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  1. 1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    The first steering wheel is way better, in my view
  2. Looking at a 550i tomorrow, advise please!

    Well, my 2004 EU3 petrol is exempt from the new London toxicity charge as are the E39 530i. The M54 was meeting standards that hadn't even been released yet. Same with the E39 528i M52TU I think. So I doubt it would be a blanket ban, but yes clearly a 4.8l V8 may be a different proposition.
  3. V8 Tapping Noise

    10w40 perhaps. Plenty of choice in that. You may get a slight improvement, but it will only be partially masking the underlying problem.
  4. Looking at a 550i tomorrow, advise please!

    Why do the V8s leak oil so badly, and the straight sixes basically do not ? Doesn't make sense. Do they use a different material for the seals and gaskets or something ? I wonder if some oils are better tolerated in the V8s than others in this respect. I remember in the early days of synthetics engines were springing serious leaks. That is long gone now - oil technology has improved and the seals and gaskets are made for it. But it does get me thinking that no two oils are the same, and the engine could be slightly more or less prone to leaking depending on exactly what you use.
  5. 550i e60 pre or post LCI or just avoid?

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love a V8. But it probably wouldn't be a BMW.
  6. Water Pump

    From my E36 days, this plastic vs metal impellor issue is just one massive non-issue. I replaced the plastic impellor pump on mine as a precaution when it was working just fine. Then I subsequently went through two metal impellor pumps that failed way sooner.
  7. 550i e60 pre or post LCI or just avoid?

    Do a search on here. It seems like one huge mistake to buy a V8 petrol BMW.
  8. M54 - Engine Idle Speed

    The M54 could be slightly different in the E60, but anyway here is mine idling sweetly and smoothly. That is definitely not 750 and probably not even 700, but I'll confirm when I next connect Torque Pro.
  9. Samsung S8 with BMW apps

    For your next car, I'd dump BMW and go for a manufacturer that properly support Android. No excuses for that.
  10. M54 - Engine Idle Speed

    E60. Same engine but potentially could have a different idle I suppose. Mine idles very smoothly at around 650.
  11. Castrol Edge 5w30 4L £26 delivered

    Perhaps depends on how old the stock is. BMW and Castrol used to have a marketing arrangement and now they don't. That is my theory.
  12. M54 - Engine Idle Speed

    I'll put the Torque Pro app on mine next time I drive it to get a proper number. I've done that before and it absolutely is not as high as 750rpm when it is warm.
  13. Auto stop start, nearly caught me out

    My car doesn't have it of course. But I rented a diesel in Thailand last year that did, a Toyota Fortuner SUV, and it was awful. I guess it doesn't help that it was a 2.8 4 cyl diesel, not the most refined of engines anyway although it is a recently released engine, not ancient. I soon found that slipping the transmission into neutral as you came to a stop disabled it, and then also there was a button you could press that disabled it each time you used the car. But sometimes I forgot, and I got an earful from my wife... The re-starts were as he described in that video !! On the plus side I guess, that thing was more economical than my 530i by far. Having experienced how little fuel that used, my wife now gives me an earful as to how expensive the 530i is to run !!
  14. 2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    Yes they probably have it at close to £50k if the other one is £40k. Crazy.
  15. 2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    They don't list a price for it. But they do have £40k for this one: https://hexagonclassics.com/cars/bmw-m5-e39-saloon-2001/