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  1. Neilb

    Wanted. SES Jumper plug.

    Cheers Barry, I've not found one yet so I can always jump the plug if I have to.
  2. Does anyone have a SES jumper they would part with please? Part number 84110018 038 The dealers can't find it anymore! Cheers. Neil.
  3. Neilb

    E39 M5 Grills.

    Hi guys, me again! Can you quote me for 2 X 51132497261 and 2X 51132497262 please? Yes that is two of each! Cheers. Neil.
  4. Neilb

    M-Wheel badges.

    Thanks guys. Paypal sent. Neil.
  5. Neilb

    M-Wheel badges.

    Hi all. 4 X 36112228660 please. Fed up with the cheapo ones falling off! Cheers. Neil.
  6. Neilb

    Tyre Valves...

    They've just arrived. Cheers all.
  7. Neilb

    Tyre Valves...

    Cheers guys, PayPal sent.
  8. Neilb

    Tyre Valves...

    Hi Guy. Price please on 5X 36311454963. Who else knew the E39m M5 uses motorcycle tyre valves as standard! Cheers. Neil.
  9. Neilb

    Dash tell tale lights for indicator and high beam

    Disconnect the battery for 10 mins to reset it, I did this and (fingers crossed) it hasn't played up for about 12 months...
  10. Another job to do, just ordered the parts....
  11. Neilb

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The judder is still there slightly, the (BMW) discs are only a year old and the Pads are near new, could be the upper control arms.... Again! A mate has a run-out gauge I'm going to borrow the check the discs.
  12. Neilb

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted my refurbished front calipers, The steering wobble on the brakes is 95% cured now, anything else I can feel is I suspect pad contamination on the discs....
  13. Neilb

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Hmmmmm. DSP compatible?
  14. Neilb

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally got my BM54 wired in and working (fun with DSP!) Sounds so much better too!
  15. Neilb

    BM24 swap to BM54

    New lead acquired and all working again, I'll tidy the wiring up and hopefully get the phone audio working again too. This has been a learning curve removing and moving pins so thanks so much for all your help....