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  1. One day I might get my 530i done, and I'd only consider emaps or End Tuning. Modest gains for sure on a petrol, but better economy in normal driving.
  2. Any BMW LL04 approved oil is fine, doesn't matter about the viscocity that much. 0-30, 0-40, 5-30, 5-40 are all acceptable. On mine, garages always want to put in 5w-30 but I ask for 5w-40. The 30 oil is a fuel economy oil and one that may give fractionally lower emission test results. Great for being able to quote lowest possible numbers for a new car, but for a 13 year old engine with well over 100k miles I prefer something slightly thicker.
  3. I had worse than that on my old E36, some scraping marks on the rear arches where they had clearly scraped a wall or something. They denied all knowledge, and said that they checked their CCTV and nothing. After they serviced it they parked it out on the road and it could have happened there, maybe likely it did happen there, but I'd argue no matter where they park it it is their responsibility until I take possession of it again. So I never used them again after that. The garage I use now also parks the car out on the road when it is done, and I'm a bit uncomfortable about that. It is a risk.
  4. I can only comment on the idle. On my M54 it is more like 650-700 rpm if I remember correctly, maybe a little more I'm not 100% sure, but no way is it 900.
  5. OK I can try my existing adaptor with Carly Light, will try and do that over the weekend.
  6. Don't do Apple, it is Android. My main phone is Windows 10, but the old Android Moto-G is necessary in a situation like this ! The adaptor works fine with Torque Pro. If it doesn't work with Carly, then that is another £20 for an adaptor (ebay option guaranteed to work with Carly) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bluetooth-ELM-GEN-2-OBD-Adapter-suitable-for-Carly-BMWhat-use-with-BMW-/322520054515?epid=888399133&hash=item4b17b17af3:g:cXcAAOSw8HBZHI8G Pic attached of the one I currently have
  7. Ha ! So a very expensive option, nearly £40 assuming the adaptor I have currently works with it, if that is all I want to do. Of course I'd use it for other things in future potentially.
  8. I'm confused.... Intermittent is different from auto ? Intermittent will wipe every few seconds (adjustable) even if the screen is bone dry. Auto I guess only does so if there is rain on the screen.
  9. thanks.
  10. Does the standard purchase price allow coding, or is that an in-app extra ? Also will it enable service dates etc to be re-set, or if that is all I want to do is there a cheaper way ?
  11. Payment sent via paypal. I couldn't see a gift option, but sent it as friends and family. If it is short, let me know and I'll top it up. No hurry for the dispatch.
  12. Went to open the glovebox the other day and the plastic broke off in my hand and the entire bit fell off, complete with springs etc. Looks like it is replaceable - inside the glove box it looks like that whole locking mechanism will unscrew, and you probably have to re-fit the key mechanism to the new bit ? The trim colour is cream same as the seats - E60 Feb 2004 530i saloon . Can you please advise costs for the parts - looking on realoem maybe it is the "Glovebox catch" and/or the "Glovebox Lock upper part" and maybe some other bits but you will probably be able to see better. Thanks.
  13. Mine was a bit low and I topped it up, no difference, but perhaps I'll check it again.
  14. I have exactly these symptoms ! Especially noticeable when braking to a stop. Creaking describes it perfectly.
  15. Yes I take the train in. Taking a car in would be hugely expensive, with the congestion charge and then parking, and then petrol and wear and tear on the car. I get to work and back for under £6 per day on public transport. By car would cost five times that and take longer as well probably. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my car is not subject to this charge, despite having the old M54 engine carried over from the E39. Confirmed with their online checker using my reg. number. And then to my further surprise, when I looked at the emissions numbers on my V5 not only do they comply with Euro 4 but they also comply with Euro 6. Amazing, but it looks like Diesels were the area they were really tightening up on with Euro 5 and 6. Anyway, for the very few times I come into central London by car, if I had a V8 beast I'd be happy to pay the charge EDIT: just used the online checker for a 2001 E39 530i using a reg plate from an old for sale ad - that was not subject to the charge either. So a lot of cars pre 2005 will be exempt it seems.