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  1. carrman

    520D Mileages

    Totally unproved I know - but strangely when I got over 14,000 miles in my two 520d F10’s and 530e G30 economy improved??? I averaged 48mpg in my LCI F10 520d over 56k miles.
  2. carrman

    520D Mileages

    Barely run in then?
  3. carrman

    2018-2 Maps available from Download Manager

    Never done it but how about this?
  4. carrman

    Road noise

    2.4 recommended all round for the 530e - must be higher for the Hybrid? 3 and 3.3 for full load.
  5. carrman

    MY 2019 changes - what we know so far

    I actually like the chrome bezels in the dash as well. OK they’re difficult to clean - but I think that they add some character.
  6. carrman

    My new G31 MSport

    Mine has VDC:
  7. carrman

    Do I need to pay extra for Apple car play

    The simple fact is that Apple Carplay is best for cars where the inbuilt Nav and other user interface is relatively poor (e.g. Kia/Hyundai, GM, Ford, etc) and people are not prepared to buy the inbuilt system. It’s all well and good giving Apple Carplay for free on these as it reflects well on the car manufacturer. BMW and MB spend a lot of money on developing their system integration and it shows. Try driving one of the “lesser marques” and see the poor graphics on their systems - then Apple CarPlay makes sense to me. I also assume that using Apple Carplay uses the data on your phone? I have no need for speed camera warnings (although I know that people use them as an excuse to be aware of accident black spots).
  8. carrman

    Driving in France

    Also be careful to slow down to speed limits into tolls. The gendarmes will clock you there and nick you as you leave the tolls. I use a tag to jump the queues at the barrier - quietly satisfying!
  9. carrman

    RTTI - Anyone noticed it not working today ?

    I think that was mainly F3x/F1x related. The newer version in G3x appears to have been more reliable over the last year (and more accurate - having said that I’ve generally been happy with it in previous generations).
  10. carrman

    Not run flats on the new car

  11. carrman

    530e cooling fan

    Happened every day whilst charging in the heat of South West France the week before last. Could also happen at the end of the charge (after 4 hours plugged in to the mains). I don’t thinks there’s anything to worry about.
  12. carrman

    RTTI - Anyone noticed it not working today ?

    Remember to try “Update BMW Services” in the Options part of Connected Drive menu next time. It has worked for me in the past.
  13. carrman

    RTTI - Anyone noticed it not working today ?

    Worked fine all the way from Scotland to the Midlands. Arrived c. 6pm
  14. carrman

    Splash screens and/or default mode

    My vehicle - iDrive Settings - Pop-ups - Driving Experience Control