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  1. so... someone was going to give me a call back about 4 hours ago...
  2. One of the things that's pissing me off about what's happened in Westminster is the Facebook "mark yourself as safe" bollox that's appeared. I live in the outskirts of London and work in Central London (about 2 miles from Westminster) but it didn't affect me directly, and so I have no need to declare to the entire world that "I'm safe". However, there's people who live and work in Guildford, Hemel Hempstead, bloody Birmingham and other places who feel the need to "mark themselves safe" - to me that's just showing disrespect to the poor poor people who weren't actually safe
  3. There should be a sticker under your bonnet (usually on one of the shock towers, but I'm not sure about the newer cars), which states the paint colour and code
  4. I agree; I'm sure Edd is perfectly capable of decent restorations; it's just the show sometimes doesn't call for them. It's my biggest gripe about WD to be honest. That and the ridiculous over-americanisation they've been doing recently
  5. Won't this be a bit of a step "down" for Ant Anstead? His usual restorations are streats ahead of the pseudo bodging that (sometimes) goes on on WD
  6. I'd heard this too; but when in use it squirts so much water around (it mixes concentrated and "normal" wash) that I don't think you'll have any issues. I've had neat (concentrated) washer fluid in mine for over a year and not seen any ill effects
  7. Yes, they are, but i just want to do it for completeness Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  8. I'm trying to code in folding and chromatic mirrors, nothing to severe. I think it does show FA at some point (of course i haven't got it in front of me at the moment) Sent from my LG-H850 using Tapatalk
  9. Thank you Phil, I apreciate the apology. As you say, it's the obvious lack of honesty which has been the biggest bug bear. Even as I was being told the various lines, I could tell they weren't correct. If someone had said 3 weeks ago "you know what, this is going to be a pain in the **** for us to do", I would have quite happily said not to bother and I'd sort it myself.
  10. Just had a call - I've now been told that the mirror caps still haven't been painted, despite being told repeatedly over the last two weeks that they had been or were being painted and that they'd be shipped out 2 weeks ago, then at the start of last week, then at the end of last week. Before that, the excuses were that the painter had been off sick, and that someone else had been off, and so apparently the paint couldn't be got hold of... I wouldn't be quite so annoyed if you hadn't had the £239.42 in your bank account since 24th February! (and lets face it, I could have done the job myself with a rattle can and some ebay specials for not much more than £50)
  11. I'm trying to alter the VO on my E39, but I can't get NCSExpert to work... INPA and DIS and others can read the car, so I know the cable and PC are communicating; and when I select a profile in NCSExpert and ask it to read some stuff out of ECUs it comes up with the car's VIN and a couple of other numbers; but if I then try to Enter VO, the pop up Windows is empty. I've hunted round the net, but can't find a non-conflicting idiot's guide to using NCS ... I'm not normally a thicky so I'm fairly sure its not just because I can't read that I can't make it work... but... help... please... (I only want to code 2 things to start with...)
  12. EDITED: This is getting ridiculous now; almost another week has passed and seemingly more broken promises. I now need to have these two parts delivered to me by Saturday (25th March) or a full refund issued by the same date.
  13. I thought the Bond take-off was utterly junk! Can't they work out how to review an Aston & a Merc without such awful copying of other people or ideas? It still feels to me like they're trying to copy or re-hash all the "old" Top Gear jokes and set pieces... they need to just come up with their own material rather than apeing Clarkson & co. I watched all of The Grand Tour, and while some of it was mediocre, (especially the "guests" getting killed each week) the major pieces were just so much funnier, even if they're now predictable.
  14. Is this illuminated footwell while in the car, or puddle lights which shine from the bottom of the door card when the door is open? Having just changed the door loom on my car (to get chromatic wing mirrors) I can confirm that there's no spare connectors on a "normal" loom; the only puddle light connector is for the one which shines down from the bottom of the door card when the door is open
  15. I had to travel from London to Chandlers Ford to get mine. It wasn't quite as advertised, but luckily the dealer didn't know much technically, so I knocked him down a few hundred quid for relatively simple fixes One 530i Sport I looked at was priced at £3800; had 97K miles, was an auto, silver with light green interior (actually quite nice in the flesh, although I admit it sounds crap), but on viewing looked like it has been in a sand storm or polished with an angle grinder; had mould all over the rear seatbelts and headlining ("that'll be from the valet mate"); had a random bunch of broken trim thrown in the boot; had a flat battery (despite me asking the day before viewing to take it for a test drive) and generally was a POS. I reckoned it needed a new rear window plus full respray at least; so I emailed the dealer and offered him £1000 - his words "come in and we'll talk about it". Funnily I couldn't be arsed, but clearly he knew he was taking the piss at nearly £4K It is a minefield though; glad I don't do it very often.