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  1. I got 4 wheel alignment completed today on a hunter system. I had my springs replaced a couple of months ago. The car now seems more planted and less wheel spin from standing start. Not bad for £65+vat.
  2. Scratched the car!......

    My f10 will bring up a message on dash and audible tone if any door is open when driving above 5 mph. Does your car not do the same?
  3. RED X?

    I’ve used redx when I purchased my car, my Car was pinking on idle every now and then, it seems to be injector related. After 4 tanks of fuel and redx additive the pinking has completely gone. Therefore the redx indeed cleaned my injectors. You have nothing to loose running it, the worst outcome is you have wasted £6. The best outcome, smooth running engine and a little more power.
  4. Dechromed inner section of the door handles. I felt the chrome on an all black car didn't flow. Happy with the results and only took 30 mins.
  5. I have comfort seats also but they are in nappa leather, it was an option on non M5 cars but not taken up by many, I think nappa came standard on m5's. mine also looks as new however mine is black so doesn't show the dirt like oyster.
  6. F07 Key Coding an Amazon key

    Same process for the 5 series. hold the key up to the steering column, however the car key is £220 from the dealer.
  7. F07 Key Coding an Amazon key

    I looked into it, the only way to have the key coded is to have the ECU out, then somebody with the right and very expensive equipment can only then code the car. I was quoted £180 to code a key and I had to send the key and ECU!!! I opted for the stealer in the end, £230 down but atleast I had a new key within 2 days without having to messa round with the car.
  8. Heavy rain, Water leak

    nashdm2, I've had the panel off in the engine bay, cleared any debris, sealed the grommet with mastic and drilled holes into the panel itself, as suggested in this thread. I've checked the door seals for water increase however they are dry and I've still not found the culprit of the water ingress, I thought trying the dry would at least confirm the ingress point within the car.
  9. Heavy rain, Water leak

    I've water back in the rear footwell , it seems to get worse when I'm driving whilst raining. I've ordered some water ingress UV dye off ebay to help find how the water in coming in. I wish there was a clear fix to this issue. Does anyone know the partcode of the yellow grommet, I'm thinking of replacing this.
  10. F07 Key Coding an Amazon key

    Not possible I'm afraid without taking he EUC out and getting a dodgy garage to code. You need to purchase a new car from the dealer which is shipped in from Germany.
  11. Where did you get the colour coded repeaters from? Were they easy to swap out and did you break any of the clips?
  12. Ride height question

    can't you just purchase some eibach or ACS springs to get the ride heigth you require, it's clear you are not happy with the current height.
  13. 6WB retrofit to F10

    I've always likes this new cluster, I'm also keen on getting this upgrade done. It looks fairly simple if it's a virgin unit.
  14. Combox F07

    Teo, I don't have a step by step guide I'm afraid, I did share the links in ealrier posts on how to disable the SOS error. I also suggested you might need to disconnect the SOS speaker under the streering wheel if you get audio pulsing when starting the car up. Things to check are Bluetooth, make sure phone connects and directory can be pulled down. Make a bluetooth call and make sure both mics are working. Vocie control, check this is still working. GPS make sure the nav is still working. Other than that you should be good to go, oh you can upgrade the firmware if it's required, I' did but i didn't see any change in function.
  15. I press the BC button on the stalk, scroll through the options (Time/MPG/Speed limit display) Once selected it shows in the cluster. I don't have HUD so I can't be sure if should show on both, as long as it shows on one or the other you should be good.