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  1. Tuvoc

    E60 Petrol engine buying advice

    It says N52 in the ad. That may well be a better choice than the later direct injection N53 which can be a nightmare.
  2. I've done a lot of mileage with different brands front and rear, never been a problem for me the cars have always felt fine. I'd be inclined to put the better tyres on the rear, although if you get into an emergency braking situation I guess you'd wish you had the newer ones on the front. Individual choice.
  3. 45/40mm too low for my liking.
  4. Tuvoc

    Fob stopped working

    I've used these guys twice, great service and saved me a lot of money. Mine is the diamond key. Worth giving them a call. https://www.themasterlocksmith.com/
  5. Tuvoc

    Hit n Run

    A second hand door in the same colour so wouldn't need spraying might do the trick. although I guess no guarantee of the colour match. There are specialist BMW breakers, google it and try them EDIT: I had the same thing a few years back. A serious dent about that size but in the rear panel. Asda carpark. A note was left on my windscreen so that the perpetrator was seen to be doing the right thing by any onlookers, but it was a false name and number. I elected not do do it on insurance and paid it myself.
  6. Tuvoc

    Best brake pads

    I fitted Pagid disks and pads a few years back, no complaints with them except a bit of squealing sometimes, but I've also had that with genuine BMW pads anyway. There was a big thread on here somewhere a while ago about low dust pads with some good suggestions - might have been the E39 section.
  7. Tuvoc

    Parts - buy cheap buy twice !

    Interestingly, I looked at a Meyle part on ebay, and in the description it says 100,000 miles minimum performance guarantee (for terms of guarantee see www.meyle.com) So then, either I was unlucky with the failure of the previous part at 40,000 miles (which I don't know the brand of) , or else it was poor quality. Anyway in less then 2 years time I won't have the car, so it doesn't matter next time around.
  8. Tuvoc

    Parts - buy cheap buy twice !

    Yes I hate the no temperature gauge thing ! Anyway thanks to my alertness and quick action the car survived to live another day. In terms of the waterpump life - I replaced it shortly after I got the car over 5 years ago because the garage noticed it was noisy at the service. That was about 105k miles and might have been the factory original, If so then the aftermarket part that was fitted lasted less than half as long. Or else that was already the second pump so 40-50k miles is about it for them. Whatever, I won't have the car another 40k miles so I won't need to replace it again.
  9. Tuvoc

    Parts - buy cheap buy twice !

    No temp gauge but you would get a warning about the engine temperature being high and there wasn't one. I got the warning light about low coolant so I pulled over soon enough before the engine got hot. I pulled over when there was still loads of coolant left, evidenced by the flood underneath the car afterwards ! New water pump and a couple of new belts fitted today and all is well, engine is sweet and car driving perfectly exactly as before. Good save. Same thing happened to me with my old E36 years ago, although in that case I felt the water pump let go, and saw the temp gauge rise so was able to avoid engine damage there as well.
  10. Tuvoc

    E61 - Tyre Pressure

    A mechanic once told me that tyre pressure is based on the weight of the car - so he said for the E36 I had at the time, I should use the same pressures for the upgraded 17s as was recommended for the standard 15s the car came with from the factory. I don't know if that is right or not. Anyway, on mine the sticker says for 18s 2.4 front 2.6 rear And for 17s 2.2 front 2.4 rear I have been sticking to those 18 settings (for my 18s) but I'm probably going to go down a bit towards the 17 settings especially for the rear. The last thing you want is wear in the middle, because then you end up having to replace a perfectly good tyre sooner than needed. The fronts I'm not so worried about. They've already been on there for over 6 years and have done about 45k miles already, so I reckon that is excellent value for money on those, even more so since they were on the car when I got it so I didn't pay for them !
  11. Yeah I think it is best left to the professionals. But as long as you have no leaks from the sump or sleeve, your approach will have extended the life of your box for sure. Mine had a leaking sump, so it needed a full service, which was in fact nearly 6 years ago now ! Could well be leaking again.....
  12. Tuvoc

    E61 - Tyre Pressure

    Yes very odd that they vary. I'm keeping a close eye on my rears, having replaced them a year or so ago, for wear in the middle. But the last set had to be replaced because of inner tyre wear anyway.
  13. Tuvoc

    E61 - Tyre Pressure

    Ha ! That would be your problem.
  14. Tuvoc

    E61 - Tyre Pressure

    On mine, the door sticker says minimum pressures for 18s are 2.4 bar front and 2.6 bar rear, and that is what I run.
  15. Are Stephens Engineering close to you ? https://www.stephensengineering.co.uk/ You also need to get the sleeve or connector changed as well, that often leaks. I had mine done there about 5 years ago.
  16. Not sure which parts it is - but there are two lower suspension arms and two upper suspension arms. It will be several hundred pounds including labour, and the alignment must be done afterwards for one of them, I think the lower.
  17. Tuvoc

    Failing gaskets on 523i

    Thank your lucky stars you don't have a V8 E60. They leak virtually everywhere.
  18. Tuvoc

    Failing gaskets on 523i

    Very common on the old M54 engine that is in my car, on mine in fact you'd see smoke under the engine bay from the oil leaking onto the exhaust. So I guess BMW haven't improved since then. Forget all about Japanese reliability with your BMW. It won't happen. I had exclusively Jap cars for 20 odd years before my two BMWs, and BMW ownership was a nasty shock. If you want Japanese reliability and low running costs, get rid of the Beemer. .
  19. Tuvoc

    Pad Life

    Pleased to hear that. I've done about 35k miles on mine so I guess there is probably still a decent amount of life left. I really didn't expect more than 35-40k so I'm happy so far.... But as mentioned it is a case of your mileage may vary. In my case they are Pagid pads, not genuine BMW.
  20. Tuvoc

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    OK. The Style 122 is what the vast majority of E60s seem to have, and they have 245/45/17 I think. Although Style 138 are nice, I think 225 is maybe not quite wide enough for these cars, except for winter. The 245s on the front of mine seem perfect, but the 275 on the rear are simply not necessary.
  21. Tuvoc

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    I took a look, I think it is 225/50/17, you can see 7.5 and ET 20 is listed below https://www.wheel-size.com/size/bmw/5-series/2010/
  22. Tuvoc

    Winter tyres yes or no?

    Did that style only come on the later E60s ? I quite like those, and they seem relatively rare. What is the standard tyre size for those ?
  23. Tuvoc

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    You don't want an E60 then
  24. Christ, how long did all that take ?
  25. Tuvoc

    545i playing up !

    Yes I have the MXS 5.0 as well, excellent unit. Just to say that repeated short journeys won't be very good for that lovely V8. Said to be a contributor to valve seal issues on that engine.