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  1. Bumbaclut

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    id fix the faults before you modify, but as said this is the wrong car for all that shite you want to do. Should of found a 730 or something to muller!
  2. Bumbaclut

    Wiper Rack

    its not that bad, i did it on my old M5. I'd only swap it for a new one TBH
  3. Bumbaclut

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    forgot this B3 3.2 alpina touring!
  4. Bumbaclut

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    I've had loads and loads, i'd struggle to remember the correct order but i'll try my first 318i 318iS 325i Sport 325iSE auto Alpina C2 2.7 - i've still got this 325i touring another 325i touring........ 320i touring with an Alpina 2.5 engine Alpina C2 2.7 touring best E30 i've had 325iSE auto 325i i think thats all the E30s! 316i family heir loom! 328i touring 318i auto 318i manual 318i manual Alpina B3 3.2 Touring Alpina B3S touring - still got this My first e34 525iX manual, owned it twice lol was a turd really purple ronnie 518i touring The daddy B10 Bi turbo 3.8 M5 6 speed - my favourite E34 by a mile Current E34 project which has had a crashed B10 bi turbo reshelled into it. Started off life as a Dutch LHD 525i touring. Its not been completed yet into a road worthy car Theres been more but i didn't realise it was this many!
  5. Bumbaclut

    Project bites off more than can chew

    thanks it will be more at home here!
  6. Bumbaclut

    Project bites off more than can chew

    Some frag picked up today, a 90 litre M5 fuel tank and associated bits. You won't be driving far with the standard 80 litre tank with the bi turbos thirst! And a nice 4 spoke alpina wheel with an e36/e34 boss. The original airbag wheel deployed its airbag and was that nasty BMW 4 spoke effort. This is much nicer
  7. Bumbaclut

    Project bites off more than can chew

    This should be in projects really shouldn't it?
  8. Bumbaclut

    Project bites off more than can chew

    Its been a while, as well theres not been much action or love for it to be honest. The missing a running E34 in my life is strong! I thought i'd jack it up in the summer, lol this is an update from the last 5-6 months. Pleased to report its not a rusty scottish looking tea bag under here. On the grass isn't ideal, but that should change soon not the best picture but the fuel pipes have been replaced so thats one job saved! Next is mounting the intercooler. Theres cutting involved here unless you want to buy a "bi turbo" bumper from Alpina for about a million quid the all important mounting brackets, these are replacements from Alpina as the originals were bent in the accident The bumper won't mount with the intercooler fitted so you have to make room for it by chopping bumper! This is most of the cutting to get the bumper to fit properly bumper fitted, the number plate holder also needs triming, or again you can buy and alpina one for loads. The bi turbo front spoiler mounts over the whole lot so you can't see any of the cutting. Its the only real part missing as it was damaged in accident. Its a £600 bill i need to stump up for, luckily you can still buy them i suppose My dad had to make a little fiddly part here that was missing* it connects this pipe to the boost controller ECU. It runs to the inlet manifold This is the throttle potentiometer. Or fly by wire throttle. I found this in a horrid oily box of bits that came with the car It was a moment i had in the shower when it all twigged. So the throttle opens and shuts now with this plugged in Back on the theme of missing parts. It takes alot of looking sometimes to notice things aren't there. So the red wire is the live battery feed to the starter motor! Plus the engine earth strap was missing - this one is a temp one. This did bring the car back to life alot. then come to today! 4 books of main dealer wiring diagrams and a mate who knows how to read them with a volt metre So some checks with a volt metre revealed the ignition switch is working and the DME or engine ECU was getting power. A good sign. Still no cranking over This is the starter motor relay, it was missing so i've sourced one and fitted it. Now the wiring diagrams reveal this is only needed for auto cars, the manual cars don't have a relay. Our guess is this is fitted for the auto selector switch on the autos so the engine will only start in N or P and not D Testing again revealed the starter wasnt getting the start signal/volatage to crank. So removed said relay and bridged the wires together aka like a manual like below Lets give it a try...............................engine cranks over!!! This turd may see the road once more, engine hasn't run at a guess in 10 years. We can smell fuel and checked for spark and have both. Theres lots unplugged but this is probably the biggest leap forward in my eyes. So the games back on! Theres no oil, coolant, radiator, intercooler pipes, auxillary belts, exhaust fitted currently so will need to get busy to get it into a postion that will run, signs are promising that it should go The loves returned for the mutant I've dont a bit more alpina wiring in the mean time but forgot to update this
  9. Bumbaclut

    BMW 540i vs BMW M5

    I was trying to buy it but someone else beat me to it, had been stored off road for the past 5 years
  10. Bumbaclut

    E34 m5 on eBay

    This is ebay there will be a plethora of ebay january no money tossers bidding on that
  11. Bumbaclut

    E34 m5 on eBay

    New diamond black looks nothing like 20 year old dullmand black. My E30 is this colour and its as nice as any new shade As for the 3.8 vs 3.6 The 3.6 has no grunt compared. I'd take a 315bhp-320bhp 3.8 that makes its full torque over a 3.6 So much easier to drive and go in each gear
  12. Bumbaclut

    Wiper Rack

    the bonnets dont wear out the middle wiper arms do as they're ali. They're all knackered on any e34 thats been used in a wet climate
  13. Bumbaclut

    E34 m5 on eBay

    3.6 though =(
  14. Bumbaclut

    E34 m5 on eBay

    heated rears were an option on M5s. But not many have it. I've got a BMW retro fit rear heated seat kit
  15. Bumbaclut

    Wiper Rack

    i'd like to see how they fix the issue. I replaced my old M5 one and nothing would of repaired it !