... Maybe you need to turn the radio up
  13. Smoke test would show any cracks and boost leaks/splits etc. I've no idea on cost, but the garage is called wheeldon & Mitchell ltd if you wanted to google them and enquire I think you're worrying about nothing personally.
  14. Really? I'm shocked by that Rich. I'd recommend a smoke test then, I shall get one done on the X5 as it has the same noise and report back. One of the guys on my industrial estate does it if you're interested