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  1. Boring Question

    So, I have a 530d M Sport, I bought it becuse the wife hated the M235i, I took a 5K hit, not good I know. Its a 15 plate, I owe considerably more than its worth and as its on finance will probably bin it next year whan I have made 50% payments. The question is, will I have the option to buy it at the ridiculously low price or near to what I am or will be offered? By then I expect it will have done 33k and be three years old. Its a fantastic motor, far far better than the 235i. I actually ran ikt in.......unlike the 235i, that thing was frantically fast.
  2. F10 Brakes

    On the topic of brakes, my F10 FY15 530d requires a brake service soon, it's on a PCP contract, I have about a year to go before 50% of the payments are made, then I will hand itback. So to my question. Must the brake service be done by a BMW dealer. cheers
  3. Breaking a F10

    Hi, i need a new new filler cap for my white F10, I know I can get it repaired but if there is a white one breaking that anyone knows about I would be grateful. Wifes idiot friend, only driving a year did it, didn't tell anyone, I think she understood after I tore a strip off her, she now knows it's a criminal offence to leave the scene. The thing is she's not well off.....so I'm paying. I would rather spend 30 minutes hanging upside down on a rollercoaster than 10 minutes in a car with her. How she past her test, I have no Idea, 6th or 7th attempt. Dwain
  4. At my Mil's funeral, one of my wife's friends hit my car with her wing mirror, dented the fuel cap cover. She didn't say a word, I can't comment because it will just cause more tears. She is just dangerous
  5. I would ask for the part back, as is your right. Then get it tested, if it passes which it may well a conversation with the dealer/BMW would be interesting.
  6. Hidden Top Tricks & Tips in 5 Series

    My 2015 530d has a sync button, I never knew there was so much difference between a 520 and a 530.....both M sport.
  7. What coding software do people use?

    Try here. http://www.bmwcodingdatabase.com/
  8. New Vehicle Excise Duty rules

    Hi, As the composer of this thread I feel comment to the last reply is required, to compare Beeching, whilst a misguided individual with that Bast*rd Mengele is bordering on the offensive, whilst bad language is not allowed on this forum I for one feel that there are no words suitable to describe Mengele. Thats my rant over, back to the swines that tax every movement we make.
  9. How often do you check your oil?

    Never on my 530d, it's going in tomorrow so I did check the level and it registered maximum, it's done 18,000 miles. I don't thrash it. My M235i drank a litre in 13,000 miles though....
  10. New Vehicle Excise Duty rules

    So that's £450 per year for the first five years, you need to earn about £700 to pay this as a 40% taxpayer. The miserable sod even hit the low emission cars, so much for not targeting the motorist.
  11. Hi, I normally replace my car every 2-3 years using PCP, with the new rule coming in I will be keeping this one for considerably longer, perhaps until the Government realise their mistake when sales of cars over £40k collapse. Just FYI, they are loading the tax on cars of this type by £310 per year for 5 years. The first year rates for cars over 226gm/m are pretty horrendous as well. The last chancellor dropped this on us just as he left, not a nice bloke. Whats the general view?
  12. Turbo whistle

    Ha, I live in Ramsbottom so hear that quite often..the footage was from East Lancs Railway I think. Thanks for the replies Dwain
  13. Turbo whistle

    Cheers. I would be grateful if you let me know.
  14. Turbo whistle

    Hi all, i have a 2015 530d, all standard no re-map. Today the weather was nice in Manchester, so to celebrate this once in a lifetime experience I didn't close my window having left the car park. I did did notice that the turbo whistle was quite apparent, this surprised me as I didn't exceed 30 MPH, I wanted to savour the good weather. So joking aside is it normal to hear the turbo on this model? Thanks for reading Dwain.
  15. I had adaptive, (Voodoo as they seem to be called) on my M235i, they were magical, I spent half the time just watching them. Travelling down dark roads I would be on main beam behind a car and it would be in a box of darkness surrounded by light. They didn't just dip as cars approached, the left main beam stays on, the right tracks the oncoming car and turns off just before it comes level. Out of all the features on the 235 I miss on the 5 series its this.