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  1. Where u based?
  2. Cars looking great bud. Whered u get the paint job done?
  3. Sorted now
  4. Hi Guys, I need some help with these codes P0340, P0014, P0369. the car has been fine till earlier this week, when it started to take several turns to start then stall and cut off. pulled codes and I'm pretty sure its the cam sensor "think it the one under the vanos". but can anyone confirm and also if anyone can recommend where to buy parts from, or should I order them from the stealer's directly. I've attached a screenshot of the errors. Thanks
  5. Shes a beauty but already have a 130k 7 series, was looking for something lower.
  6. Whats the mileage on her? Potentially interested if mileage is where id like it to be. Thanks
  7. Hi Guys, I need some advice how to reomove the car boot (trunk), gave the car to mum and well it didnt come back as it left. So I get that i need to unclip the boot struts "easy" would appreciate some advice of DIY how to. Thanks Guys
  8. Take out your bulb holder and check if they go in or if the tips need to be trimmed down. I used a file on all three edges of the new holder to get the to fit propperly, didnt want to have them snug so they dont break anything. Fitting is straight forward, feed the cable through the new bulb holder for the hid, connect the cables to the old bulb holder and the balast. make sure the support bar is facing the ground when fitting the hits. Should take u about 5-10 min each side depending how handy you are. Connect red and blue together on both sides. Il send u pics if its not dark by the time im back home.
  9. Jason is a top man with quality customer service. Used him several times, his communication and support has always been spot on. Its always a pleasure buying from him.
  10. Thats where the washer tank is, u prob have a cracked hose, easy fix. While ur at it change all the hoses cheap and easy. Also clean out the pump gets clogged up with gunk. U can get the hoses from halfords or the bay
  11. Nice, im still on the look out havent found one that ticks all the boxes
  12. youd need the cage and thats about it. the dynavin should of been a simple plug and play. unless the previous owner decided to be adventurous. what spec x5 did you go for? Im on the hunt for one!
  13. Lol at least you guys were left with a number, only thing they left were 5 letters 'sorry'. Anyway hope ur all having a gr8 weekend, weather aint to bad too
  14. I got a sorry stuck on my windscreen yesterday. Some twat drove into my passenger side mirror and scratched my bumper, CCTV was offline for maintenance. People like that piss the shite out of me. Luckily I had a spare mirror and cover, but £95+vat for bumper touch up repair. Need to learn to do my own touch up work.