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  1. Bumbaclut

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    where have u found that!
  2. Bumbaclut

    E34 540 Touring 1995

    has it sold? auction has ended
  3. Bumbaclut

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Don't be silly These N series V8s are a different series of engine. Chances are the bell housings are different
  4. Bumbaclut

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    i've never seen one of these before. What a stealth tram! I bet she gets a move on!
  5. This is nuts, an M5 wagon is worth way more as a car than in bits. Unless its going to be rung Bastards
  6. Bumbaclut

    Shift Button Not working

    the slip rings can fail, certainly happens on the E36s switch tronic cars.
  7. Bumbaclut

    2002 m5 individual

    epic champers trim! Never seen one before. Makes me miss my E34 champers trim
  8. Bumbaclut

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    nice work
  9. Bumbaclut

    Need Help...Broken M5

    my 3.8 was 5 litres, i can't see the 3.6 being different
  10. Bumbaclut

    Need Help...Broken M5

    No the 3.6 is a tough old unit. My top tip? Use pukka oil thats an ester based synthetic oil in whatever grade you like. Arguments on what grade to use will exist forever. (I ran my 3.8 on mobil 1 10-60 lots like 15-50) Let the oil temp warm up before you give it. Don't drive it like you stole it everywhere and it won't grenade. I took my old 3.8 to the nurburgring with 140k on it, did 13 laps in a weekend on track and hit 150mph on the autobahn on the way there and back with 4 people in it and the boot full. My point is with the right love and a little sympathy these will carry on into high milege and still reward. There will be bills, always has been when you want to be top of the tree!
  11. Bumbaclut

    Need Help...Broken M5

    To be fair this car has covered, high milege, its been clocked and its had a few owners who havent looked after it before any of these forum guys bought it. Might sound harsh but if you want a mans car, you have to pay the mans bills. M5's get more expensive to run the older they get
  12. Bumbaclut

    Need Help...Broken M5

    yes he did a massive amount of work to it
  13. Bumbaclut

    Need Help...Broken M5

    the 3.6 MAF is also used on the 968 porka, e34 alpina bi turbo and certain audi quattros. The guy in cambridge is a well know repairer of them in porsche world. 3.8 MAFs are back online, BMW will send it to bosch for a rebuild and its 500 euro at the minute The 3.8 cams were fitted by Phil crouch to your car, its the pink floyd car isnt it?
  14. Bumbaclut

    E34 525 ... looks lovely

    it does it makes a huge difference, someone who fits quality tyres doesn't scrimp elsewhere - that rule rings true everytime. Cheap tyres are a false economy and the effects the whole driving experience. Someone who doesn't mind shelling out £100 a corner often doesn't mind paying out to keeping the aircon working even though its 25 year old car he knows it blows coolere than most new cars... the guy who likes a nasty £40 tyre is happy to drive some shit box thats need a fuse and a regas to get the aircon working again and normally isn't fucked about much else like changing the oil on time. Seen it too many times
  15. Bumbaclut

    E34 525 ... looks lovely

    nexen fan alert!