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  1. jags53

    E39 M5 OEM Exhaust

    I'm in se London/nw Kent
  2. jags53

    E39 M5 OEM Exhaust

    Yes forgot to say one require the back boxes. Original post edited. Thanks
  3. jags53

    E39 M5 OEM Exhaust

    HI All, Looking to revert back to OEM exhaust on the m5 - if anyone has an OEM exhaust back boxes - do let me know. Thanks
  4. jags53

    abs lights etc

    Really? Didn't realise wheel bearings had any sensors? They are not cheap on the m models - I would suggest getting a second opinion if possible
  5. jags53

    abs lights etc

    Most like the ABS module. Checkout BBA Reman who repair the unit for under £200. They check it first to ensure there is a fault
  6. jags53

    Timmay Tips Equivalent

    Thanks guys. I've been in touch with H&s and will pay them a visit
  7. jags53

    Timmay Tips Equivalent

    Hi All, I'm looking to change my tips, I really like Timmays tips over on M5 board however he's stop making them now, does anyone know where I can get the equivalent in SE London/Kent I know there is a load of exhaust shops but I want that deep throaty sound ( not happy with my current tips) Thanks Jag
  8. For sale Kumho I'Zen KW27 Winter Tyres. x2 245/40/18 with 7.5mm tread x2 275/35/18 with 5.0mm tread I got these with my E39 M5 over three years ago but have never fitted them as I don't really drive the car during winter. Collection only - located in SE London/NW Kent £250 ono
  9. jags53

    BMW 2001 320i 159k E46 £600 ono

    E46 2001 320i manual - Ideal for spares/project £600 ono Oxford Green 159k Full service History including loads of receipts/bills/invoices MOT - until Feb 2017 Located SE London/NW Kent Recent Work: Replcaed Alternator Brushes (Valeo) Camshaft Sensor Exhaust Bridgestone Tyre's fitted at 151k This is my dads old daily runner, hes recently got a new car hence this is up for sale. Bad points: Its a runner and can be driven away, although the coil packs may need changing as sometimes the engine can misfire, turning the engine off and restarting seems to fix it. Its a 2001 so some bubbling on the arches - one arch side has a dent/scrape and general wear for a car of this age. Rear Parking Sensors dont work, i think one or two need replacing Guilbo may need changing as a slight thud from rear when changing gear One of the MOT advisories was a buckled wheel - although it seems to drive fine no juddering etc Air Con condenser may need replacing s its louds when AC is switched on. Full service history: 156k Oil Service - Sept 2015 152k - Oil Service Oct 14 142k - Oil Service - Oct 13 135k - Inspection 2 - Aug 12 126k - Inspection 1 - July 11 116k - Oil Service May 10 The rest is BMW Brighton Main Dealer I think i've covered most of it, any questions feel free to PM and I will try to get back to you. Looking for £600 ono Thanks for reading Jag
  10. jags53

    Any idea on this fail guys?

    camshaft position sensor, a quick google should confirm whether its the inlet or exhaust sensor.
  11. jags53

    Underseat Subwoofers in Armrest area

    Hey Dennis, Thanks for you reply - i didn't know slimline subs existed such as the JL below. - you are right in that they will hardly use any space. http://www.carsoundsandsecurity.co.uk/store/cp108lg-w3v3/ I have taken a punt on the Alpine PEW-S8 which is rated at 125w RMS and had the slimmest profile compared to the others. - I am just abit hesitant on cutting the metal for the ski hatch and hence why I went for this option. I hope to have it fitted soon and will report back my findings.
  12. jags53

    Underseat Subwoofers in Armrest area

    I think im going to bite the bullet and go with this setup. I will report my findings once all complete.
  13. HI All, I will we be replacing all my front speakers soon with some focal components powered by an external amplifier. My question is has anyone tried fitting some of those enclosed 8" under seat subwoofers in the armrest area in the E39? I have seen some images of a Blaupankt sub installed in this area (similar to pic attached), but the likes of Focal and Phoenix Gold also make some now. I know i wont get the massive low bass that i would get from a conventional sub box and cutting the ski hatch, but I know have this option (boot space needed) and Im just after a little oomph. Before i go and try these out does anyone have any experience with these or any advice as i may be missing something obvious which wont allow me to do this. Cheers, Jag https://audiovisualworld.co.uk/phoenix-gold-z8150-8-active-subwoofer-bass-box-with-built-in-amp.html https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/focal-ibus-20-20cm-under-seat-active-subwoofer-8-active-bass-tube.html https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/alpine-pwe-s8-8-20cm-underseat-amplified-sub-subwoofer-bass-box.html
  14. jags53

    Help with codes Please

    Aha Good to know. Cheers Harry
  15. jags53

    Help with codes Please

    Cheers I think I'm getting the same errors in inpa although my readouts in German ha. The more I'm thinking of it I may just replace all four sensors as the others can't be that great at 127k