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  1. Neilb

    Dash tell tale lights for indicator and high beam

    Disconnect the battery for 10 mins to reset it, I did this and (fingers crossed) it hasn't played up for about 12 months...
  2. Another job to do, just ordered the parts....
  3. Neilb

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The judder is still there slightly, the (BMW) discs are only a year old and the Pads are near new, could be the upper control arms.... Again! A mate has a run-out gauge I'm going to borrow the check the discs.
  4. Neilb

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted my refurbished front calipers, The steering wobble on the brakes is 95% cured now, anything else I can feel is I suspect pad contamination on the discs....
  5. Neilb

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Hmmmmm. DSP compatible?
  6. Neilb

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally got my BM54 wired in and working (fun with DSP!) Sounds so much better too!
  7. Neilb

    BM24 swap to BM54

    New lead acquired and all working again, I'll tidy the wiring up and hopefully get the phone audio working again too. This has been a learning curve removing and moving pins so thanks so much for all your help....
  8. Neilb

    BM24 swap to BM54

    Thank you Sir. Once I've got the CD (intravee) working again I'll move on the the phone and who knows as I have one tape in the house the tape player...
  9. Neilb

    BM24 swap to BM54

    Okay, here is what I got in the connector pack (plus the aerial adaptor) Top is the basic car to BM54 loom, then the two plugs for the BM54 then the white connector block on the opposite end of those. I'm thinking I'm going to be removing pins from the smaller black block and adding ones from the CD Changer to car adaptor which is yet to arrive?
  10. Neilb

    BM24 swap to BM54

    Will do when i get a chance. Ive removed the 3954 cable which has lost my audio from the tape (no loss really) and ive ordered the CD cable from BMW, itll be here on Wednesday. Im off monday so ill disconect the radio again (that still works) and post pics. My phone (built in motorola) has lost audio but it did thatvages ago, hopefully i can get that back?
  11. Neilb

    BM24 swap to BM54

    B 2 8+9 Already have wire is them connected to that white connector block. Does that block actually serve any purpose in this case? Just ordered the CD connector lead. The radio still works without the CD adaptor, but then I suppose it would!
  12. Neilb

    BM24 swap to BM54

    That is exactly what I have, It's those pins in the white plug that have me baffled. I also have the 61126913954 cable. Guess its that that that I remove the three pins from the plug and add elsewhere?
  13. Neilb

    BM24 swap to BM54

    Sorry to resurrect this guys but did this sort the problem out as I now have exactly the same issue. Richards photo's would be really helpful if you still have them? Wiring has never been my strong point!
  14. Neilb

    E39 Bootlid.

    Hi all. Can you quote me for 1X 41628167801 please? For a 2001 e39 M5 Cheers. Neil.
  15. Neilb

    E39 high gloss shadow line trim

    Still available?