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  1. Feeling very left out here I feel that the G30 and 31 are the closest in the family and it’s nothing like the 6 series. Realise I’m opening myself up to all sorts of responses...all gratefully received, serious or not
  2. duffyt

    idrive car graphic

    So the car went in at the weekend. Brakes are still squeaking, but they have to go through a prescribed process that BMW insist on before they will replace under warranty. They updated the software on the car and I now have G32 graphic on the idrive.
  3. duffyt


    The notifications I receive are text messages and missed calls.
  4. duffyt

    idrive car graphic

    Thanks for the replies, glad it’s not just me. As I’m an automotive engineer, I sometimes wonder if I’m too fussy in my complaints, and the missus ALWAYS rolls her eyes when I tell her the latest thing I’ve spotted haha. Car is back in soon for squeaky brakes so I’ll get them to take a look for me then.
  5. duffyt

    idrive car graphic

    I have a G32 6 series Gran Turismo, but uses the same Instrument Panel as the 5er. Silly question, and I know I'm being a bit anal, but do your graphical representations of the car show the correct car on them ? The screens for the welcome, the drive experience and parking sensors all appear to show a 2 series.
  6. duffyt

    Bye bye F11, hello G32

    Thanks. I did get it from there, but it wasn’t in the showroom.....unless you were there the day I collected it
  7. duffyt

    Bye bye F11, hello G32

    Not put anything on the paintwork yet as its Too cold. I have put some supagard wheel protector on though.
  8. duffyt

    Bye bye F11, hello G32

    Build quality is fantastic, very premium inside, and feels a much better place to be, even though the F11 was very very good.
  9. duffyt

    Bye bye F11, hello G32

    Yeah, it’s definitely a marmite car, but five minutes inside and I was hooked. I actually like the way it looks...which I guess goes without saying with the fact I bought one !
  10. So after three years, my beloved, fully loaded F11 has gone and has been replaced by a G32. 630D Gran Turismo. Loved everything about the Tourer but three years is a long time for me to own a car and was going to downsize, but the offers at the dealer were too good to pass up. Was worried about some of the negative reviews but two weeks in so far and I love the car. Looks much better in the metal. The “welcome carpet light” is a fantastic gimmick haha
  11. duffyt

    Windscreen knackered

    More stones??? sorry, couldn't resist !
  12. What do you use the little storage space underneath the steering wheel, to the right, for then ? I always thought that was to keep your sunnies in !!
  13. duffyt

    Upgrade to msport steering wheel

    No wires to run for the paddles, just code them in. Two minute job. Not sure about the heating as my original wheel was also heated sonic was a straight swap for that.
  14. duffyt

    F10 Coding Help

    Nope. Not sure it'll work with boot camp or similar though ? as said up here, it's very easy to do. I got my lead for a tenner on fleabay, and the software for free. There's another forum, which is American based which is my source for al programming advice. http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=175