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  1. Petrol warning light...

    Oh I definitely feel the difference with 99 octane VPower or Momentum 99 vs standard 95RON. A more willing and responsive engine for sure. But for the extra cost, not really worth it. The stated 231bhp power output for the engine is when running on 98 octane I think, so I feel I'm missing out on what I'm supposed to have if I just run 95 ! Silly really since I drive like a grandad much of the time....
  2. Petrol warning light...

    Yes mine seems to like Shell as well. It is always my first choice. But hey, now this thread is going to explode in an "all petrol is the same " or not debate.
  3. Petrol warning light...

    Indeed, I used both in my old E36 M50 for probably over 100k miles, no issues at all.
  4. m50 2.8 build

    Well there you go I've learnt something - I always thought it was just the block that was Nikasil or Alusil. Hope someone answers your question.
  5. 523i Touring 1967 - stalling

    Great news and happy motoring for the future.
  6. White smoke on start up help please?

    I'm not a diesel expert, but I'm pretty sure that turbo noise is not normal so I think the turbos may be the cause. I also don't think that smoke is very white either, definitely some blue there.
  7. 530i smoke smell in cabin cold start

    The one with the green circle is the power steering reservoir. Mine seems to weep a tiny bit but nothing that worries me. Maybe once every month or two I see some misting on it and give it a wipe.
  8. 530i smoke smell in cabin cold start

    Sounds like leaking rocker cover gasket to me. I had that, and saw some smoke from the front of the car - scary ! The oily smell was most apparent when coming off the motorway or A road and then coming to a stop. Had the gasket replaced and the oil filter gasket same time as VANOS work, all symptoms gone after that. But of course your problem may be different.
  9. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Compared to the video just above, Ford Escort barn find first start after 18 years, started almost instantly !
  10. Transmission question

    Another less likely possibility might be a failing coil pack ?
  11. Agree with AllanW, you don't want to be driving it in stop-start traffic! Get it sorted before you do more serious damage.
  12. It isn't a question really but a fact - BMWs are not as reliable as they used to be. Their reputation has been shot to pieces now. Petrol engine issues e.g. N53 direct injection, V8 issues, and then the diesel engines most commonly the 2.0 diesel timing chain etc. But in all fairness the same can be said of some other manufacturers - as cars become more complex, there is more to go wrong. And some of those things aren't just BMW issues, e.g. DPF. And the ZF box is used in other cars too.
  13. 523i Touring 1967 - stalling

    My local garage collects and delivers at no extra charge within the local area, although I've never taken advantage of that. Someone local to you may offer the same service perhaps. An possible alternative to a mobile service.
  14. Cats for 550i

    £3k is BMW price ? Try somewhere like http://www.cats2u.co.uk/ No idea of quality !
  15. Tyres - Recommendations

    Yeah, the ride is the worst aspect of this car. On a smooth road fine, but anything else and I often cringe as I drive over some imperfection in the road, or a manhole cover that sits slightly below the surface. They are the absolute worst.