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  1. Why do you need the bags to store wheels or tyres?
  2. oh my, that sounds awesome, have you got any rolling car vids? You car looks the nuts, I love the colour and the carbon touches.
  3. bigshout

    ACS conversion

    If your funds can't stretch to the an M5 plus running costs, don't dismiss the 535i. It comes with the N55 engine which is solid and seems to be the most reliable engine in the F10 range. You can a ECU flash from bootmod3 or MHD tuning for £500 which will bring the power up. Not to 550i but not far off and honestly I doubt you would really notice the difference. Many of the UK 535i's were as well spec'ed as the 550i. I have one and love it, I also have Exclusive Nappa Comfort seats , well 12K's worth of options.
  4. bigshout

    My 535d

    I had one of these many moons ago. Great car. Get it remapped, you won't be able to take the smile off your face!
  5. bigshout

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    F10 got a sub under both seats, regardless of the sound system setup.
  6. bigshout

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Hi Sams255, I see the Eton setup doesn't come with a crossover module, it has the resistors inline with the supplied cables. How are you finding the high notes from the tweeters, do they sound harsh under load? I have the MBquarts solution which did come with the cross overs, I selected -6db to reduce the harshness of the tweeters, however I also had to add an L-pad setup on each tweeter to reduce the resistance further. Now the solution sounds great. I would love to add an amp to the solution, however it's allot of work with a base HiFI setup. I didn't fit any bass blockers, I see the mid range is also quite lively, competing with the MB Quarts subs, any advise on cheaper alternatives to the Eton units?
  7. bigshout

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    and no subs. You need the subs also.
  8. That's impressive, I get 27mpg combined average.
  9. BMW sell a coin tray to replace the ashtray. I've had mine installed for years and it's one of the most used and cheapest modifications I've done. I think it was £6 from memory. I'm not an M&M kind of guy so it's suits me
  10. bigshout

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Goody2238, thanks for sharing the part code, I'm still getting water in the footwell after all the remediation works suggested here. It only occurs when driving in heavy rain. I want to replace just to be sure. How do you get the blanking plate out from engine bay side?
  11. bigshout

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Here’s another top tip to get that water out of your carpets. purchase 1kg of value rice from the supermarket. find an old sock and fill the sock with the rice, tie the end of the sock and then place in the footwell. the rice will draw water to itself. I found this really worked when I was trying to get the last of the water up. Removed any steaming up in the car also in the warmer weather.
  12. I blacked out the rear badge. Not something I’ve wanted to do on my other cars, but I saw a black m4 with blacked out satin M4 badge the other day and it looked great. i completed this using plastdip paint, it’s quick and easy to do without my prep and is completely revesable. Thoughts appreciated.
  13. All very good points, another reason why I shy away from run flats. I live in London so I’m never more than a mile or so away from a tyre dealer and always have a 12v tyre inflator in the boot.
  14. Surely you just get a puncture repair done? £10 and 30 mins of your life wasted! I had to do this yesterday on my wife’s car, no brainier versus £200 on a new tyre which typically isn’t in stock either. BTW our puncture was OSF.
  15. bigshout

    Falken FK510 tyre

    +1 I went through several sets on my E60.