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  1. Kaysor525

    E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    Personally I do not believe it is normal not to have a breather at all. As the name of the part speaks for itself " Crankcase engine oil seperator / breather". At high pressure it releases engine pressure preventing the oil from spilling
  2. Kaysor525

    Glowplug replacement

    thanks guy's I think ill get some blanks as well for piece of mind as I plan to keep the car long term. also I must do my glow plugs as two plugs are showing faulty. I changed the breather soon as I bought the car from the old style to the new. Redtwin that manifold is sparking what did you use, oven cleaner .
  3. Kaysor525

    Glowplug replacement

    Thanks again guys spoke to BMW's this morning about the swirl flaps. they do not sell individual flaps but recommend to buy whole inlet manifold at £545.00 inc VAT if the flaps needs changing. Paggers don't forget to buy new inlet rubber seals square one's are £3.50 each and round one's are 2.71 each from BMW's depending on the condition of yours off course. Cheers....
  4. Kaysor525

    Glowplug replacement

    Hi Guy's Thanks for your advice, much appreciated. Paggers you mentioned about the swirl flaps, are you changing the entire inlet manifold. or are you able to just buy new Flaps or are you just using blanking plates and removing the flaps completely. This is something that ive heard stories about but was never sure, any comments much appreciated.
  5. Kaysor525

    Glowplug replacement

    Hi All, Anyone know any links or have any good DIY procedures and PICS to get access to the Glow Plugs for replacement on an e60 525d. thanks Kaysor.
  6. Just wondering if you reset the service as why it had changed to 27K. When does the dpf have to be changed? Mine saying 110 000, so guessing it will count down to that...
  7. Kaysor525

    E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    Have also changed my Breather 2 weeks ago engine running better now i think, well...it should anyway as it was the old loo roll type.
  8. Kaysor525

    E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    Thanks Eddyek will check if this is available on my Dis.
  9. Kaysor525

    E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    Hi Eddyek, which software do you use to do a smooth running test, i have bought the cable and software from BM technic but could not find this function.
  10. Kaysor525

    E60 oil separator/breather replacement

    i ve also had similar issues , with rough idle, sounded like misfires. but then after 30 secs or so it would disappear, so over the weekend changed my breather and the air filter which also needed changing. now seems alot better but on the odd days i can sometimes still feel a slight judder then it would clear out after few seconds. i think i need to have this plugged into the Diagnostics.
  11. Just out of curiosity what make of air filter do you use Andy any problems with it ? and would you recommend it.
  12. Kaysor525

    Run flats going

    HI people, can anyone shed some light on this, i remember reading somewhere that a spare space saver wheel will not fit in the wheel slot in the boot, please confirm. i am think of replacing my run flat 18" tyres to a non run-flat, which means that i would need to put an 18" space - saver wheel in the boot in the wheel slot. My vehicle is 525d Msport.
  13. Kaysor525

    Wing mirrors auto/power folded mirrors

    Thanks blood much appreciated, just need to find those mirrors now and will get intouch for the programming.
  14. Kaysor525

    Wing mirrors auto/power folded mirrors

    Hi Blood, It is a 525d MSport 2005, do you know if the wiring connection to the auto mirror is already in the car or is this something that would need to be modified or a new wiring loom with the power mirror option is required to be fitted.