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  1. I recon throttle actuator on that bank.
  2. That's only ok if the batteries are of a similar discharge, which they would be in your case as they all see the same load. The problem with doing that with a leisure battery is if you discharge the leisure battery doing whatever you want with it and then put it on the car unless you immediately go for a drive and charge it back up to 12v it will drag the charge out of the cars battery so in the morning you have two half discharged batterys.
  3. You need a split charging relay if you want to do it properly.
  4. I think unless you're using it every day no it's not, i have a mix of both and the brushless has a bit more power but the old stuff is nice too.
  5. With a 1/4 inch sticking out I'd be tempted to weld a nut on it.
  6. The thing is if this was true dealers like him would have gone bust long ago, so it stands to reason the buyers are out there.
  7. I'll second what cableguy said and vouch for Glenn as well, sure he is not too cheap but the best cars never are.
  8. Hitachi are ok but it's worth keeping in mind there aren't many tools on the platform, down the road you might want something specific and have to buy a new tool with battery and charger, makita do a good cheap 1/2" impact gun for a car guy .
  9. The Makita lxt range is very hard to beat at the price, once you get on board with one tool and a couple of batteries you can buy skins (bare tools) at around half the price. I like the 3Ah batteries as they are lighter than the 5Ah which to me outweighs the run time as they charge much quicker than you can discharge in most tools.
  10. They can't invalidate your insurance for no MOT any more, they used to be able to. The MOT is not a sign of roadworthy-ness just a test on one day of the year.
  11. I wonder if you were scammed by impersonators?
  12. I would talk to a brief, I would think it's fair to say you where waiting for the court summons in order to plead not guilty.
  13. Joking aside, modifications like that should be illegal on a road car.
  14. cheers guys i forgot to pay mine today, just did thanks again.
  15. Indeed he was, not car related but I still have a Daystate Grand Prix that I bought from him.
  16. Fast car used to be legitimate back in the day.
  17. I can't really see that much wrong with it, it's just a blue GSI with a Lotus-ish body kit on it, it's not like he's trying to pass it off as a lotus. It's just like putting rep Sport bumpers on a SE.
  18. Funny enough, I recommended the Das pro as they are good value but I actually have the Megs G220 and it's been 100% for over five years now, if you can get one local that'll be a good move too.The buff daddy is a re branded Das Pro and the hexlogic pads are good too.
  19. Das pro is just about the best value for money, and will do the job well.Join detailing world forum, they come up S/H or detailing addicts on FB
  20. I had a 540/6 loon as a daily for quite some time, it was a nice rot free car with only 85k on the clock, anyway I sold that just after Christmas to a nice guy in the club with the intention of getting a nice clean Touring in either a 540/a or 530d in auto.In six months of looking all I found were leggy pigs that people want the earth for so in the end a couple of weeks ago I dug deap and got a E61 535d and love it to bits, I really am quite taken with it.
  21. Me and a couple of mates played Alias Smith&Jones when we were young, I always wanted to be Alias.....They were good mates they never seemed to mind.
  22. plus if you have a add blocker installed you can't view their sight.
  23. The spoiler comes off easy enough and you can still buy the correct adhesive strip from the main dealer
  24. I'd be buying the m5 trim that Chi is selling here and save myself some money.