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  1. Pm'd you I have a set complete with key for sale
  2. I need the horn, the low tone would you have it and how much posted?thanks
  3. Sorted now
  4. Thanks Dennis in that case monitor with cassette
  5. Wanted : 16:9 screen with bezel for E39 must be very good condition no dead pixels CD version preferable thanks
  6. Would you be interested in a part ex M5 98k full BMW service history year 2000?
  7. Hi,

    could you send me pics to or on 07766824507


  8. Hi, 

    I do have a MSport rear bumper, but it does have cracks.

    comes  complete with pdc sensors, plastic trim, polystyrene etc.


    £80 pick up thanks

    1. Amit330d


      If it had no cracks but sorry not interested. You willing to split it for the usable parts

      rather than the bumper itself. Ideally want the complete as mine was damaged in a hit and run.

  9. Thanks for that Dennis best I get looking for some on fleabay
  10. Hi all, I have a idrive business (I think) in my e90. I don't have a USB just a 3.5 aux socket. I want to get ipod 30 pin connected and display songs on my I drive. How can I do this? I don't have a cd changer but it's cd changer prepared. Thanks all
  11. All sorted thanks
  12. Hi All Looking for a really good condition (no marks or scratches) round air bag, something to fit a 2003 e46 e39 thanks