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  1. E61 Key Randomly Died

    A few forum members have used this company including me, great service.: https://www.themasterlocksmith.com/ May be worth contacting them.
  2. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    So what is stage 1 ? A granddad mode or something ? Shifting up to higher gears faster, and less keen to shift back down ?
  3. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Off-topic, but my house insurance renewal came through last month with a 40% premium increase despite the fact I hadn't claimed (and have never claimed). Needless to say I went elsewhere.
  4. M5 Launch

    I'm underwhelmed by the look. That could just as easily be a 520d in that pic.
  5. E60 535d - Gearbox Service (6HP26)

    I'm not sure that a complete flush is even necessary. If you drain and replace 90% that is a very decent refresh and lower risk ? I had mine done 4 years ago by Stephens Engineering but I'm not sure exactly what procedure they used.
  6. Just picked up a 535d LCi - Few questions

    Not necessarily true. I was in a taxi last year, Ford Galaxy diesel, still on it's original DPF (and turbo) at about 350k miles.
  7. Swirl Flaps - Prevention vs Performance

    presumably you can replace them with new items, and that would substantially reduce the risk ?
  8. Bonnet catch

    Yes same here - when I close the bonnet the passenger side doesn't engage, I have to press separately on that.
  9. Big mileages there. Yes I wonder what percentage of N47 engines have issues. Reading the forums you'd think it was every single one, but of course the 520d etc was a huge seller. Big volumes on the roads.
  10. OK understood, such a same to part with that car though !
  11. Why is it an either - or ?? You can have the kid and the car surely.
  12. That is downright criminal !!
  13. What transmissions fit

    Yeah I had similar symptoms on my old K-reg E36 320i. If you braked heavily, then accelerated hard, you'd get a lot of revs and then a thunk as the gear engaged again. And when cold first thing in the morning, at the corner at the end of the road I'd stop gently and you'd feel loss of drive, wait a few seconds when you felt it come back, and then drive off. I learnt to drive around these issues, and otherwise it shifted and drove perfectly fine. It was like this for a few years actually. Fluid changes did not help. Eventually I scrapped it at 190k+ miles because of rust and some other issues where it just wasn't worth spending to keep it on the road.
  14. Wheel and tyre help

    It is extremely common though to have different brands front and rear. I've had that the last four years. In the vast majority of cases it shouldn't be a problem if the tyres are of similar quality. But if you have say hard budgets on the rear that aren't very grippy, and soft grippy premiums on the front, you'll probably have an over-steering car.
  15. Wheel and tyre help

    I'm running Style 124 that are staggered I wish they weren't though. No need at all for 275 rubber on the rear of a 530i.