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  1. E34 B10 Project

    yes both won't be finding new homes at those prices
  2. Introduction, new E34 M5 3.8 owner...soon!

    6 speed? Congrats i ran a 3.8 for 3 years and sold it this summer. Still not sure it was my smartest move. A good one is great i think
  3. wheres the pics with the rims on? Just missed out on a set of these today with no covers but 9j rears for £250!
  4. Real M5 ownership costs?

    no brainer the V8 M3 is the kddie. The V10 cars have way more dramas and that SMG gearbox. The v10 engines aren't proving too robust in old age Not quite sure how e46 or e90 m3s are boring as they were the bench mark car to beat when new
  5. How dead is this engine?

    its probably cracked around the valve throat on the exhaust side. A common place for these to go , but rare on M50's. That bore might be ok, not ideal but just burn a little oil, need to strip clean it up. Thats been laid up a while for it to get like that and the coolant mix looks to be tap water for it to rust like that also - poor maintenance over the years
  6. Adjustable rear ends. Worth it for the street?

    The E36 had factory adjustment on the rear ends and that was 1990! Interesting 5 0, i never changed or played with my M5 in this area. I knew the trailing arms were slightly different and can take wider wheels
  7. Adjustable rear ends. Worth it for the street?

    I don't recall anything being adjustible on my old M5 on the back end.
  8. next, they aren't very good on fuel. A nice manual 525i is a nicer car in every way
  9. diesel pumps are mega money and they do fail. Most have been scrimped on, fly by wire throttle though!
  10. my mate just sold my old techno violet 518i touring! had working air con too
  11. its a pile of shit, its the worst sort of project. Half finished and its had someone nicking and removing lots of little bits over 8 years, its just a hard slog so far!
  12. i've got an e34 touring with tow bar that needs a bit of work. Loads of grunt if u can get it working
  13. What have you done on your E34 Today

    that looks good in the photo!
  14. 525iX gearbox compatibility

    can't you just change the rear casing off the Ix box and off you go? the 5sp box fitted to 3.0 e36 m3s is nothing special was used on millions of bmws e36 325s 328s e46 328/330 e39 528 e34 525i bla bla bla