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  1. 66split

    BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    Read some of the stuff on this thread with interest. I have an 11 plate F10 525d auto - the 3.0 motor - and I came from a 525d (3.0) E60. The E60 was really good on fuel and I was concerned about the one I have now being more thirsty so I did consider getting a 520d but ended up with this one I have. I do tend to drive what I would call, sensibly, generally with the odd blast in sport mode just to keep it honest!! The figures on the computer I do keep an eye on but I tend to take more notice of miles to a tank and so far the car pretty much will do 700-750 from completely full to the second fuel warning coming on (31 miles remaining) on pretty much every tank. I have had a couple of 675-700 tanks if I've done a bit in towns. I have had one trip where I drove at 60 pretty much all the way from Carlisle down to Essex and back and got 816 miles from full to the 31 miles left warning - which to me is just staggering from such a large car. I would be interested overall to know what others miles to a full tank figures are. Are the 2.0 engines similar to these figures?
  2. 66split

    F10 520d or 530d

    Just got myself a 525d - the 3.0ltr one. I can vouch for it being fantastic and can also agree the 8 speed box is great. I haven't had it long and do 80% motorway but best I have had so far is 760 miles from a tank. Might be worth considering as an option - if you can find one. I had also had an E60 525d and loved it but the F10 feels similar in build quality to me. Funnily enough, I have also had a broken rear spring - only about three days after I got the car - fixed under warranty at the Main Dealer. Took them a week to fix
  3. 66split

    Pro Nav Upgrade

    Matthew - that is really great - thanks so much for your help.
  4. 66split

    Pro Nav Upgrade

    They are great! Thanks a lot guys - all super helpful information. Matthew - can I just go ahead and update to the very latest version then? Is it just as simple as buying the FSC code and maps, putting them on a USB drive and putting that itno the USB port in the glovebox? Yes, I did mean the cradle which fits in the armrest but I've been running the last couple of days since I got the car with the phone on Bluetooth in the armrest and it seems to work perfectly so I'll just stay with that. I have enhanced Bluetooth also apparently it seems.
  5. 66split

    Pro Nav Upgrade

    Hi all Just picked up my new (to me) F10 - had an E60 525d - great car but was getting tired after a lot of motorway miles. New car is an 11 plate 525d (3.0) in Sapphire Black. Its a BMW approved used car and has good extras - Pro Nav, Pro media, Visibility pack etc. I looked at the version number in the Sat Nav menu and it is the 2011 version. My question is, is it worth updating it and if so, how easy is it to do? Also, is it worth buying a cradle for my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) for the centre console or is the Bluetooth connection just as good? Thanks in advance. Rich
  6. Hi all. Car is a 57 plate 525d lci. I put new thermostats in just over a year ago as it was running around 73° - that got running temps up to 96° and that has been the norm since changing them. In the last couple of days I have noticed it running around the mid to high 80's. Is it time for both thermostats again? What's odd is that it isn't the norm for when thermostats go and temps barely get out of the low 70's. Any ideas?
  7. Hi all Looking for a bit of advice on pricing etc. 2007 525d auto - had a fluid and filter change on the box about a year ago at about 130,000 miles as had the jerking into gear after being in drive at a stop for a while - at traffic lights etc. Has been ok but now at 185,000 miles I'm getting the jerking again and now the fluctuating revs in cruise on the m/way. Phoned the guy at place who did the fluid change and he said it's going to be £600 just to strip it and see what the issue is and may rise to £2000 as it might not just be the torque convertor. From reading on here I'm assume it's the torque converter on the way out and my question is, can anyone recommend anywhere, from experience or otherwise that I can try for a price to sort it. I'm in North Yorks but am prepared to travel. Thanks in advance.
  8. 66split

    Is it worth it?

    If you go 525d lci there are no swirl flaps.....i really havent had much aggro with mine at all compared to some on here, then again my car is just bog standard and my miles are 95% motorway. I can tell you that a full tank of juice all on the motorway gets me 700 odd miles.
  9. 66split

    Is it worth it?

    What things that you've read? I came from a Volvo V70 to my 525d lci and I have to say it's by far the best car I've ever had. Great mpg, easy to service, eats motorway miles for fun. Just take your time with looking for the right car.
  10. 66split

    Mpg thread to help new buyers

    This is my old weekender and it'll hammer M5's or anything else pretty much for that matter
  11. 66split

    TerraClean decarbonisation technology

    Shaz and Horsey...I had it done as I had the DPF warning and didn't want to remap. The MPG has always been great on the car anyway but had dropped somewhat with blocked DPF. It sorted the DPF issue, restored the MPG and definitely ran sweeter afterwards.
  12. 66split

    TerraClean decarbonisation technology

    Had it done on my 525d lci a few months back. No complaints - did the job.
  13. 66split

    Mpg thread to help new buyers

    Car: E60 525d LCI: Yes Transmission: Auto Engine: 3.0d 197bhp Mods: None Best realistic Mpg: 50mpg (over a tank) Best Peak mpg: 57mpg (over a journey) Best mileage from full tank 838 Average miles from full tanks 688 I do 85% motorway miles and drive conservatively!
  14. 66split

    Oil filler cap..

    A significant amount of fuel smelling smoke out the filler wouldnt be great news but if it doesn't use oil then I wouldn't worry.
  15. 66split

    Oil filler cap..

    Unless theres a splash baffle on the underside of the rocker cover (there is on my 3.0d) then I would guess it would be dripping in oil... When you say grey coloured fumes / smoke coming out of the oil filler - how much? A significant amount? Does the smoke / fumes smell of diesel?