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  1. That could have been my Volvo 245 on the Cricklade to Swindon road, passenger side down, police van following, copper said he couldn't understand what happened. Then went white as a sheet as I explained my 8 month pregnent wife was still in the passenger seat.
  2. If anyone comes across MC15 EVD its a cracking car, well looked after and still on its first set of tyres with 3mm left at 30,000 miles, so you can tell I didn't thrash it.
  3. dwaind

    How secure is your car...

    I have two things, number one a real wilkinson sword, my fathers Officers sword, kept by the bed. And in in the unlikely event I had time to run down get the keys, unlock the cabinet, find the cartridges load the gun and find the perpetrator a shotgun Number two will never happen, number one.........well "do you feel lucky.......punk"
  4. dwaind

    Scratched the car!......

    I thought the car went bing bong when you tried to drive off, my wife won't be allowed out in my new car alone.....driving me back from the pub will be allowed.
  5. dwaind

    2012 m sport 520d spec

    My 530d is soon to be collected by BCA, it's got 29K on the clock and I expect it will go at auction for well below what you want to pay. It's a bloody good car and if I could pick it up for 16k I would get rid of the MX5 (Lie) if you want the registration to keep an eye on the BCA website pm me. Mine has Xenons and pro media. its a 15 plate LCI model.
  6. I had. M235i it ran on Pilot super sports, so not runflat, it had the compressor and bottle of goo. I hit something on Barton bridge, I noticed the problem before the car told me. I pulled over and tried the magic goo, no chance the recovery guy said the tyre had a fist sized hole, so recovery it was.
  7. I don't even notice the gearboxin my F10, not at all. I am not looking forward to a DCT box after this superb 8 speed. I am sure it won't be as good, how could it be?
  8. dwaind

    RED X?

    As someone whose father worked for Shell for 20 years as a senior engineer I buy supermarket fuel, as does he. Super unleaded though, worth its weight in gold. It's a shame the Tw*ts in Whitehall decieded to tax it so much!
  9. dwaind

    F10 530d to M4

    Cheers, now I just have to pay the outstanding balance I carried over from the M235i, I do have to say I loved the 530d, however who could turn down the opertunity of owning a real "M" car for only £45 a month more than I was paying? And my insurance is less........wth? I could of bought a 530d xdrive...........but come on it's an M4. I just hope the rides better than the 235i otherwise I could be in deep trouble with the other half. My 530d was on standard suspension. The BTW BCA are picking it up, it's got 29,000 miles on the clock and given the fact it's still on its first set of tyres you can tell how hard it's been driven. So if you see a MC15 plate white 530d M sport at auction it's a good car, service pack included.
  10. dwaind

    F10 530d to M4

    So, whilst out today I called my local BMW dealer and told him about a fully loaded M4 I had found, being fair I offered him the chance to match it. He did, I paid the deposit over the phone, that's the 4th car I have bought from him without so much as a test drive, unless you count 10 laps on a Palmer sport day as a test drive. I do do wonder if I am just a fool! So the F10 with damaged wheels, needing new tyres and a small dent is on its way, the offer to the F10 is well above the WBAC offer, well almost 3k over. I think I will miss the F10 especially it's automatic handbreak.
  11. dwaind

    Soon be time to change

    Wonderful write up. Thank you
  12. I have about 6 months to go in my F10 530d so I am looking around for a replacement, my last car was an M235i, got rid of that with massive negative equality due to the other half hating the ride. So I am looking at the following cars, new 435d grand coupe, new Mercedes C43 or used 640d M Sport Grand coupe, or maybe even an M3, a proper M car. So my question is, does anyone have any experience of these? I have discounted a new 5 serires as I don't want a 4 pot again and the 530 is too expensive. Dwain
  13. dwaind

    F07 Key Coding an Amazon key

    I know bikes and cars are different, however my BMW bike only came with one key, I had a bit of a hissy fit and BMW sent me a new key, coded to my bike. When it arrived it didn't work and I had to link it to the bike by holding it next to a specific point on the bike and turning it on. BTW the cost of the key would have been £180, I only mention this as what the OP has tried to do exactly what BMW told me to do with the bike.
  14. I have a BMW in my garage and it only just fits. Anyone with a R1200 GS Adventure with luggage will understand! Dwain
  15. dwaind

    Boring Question

    So, I have a 530d M Sport, I bought it becuse the wife hated the M235i, I took a 5K hit, not good I know. Its a 15 plate, I owe considerably more than its worth and as its on finance will probably bin it next year whan I have made 50% payments. The question is, will I have the option to buy it at the ridiculously low price or near to what I am or will be offered? By then I expect it will have done 33k and be three years old. Its a fantastic motor, far far better than the 235i. I actually ran ikt in.......unlike the 235i, that thing was frantically fast.