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  1. You should have bought a lottery ticket with luck like that !! You'd be a multi-millionaire. But yes batteries should last more than 3-5 years that was stated above. 7-8 years I'd say although the E60 is hard on batteries for sure especially non-AGM. Mine is currently at the 4 year mark. I do put it on the Ctek charger once a month for 4-5 hours which is long enough for a full charge.
  2. I thought something to do with the accelerator pedal catching on carpet or something... But yes BMW have had recalls too and the list of "common problems" with them across various models is rather long. Cars have got so complex, no manufacturer is without issues.
  3. Yes I can't recall exactly what but I don't think it was about their engineering quality, reliability and longevity.
  4. Yes I've rented the Jazz as well, and my father has had one since new which I think is a good 10 yrs or so ago now. It has over 100k miles and has been brilliant, although they did change the CVT under warranty early on.
  5. Yep, you can't go wrong with a Toyota. BMW could learn a lot from them.....
  6. Well I was quite impressed with the Toyota Vios I rented. 1.5 flex-fuel engine so it took anything from 0% ethanol all the way up to 85% ethanol, and whether I ran it on gasohol (10%) E20 or E85 it simply felt and performed the same. Quite impressive. And the CVT transmission was surprisingly good, much better than earlier generations. In some areas the BMW doesn't come close - ride quality for example - but Toyota's main advantage generally over anything German is that it will go forever and not break the bank maintenance wise !! And I like smaller cars. Maybe I should be in a 1 series, lol.
  7. Magnificent Car !!
  8. An oil temperature gage is no substitute for a water temperature gauge surely ! There is a lag isn't there as some people have suggested ? But actually, on the E60 for example I assume I'd get a "bong" and a warning in the dash if the engine got hot. Whether that would be based on water tem or oil temp I don't know, and you'd have to stop immediately or it would be too late. Not unusual though, I've rented late model Toyotas and Hondas that had no gauge either.
  9. You guys have temperature gauges ??
  10. Yes, if you know you can get away with it, and save yourself money in the process then it is very tempting. Perhaps we can blame the manufacturers for over-pricing them. If there is one part on the entire car that they could or should be selling at cost price, that would be it.
  11. I know what the legalities are now. What I was saying is that is SHOULD be illegal to remove or gut a DPF. You do that and drive in congested city areas, and you are killing people. It would surely be very easy to enforce with a slightly different emissions test at MOT time. It shouldn't be rocket science. We put a man on the moon decades ago, we can devise an emissions test or some other test to tell if a car lacks a functioning DPF.
  12. Yes. My car has staggered 18s, 245 front and 275 rear. When I bought it a previous owner had skimped on tyres and fitted 245 to the rear as well. They are a lot cheaper. I ran them for about a year and then fitted the correct 275, and sure enough I lost a few mpg and have never reached the previous levels again. Brand of tyres can make some difference of course, and as mentioned running them too soft will also cost you mpg. On my old E36 many moons ago - I also remember moving from standard 205 15s to M3 replicas with 235. Slowed the car down noticeably, and less mpg too. Significant extra weight in the alloys as well as extra rolling resistance.
  13. I think a lot of the bad press on Diesels is unfair. Yes Euro 5 and older are dirty, especially when people remove or gut DPFs ! That should be illegal, no question. But the Euro 6 diesels are pretty clean, and there are improvements coming to make them even cleaner. But the damage has been done in the public's eyes, so in future I think it will be petrol/electric hydrids followed by pure electric. And then we need to build another couple of power stations to cater for those.... I've never had a diesel and don't intend to, but I don't think the current furore would stop me buying a new diesel today if that is what I wanted to do.
  14. I've not had personal experience of these, but for example: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-CCC-PROFESSIONAL-REPAIR-SERVICE-E60-E90-E70-/162628519264?hash=item25dd6a4560 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-Idrive-CCC-E60-E90-E70-Sat-Nav-Computer-headunit-Professional-REPAIR-SERVICE-/222592416445?hash=item33d38ababd
  15. I'd rather mine weren't staggered ! 275 on the rear is in no way necessary. Just means more expensive tyres, and more rolling resistance and higher fuel consumption. And on standard tyres even worse on icy roads than 245. Fortunately icy roads are very rare in this part of the country.