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  1. 711jrp

    Short shift gear lever - How To guide!

    ^^^ me too^^^
  2. 711jrp

    E39 - 3P Airlift Airride Kit *BRAND NEW*

    Does it come with a the red nose and big floppy shoes ?
  3. How about the bumper mount that InCar Tec do.
  4. 711jrp

    E39 M5 Brake Overhaul Advice

    Clamp the old lines and fit the new SS ones when the calipers come back.
  5. 711jrp

    Coil Springs Why do they break so easily?

    Joking aside, there does seem to be a correlation with the stiffer springs breaking more often. You see this a lot on french cars, the petrols are fine but it's the diesels that suffer the broken springs much more often. I think another contributing factor is we are now just about solely on progressive springs rather than the older linear ones we used to have, this means most of the everyday work is done by only a small portion of the spring whereas that load would have previously have been spread equally over all the coils .
  6. 711jrp

    Coil Springs Why do they break so easily?

    Because your sprint weighs about as much as a half empty packet of fags.....
  7. 711jrp

    Greatest Movie Scene.

    Pulp fiction Ezekiel 25;17
  8. 711jrp

    Expansion tank empty twice in 4 days.

    As said egr cooler, I also had the heat exchanger leak, it's under the oil filter and the leak shows up as coolant on the n/s engine mounting.
  9. I don't disbelieve you one little bit, a few people are speculating where the price is going to be in a few years seen to be a bit out of touch.I've been looking for a pristine example for three years or so and they are just not out there at any money, even looked at the hexagon car for 50k, 10k more than I wanted to spend and it wasn't all that good and that has sold now. As for the numbers argument there were way less made than many other classics of note, and the Brexit and fossil fuel argument is just laughable. Just to edit.... the hexagon car was 45k not 50k like I said, must be getting old, they do however have one for 50k now though it seems.
  10. 711jrp

    Carbon Fibre My 535 M sport Parts

    They can 2k prime them first but it adds to the cost.
  11. 711jrp

    E39 M5 wanted

  12. 711jrp

    Replacement battery required

    I might have got lucky but i got caught out with a totally dead battery,bought one and put it on, was going to get it coded on the Monday after the weekend then life got in the way and it's still fine six months later.As I said I might have just got lucky.
  13. 711jrp

    What's the weather like in London ?

    Bright and sunny here in south London all day, not too cold at all.
  14. 711jrp

    My old touring

    Cheap enough...
  15. 711jrp

    Alcantara headlining

    I think it's to do withe the airbags the pre facelift had two less as I understand it. but I'm not 100%
  16. 711jrp

    E39 M5 query

    Great advice Dennis leave it a few years and see the price drop....are you mad?
  17. 711jrp

    Alcantara headlining

    It might also be worth noting I think the pre and facelift ones have diferant pillar trims too.
  18. 711jrp

    Tailgate wiring diagram

    The plugs in the antenna not the loom
  19. 711jrp

    Tailgate wiring diagram

    Check the plugs are in the Diversity antenna all the way and are not corroded .
  20. 711jrp

    Just picked up a 535d LCi - Few questions

    A SDS drill can knock out a dpf in ten minutes if you have a long enough bit, if you haven't, borrow one.
  21. 711jrp

    E61 trim parts, where can i get them?

    I get the part numbers myself from realoem and just give them the list, works for me at Coopers but i do find them very good.
  22. 711jrp

    Alcantara headlining

    I saw, you're gonna go to hell you know.....
  23. 711jrp

    Alcantara headlining

    I've seen a few of these go for a grand in the past without the parcel shelf, these have to be getting rare now but 1750 still seems a bit excessive. There are a few more in Europe but shipping will be problematic so maybe that puts a premium on one over here. Someone at Gaydon told me it's over a grand to get one done and that will have two extra seam so who knows someone might pay it.