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  1. Standard charger failed? 530e

    Thanks you beat me to the same reply. Also doesn’t the Tesla Model S battery weigh half a tonne?
  2. Time to Change the Company Car

    Surely residual values are much lower though - bumping up the monthly price? For this reason the 7 is not available on my scheme. They can’t sell them second hand for a decent price.
  3. New car questions?

    Push and hold the iDrive volume button in 530e turns everything off - before opening the door. I accept that it may be different for non-hybrids- but worth a try?
  4. Sport > comfort != TC Off

    FWIW Sport auto gives you Sport+ and paddles. I specified it on my 2012 pre-LCI 520d SE. This option was removed from the LCI 520’s so I had a standard auto with no Sport+ but I did specify paddles. Sport auto was then available on 525’s plus (I think as standard for 530’s plus). Both had traction buttons - short push for “Traction” setting where engine TC disabled (leaving like a LSD lite were you could slide the rear end) or a 10 second push to fully disable (I think where the lightly laden wheel would spin?) Still learning what the G30 530e does as the instant torque of the electric motor flicks it sideways instantly in ice!! (No Sport+ by the way).
  5. Tracking on connected drive

    Working fine for me...but the F30 UK forum posters are complaining about it as well, so you’re not alone.
  6. What exactly are you expecting? Mine shows (for example) the Radio 2 logo OK.
  7. Or the boat.......
  8. Navigation Update Question (UK)

    No the code is embedded in the data download - the map is specific to your car. This was the same for my F10 LCI.
  9. Tracking on connected drive

    Try waiting 5/6 months for a 530e!!!!
  10. Tracking on connected drive

    The only thing I did with the VIN was read the manual on line using the Drivers Guide App.
  11. Time to Change the Company Car

    Much prefer the G30/1 looks to the F10/1 now.
  12. Tracking on connected drive

    I think you also have to link the car to your account as well - and I think you have to have the car for that as well.
  13. Tracking on connected drive

    Button needs ticking on the iDrive first. I suspect that you will have to do it when your car arrives.
  14. Navigation Update Question (UK)

    Done my update now - just to let those know who have used this for previous models of BMW - it APPEARS that it might update when the ignition is off and the car locked. I left it for 20 minutes at 85% - and when I got back to the car it was at 98%. It also seems to be quicker to instal. So here's hoping... I haven't had any over the air updates since I got the car in November (this is my second USB update) - but I don't see the point of these when the USB updates the whole map - when OTA only does UK and Ireland.