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  1. There needs to be some kind of proficiency test, pure and simple. I bet half the idiots don't even know the Highway Code, let alone observe it.
  2. I've pushed them to give you a refund - the case ID with DX is 76409 and they will be asking the Bristol branch to process it
  3. Finally finished my power-fold chromatic mirror retrofit Those mirror caps took a whole month to get hold of
  4. They finally got delivered and look great on the car. Thanks for your help Phil
  5. Hi Phil, At least they're telling us both the same thing now... I'm still waiting for their CS and complaints teams to phone me back though. I have been a bit cheeky and told them that I expect you to get a refund on this delivery as the service has been appalling I'll let you know if it does (or doesn't) turn up today :-~
  6. Hi Phil, I've been on to them twice as well today (as well as taking the p*ss on Twitter) - they're claiming they have no record of talking to you on Friday; they agree they should have sent it out on Saturday (as requested by my other half), but didn't; and now they're promising it's out today on a "special delivery" with instructions to leave at a neighbour. I've asked them to investigate what has happened, as the tracking info on their website still hasn't been updated from "04:53:29 23-03-2017", but they've basically told me they don't care; the precise words being "I doubt they'll tell me" when I asked a CS person to investigate. I apreciate this is not your fault and out of your hands, but I would like to suggest maybe not using them again
  7. I hate to be the bearer of yet more bad news Phil, but DX delivery so haven't bothered to deliver the covers. They claimed to me on Friday evening that there was no record of them being sent out on Friday (and that the conversation you had with them didn't happen) and that they were booked to go out on Saturday. They didn't then deliver on Saturday either! So far their customer service have been useless and not given me any sensible information. Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  8. My god (your god, anyone's god), this topic is starting to sound a little like Mr. Trump. Please, please, please, no matter what anyone's views, let's not let this descend into saying he has any validity in his thinking?, on with the sarcasm please
  9. Inhuman cunts (sorry for the language, but those words describe them perfectly)
  10. Many thanks for sorting this out Phil, and I greatly apreciate the gesture. I'll give you a call in just a minute
  11. Hi Phil, I haven't received anything, but had a missed delivery from a company called DX. Unfortunately their website doesn't allow me to do anything relating to the order, only phone them up. My fiancee phoned them yesterday and they were unable to confirm where the parcel came from (I am also expecting something from overseas and suspected this was it) but they couldn't tell her. Alex told me yesterday that Marc is on holiday for the next week; but Marc had told me previously he was going to send the covers by Parcel Force. Can you please confirm which courier company was used, and if it was indeed this DX company, can you please do what you can as consignee to get them delivered tomorrow? (no one is at home today)
  12. so... someone was going to give me a call back about 4 hours ago...
  13. One of the things that's pissing me off about what's happened in Westminster is the Facebook "mark yourself as safe" bollox that's appeared. I live in the outskirts of London and work in Central London (about 2 miles from Westminster) but it didn't affect me directly, and so I have no need to declare to the entire world that "I'm safe". However, there's people who live and work in Guildford, Hemel Hempstead, bloody Birmingham and other places who feel the need to "mark themselves safe" - to me that's just showing disrespect to the poor poor people who weren't actually safe
  14. There should be a sticker under your bonnet (usually on one of the shock towers, but I'm not sure about the newer cars), which states the paint colour and code
  15. I agree; I'm sure Edd is perfectly capable of decent restorations; it's just the show sometimes doesn't call for them. It's my biggest gripe about WD to be honest. That and the ridiculous over-americanisation they've been doing recently