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  1. We travelled through France in June (just after the law change) - fortunately 90% on Autoroute so set the Cruise Control to 130kph (and watched for rain). I am also very careful when approaching toll barriers where the Gendarme check that you obey the reducing limits - then pick you up after you leave the tolls. Of course the new law also applies in the rest of the EU.
  2. Mines coming from Sytner, the largest BMW Retailer in the UK...although they've always been good to me during the bad days of Aircon failure. Your's will be Stratstone - don't know what they're like.
  3. All these lucky people with their orders being brought forward as production ramps up - called the dealer today and still week 40 manufacture (week beginning October the 4th) and production code 1100. They must be buying the batteries from Duracell! I am patient by nature.........
  4. Is it possible to "unlike" something?
  5. It dips the headlamps to the right on non-adaptive cars. Really obvious when you've done it. No idea about Adaptive - don't have it (yet).
  6. Confirmed - amended my earlier post as to how to do it... Do it every time I travel to Europe.
  7. And any LCI Xenon car will have the ability to adjust the beam for driving in Europe in the iDrive. As per this: Xenon headlight When driving in countries where the opposite rule of the road applies, you need to prevent your headlights from dazzling oncoming vehicles. Switching over headlights The headlight adjustment is done using the iDrive. "Settings" "Lights" "Headlights" "Headlight adaption
  8. Nilfisk are far more solid. I've had 2 K2's and both failed within 18 and 12 months. The Nilfisk I have is twice the price, twice the weight but twice as solid.
  9. Have you seen if you are eligible for the Electric Nation trial? I don't have a weblink - but if you Google it and put your details in it will confirm if you are in the eligible area.
  10. Headlamp washers either come as a standalone option or as part of the Visibility Pack.
  11. Yes works fine and I used a 32Gb stick for my Business Nav.
  12. I think quality-brand Hybrid's are the flavour of the month (year, decade??) My wife has just had confirmation of the "to dealer" date of her c350e as the 29th December - and I believe that the C facelift is due to be announced at the Frankfurt show in September - so we thought it may have arrived sooner.
  13. The big question for all is - is it a 530e (or a 520d with a spare tyre in the boot) - because in each case the boot size is 120 litres smaller. I could (can?) fit a XL frame Canondale road bike in my F10 - but it's tight (I know not answering your specific question).
  14. I tried that four times without success. A number of my idrive settings had changed plus all my Bluetooth devices appeared under media (previously only one) when live suggested they did "something". Never mind two months to new car.