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    520d SE LCI Auto 2015 From October (probably November!) - G30 530e M-Sport
  1. I don't believe it but its true

    Amazing how many Tesla model S models you see sitting at 60 on the motorway! 55 mpg on the way to Anglesey yesterday in my diseasel. Moving away from the dark side in a couple of weeks!
  2. 530e - Just orderd

    Are we sad or what!! Having said that I would be looking to fit 2 medium sized suitcases - vertically as with the F10 - I suspect that it might be a struggle. Its alright I'm not asking you to try it!! Looking forward to the "other" photos on Monday.
  3. 530e - Just orderd

  4. 530e - Just orderd

    5500 for me yesterday - time to start tracking ships!!!
  5. Traction control behavior

    2mm of tread and DTC = sideways fun!! Unfortunately new tyres on Friday (just before it goes back to the Leasing company (at their request))?!
  6. Anyone got or looking to get the 525D M sport

    Sorry if I have misunderstood you but there IS a 525D available in the UK...
  7. Same here. OK it would be great if it covered B roads (like Tom Tom) - but I can cope knowing that. If its of any interest it tends to be better in Europe (Maybe trying to tell us something?)
  8. 530e - Just orderd

    I'll get mine before you at this rate!
  9. Joke (by the way) - Bentley would not be my choice either - unless you're a footballer? I had a lift the airport once in the Limo service offered by Etihad in a Bentley Flying Spur. It felt like a VW!!!
  10. 530e - Just orderd

    5400 this morning - so proceeding through the plant. Early November delivery now.
  11. Or you could have the more common Bentley Continental?
  12. You could then use the "stop/start delay" to fall asleep (or does that just happen when your driving them?) Remember "there is always a better way".
  13. Led lights on door handle query

    +1 Struggle with the 1 series looks - sorry!
  14. How many miles do you drive per year?

    26-28k - about 18k for work.
  15. 530e - Just orderd

    Shortage of engine parts apparently - although she's hoping to get the 2018 facelift model - so this may be a good thing.