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  1. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    R12 air con was the bollocks!
  2. E34 Biege/Tan leather sport seat needed

    what are you up to?
  3. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    you only need to by pass pressure switch when the system has gas and it won't work, really. If you have no gas in the system it won't work even if you by pass it! They can fail, i had this fault of pressure switch failed on an old e34 of mine. System in good shape and by pass the switch and hey i had cold air con
  4. Parasitic drain on fuse 20

    whats does fuse 20 do? That would find the fault!
  5. Can you diy troubleshoot air con?

    If system has been refilled with dye in it then you can trace where its leaked out its that simple. Most likely a hole in condensor.
  6. High mile 518i , why not?

    Thats only happens if you don't change the oil every 5k like your supposed to. They do 250k plus if you change the oil regularly 518i is a great little car, the 520 is aload of thirsty roadblock.
  7. 37k for an E34

    This is mint Alpina Bi turbo money! Even M5s aren't making this cash in LHD.
  8. £38k E34 540i touring

    yes glad she didn't get near your m5s!
  9. £38k E34 540i touring

    your missus cooked the engine and then sold it? Is this a wind up? I'd fucking kill her!
  10. E34 Rear Caliper Rewind

    Thats how i do it G cramp and old pad! I'm sure you know but adjust the wheel on handbrake drum not the hand brake cable end to adjust it up
  11. Project bites off more than can chew

    I've not touched it over winter, used the big boot for storage!
  12. Project bites off more than can chew

    Geoff this shines light!! I know that this touring is now all M30 front loom, the rear is all M50 still and the middle part of the car is both, i guess thats the dash part. I've had help on this but said person took the paper with him so rather than pester i'm going to try and do it this way. It also makes sense that they don't quite work. thanks
  13. I've been quiet of late on the E34 front as i've A) been very stupid or B ) made a good move! Sold my much loved 6 speed M5 last summer. To fund a new E34 project i was offered And bought this touring? Its a LHD avus blue 525i or so it was when it left the factory Take one very crashed/written of Alpina Bi turbo #389 and fit all of its mechanicals into said car above, Its not finished and this all started over 9 years ago. That where i come in like a mug. Now i've had this since september just gone and the main stumbling block is the electrics as its a hybrid of M50 M30. No tourings had M30s from factory let alone with two turbos!! Alot of it is plug and play but........there are some differences. So thats my first goal is to get the electrics working as it all should and then sort the mechanicals. Getting the engine to crank over would be a huge start!! I'm in need of a body control module as the one i have had died over winter. I've firstly been getting all the cars normal features to work, so lights, wipers etc. Indicators is proving a problem Anyhow my main question is this can anyone tell me the type name of this plug on the body loom is? Like X26 etc Locates in the drivers footwell on LHD but these plugs on RHD cars are behind the glovebox. Its the white ones that are the problem, one side i have two plugs (M30) and the cars (M50) body loom has 1 plug and to help they are both different sizes. This can be sorted but i need to identify the plug type so i can check wiring diagrams from both cars and see what needs to bee connected and what won't be. Any help on this is gratefully recieved. This is wholly into the unknown and not many people have put an M30 into tourings over the years let alone a smashed up bi turbo. Right now i miss the M5 more than ever as it worked! Its gone now so i need to re motivate on this pile of bits/shit.
  14. E34 needed for mag article and studio photo shoot

    Dam should of kept my M5 but Dave with his Elekta M5 touring would be just the ticket!!
  15. 1990 M5 - 370mm Tech 2 Steering Wheel

    If the smaller wheel is from an E30 then yes a straight swap