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  1. I’ve always been careful with my cars and NEVER poured warm water on a frozen windscreen. But I’ve really appreciated preconditioning my 530e to a nice temperature over the last week or so...until this morning. The windscreen has cracked!! OK it could be a manufacturing fault, but I’m sure it was the warm air on the cold screen. Be aware! I have contacted Autoglass for a new screen, and it’s likely to be a week or more before it’s convenient for me to have it fitted.
  2. 530e - First long run

    Just be aware of where your nearest public charging points are. If they're 100 miles away...then its not worth it but Asda's and Aldi's increasingly have them (and you don't have to be shopping there most of the time). Best thing to do is look at the ChargeNow website as follows: https://chargenow.chargemasterplc.com/map Also as a benefit - in the Bristol City Centre Carpark I used yesterday, it was very full; apart from the 6 Charging point slots (still have to pay for the parking though)..
  3. 530e - First long run

    That's why I use the Chargeplus public charging network for £7.85 per month (first 3 months free). As I am "out and about" a lot for work. I Just try to find charging points were I go - even it its just for an hour.
  4. 530e - First long run

    They key (as always) is fully charged. Normally get around 38mpg on similar runs when starting with no charge.
  5. 530e - First long run

    260 miles to/from Bristol today. Starting with around 17 miles electric range and fully recharging in carpark in Bristol under the Chargeplus scheme. Eco Pro most of the way (100% efficiency showing on Connected Drive App) and 46 mpg - return trip below:
  6. G30 in the Snow

    Of course it also comes down to the drivers skill
  7. 530e effect of the cold on the battery

    That was before starting up. Batteries don’t like the cold.
  8. Fully charged battery with 16 miles range. Usually 25/6 miles. Nice!
  9. G30 in the Snow

    Nothing to complain about here - 100% correct My driving test in Aberdeen (many, many years ago) was cancelled due to snow...but my driving instructor still took me out to drive in the snow...can't imagine that happening now.
  10. G30 in the Snow

    Tyres are the issue. 4wd doesn't stop you ending up in the ditch. Always fun to see the SUV's (or Audi's) off the road at this time of year (4wd or not)** ** "proper" 4wd's always manage OK.
  11. G30 in the Snow

    Did you try DTC? Effectively locks the diff (by braking) but doesn't throttle back the engine. Found it most enjoyable on my F10 - and maintained momentum on hills.
  12. G30 in the Snow

    Midlands. Grew up in Aberdeen though - so used to driving in Snow.
  13. If you use DTC (traction mode) it effectively locks the diff - and doesn't throttle back the engine. Great for drifting. Never had a problem myself, even with summer tyres. Haven't tried the G30 yet - a little too much snow to risk it yet - but used the remote heating to defrost the car at lunchtime which was very effective (note: mines a Hybrid).
  14. G30 in the Snow

    I think it was the pre-conditioning doing it - not the ambient temperature.