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  1. carrman

    Delivery Leadtime

    Work colleagues are getting them in 2 to 3 months now.
  2. carrman


    MB use their own automatic gearboxes - not ZF’s.
  3. carrman

    self righting wheel centre caps

    Oh dear! Always thought they were naff on an RR! How long before we see this as the latest “cool” mod for F10’s and F30’s?
  4. carrman

    Folding Mirrors

    Standard on the G20!!
  5. carrman

    Parking sensors

    Just ban caravans?
  6. carrman

    Connected Drive update

    See attached: https://www.press.bmwgroup.com/global/article/detail/T0285445EN/new-bmw-cockpit-is-digital-intelligent-perfectly-tuned-to-the-driver-and-always-up-to-date?language=en
  7. carrman

    Connected Drive update

    That’s nothing I didn’t use anything on a 17 mile trip last week! But since it’s currently only got 1% charge it’ll use some heading back from the airport in a couple of hours!
  8. carrman

    First service

    My first service was at 21k based on the CBC after 10 months.
  9. carrman

    Connected Drive update

    Same from Ireland
  10. carrman

    Connected Drive update

    Whereas I use it all the time on my Hybrid as it gives more useful information.
  11. carrman

    Connected Drive update

    But how many people use it? For Hybrids it’s really useful to check and monitor the charging level - but most average punters couldn’t care less about the features it provides otherwise.
  12. carrman

    Connected Drive update

    530e’s have a slightly different system. BMW send the information to the car to enable it and then you link it to your Connected Drive account if I recollect correctly. Non-Hybrid owners should be able to confirm.
  13. carrman

    Off work, sponge out!

    Good for you - hope the water wasn’t dirty?
  14. carrman

    Off work, sponge out!

  15. carrman

    Off work, sponge out!

    That doesn’t surprise me!