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  1. avtovaz

    523 tail gate struts

    hi mate, thanks, ive looked at real oem and the part number s match for my car so ive given it a go and see what happens. Engine is in, used the m52 loom and ecu, runs fine, its been on wayne chipziards rollers and its still has all of its 236bhp!!!! Goes well!
  2. avtovaz

    523 tail gate struts

    I have a year 2000, 523 e39 touring, its tailgate struts are weak, and i fancy some new ones, and there is a seller on ebay selling all 4 cheap. click here when i put the model of my car in, it says these done fit but my car is in the list further down. Now is there somewhere else to buy these at a similar price, or should i buy these as they are the right ones? thanks
  3. i changed teh bit int he spare wheel, i remember before then when i moved teh o/s level arm it made the compressor work, but now it dosnt, and wondered if it was to do with the compressor. Ill read the codes again tomorrow and see.. It works and drives fine, but a fault, i dont like, what if it stops working, and i jsut cant use my daily driver?!
  4. Ive had problems with my touring with the rear suspension, it had a broken wire to the o/s level sensor, but when fault finding i changed teh air compressor module in the spare wheel space, does that need coding in? someone has just told me it does and that maybe why its still not working. thanks
  5. i posted a little while ago about my touring and its inactive rear suspension. I had found a wire broken on the right rear sensor, so i replaced that, and its still inactive. I know the wires to the plug on the level sensor are good, only one is getting 5 volts to it, [i think that was black with white trace] there is 6 wires. Ive changed the module that is by the battery, tried although chineese sensor it was a different sensor, and checked the fuses, but i think im missing a feed to the sensor, impa says right rear ssensor power supply for sensors 2.00mv measuring range not valid what to do next please?!
  6. avtovaz

    e39 touring air suspension and brake pad fault

    thanks for the replies , still struggling with this, i replaced the module in the boot, made no difference, will have to read the fault codes again this weekend. But the wiring connectors, the terminals, are they the same as say for an air flow meter or any other part of the loom? I was jusr thinking if say they are i can just take the parts from another loom ive got and solder them into my loom. thanks
  7. avtovaz

    e39 touring air suspension and brake pad fault

    i found a broken wire where the wires go into the boot today! Once fixed my error says no voltage at the plug, and i wonder if when its worn threw its shorted out? It was a black wire. Is there some fuse or something i can check? What supply this voltage? thanks
  8. avtovaz

    e39 touring air suspension and brake pad fault

    I wonder if i can get a second hand plug off another car in a scrappy ,,, will have to go and look... thanks for the help!
  9. avtovaz

    e39 touring air suspension and brake pad fault

    right thankyou for the replies!!! That has helped loads, can you buy the plugs new so i can make a new section ?
  10. avtovaz

    e39 touring air suspension and brake pad fault

    thanks for that, so the right sensor doubles up, adn the warning i originally got was for the headlight levels. So maybe part of the right sensor isnt working, and ive been fooled as when i move the arm the suspension pumps up or goes down. thankyou!
  11. my e39 has an air suspension fault, it all works, but on the dash it says air suspension inop. Now, on inpa, i can see the rear right sensor has no voltage to it, but where does that come from? ALso i randomly get rear brake pads are worn warning. I wonder if there is some wire issue, like bad earth or a common live? Is there any where to check? Maybe water ingress somewhere too? thanks!
  12. avtovaz

    washer jet problems

    Ive a e39 523 year 2000. The washers have gone funny, if i press the button on the end of the stork that usually does the intensive wash, i just get a quick spray from the detergent bottle, and the wipers go. If i pull the stork towards me, just the wipers go. Ive taken the shield off to get tot he washer bottle, and im getting no live to the pump when i press the switch. Ive checked fuses 2-4 and they are ok. Anyone any ideas please?
  13. avtovaz

    Check your jacking points!

    looks like i got off lightly recently, only a 18" patch i put in!
  14. avtovaz

    Stones and front brakes?

    i have a e36 road rally car, i removed the guards as they hold stones and reflect the heat, i dont know why they are fitted?
  15. avtovaz

    M54 Engine Question

    mine was using oil, leaking oil, and then started with limp mode... changed teh ccv, and its ok now, its done about 120k my m54b30, 115,000 when i fitted it to my car, think its had a bad life looking inside of it, but seems to be going strong... my car was a m52b25 , used the ecu loom exhaust and on wayne chipwizards rollers its 231bhp... non lost!!!!