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  1. oh lastly, the amp in your link will not work. You need to run a bespoke loom to the boot, have the amp coded into the car and the head unit coded for logic 7. You would also need to change all the speakers including the sub and rear speakers for Logic 7 speakers, I think you have these up front already?
  2. Saqueb, firstly I would check the ohms of the speakers you are now running (HK) versus the base speaker. From memory the HK runs on 2ohm where as the based speakers and amp run 4ohm. If run the speakers hard it will put allot more strain on your integrated amp which might have resulted in the amp within the headunit failing. I would suggest replacing the speakers on the door with the distorted sound using the base speakrs you originally had to see if the distorion goes, it it doesn't I suspect it's the amp. If it does It could be the speaker have become damaged due to the mis match in power pushed to them.
  3. I'm keen on follow this thread. I researched the upgrade on the base sound solution using upgraded speakers and amp but through my research I found the upgrade to be very invovled. My car doesn't have folding rear seats and I read it's a massive pain to get the rear seat out to pass the loom into the boot. You will also have to have your car coded from base to hifi otherwise the EQ to the amp will be wrong, you really want line level to the amp which the hifi coding will provide. I would suggest you firs install the speakers and test on the integrated amp from the NAV unit. I went for the MB quarts 6 speaker upgrade and found just replacing the speakers improved the audio massivly. I did have to mess with the gains to the tweeters both on the supplied cross over and using an l-pad using resisitors as the EQ from the head unit is not configurable.
  4. I've always found bmw nav to be behind in terms of maps and live traffic data. My farther in law has just purchased a Renault kajar and it comes with touch screen tom tom with live map updates. So it shows some car manufacturers do look towards integrating market leading technology versus the German car market who feel it should compete with clunky out of date tech. personally I use Waze on my iPhone, Bluetoothed to my idrive so I get voice notifications just like the inbuilt BMW nav. The live data is always upto date and the search feature is much much better than the BMW nav, the big plus is that this application is free and used by millions of people in the U.K.! I'm never going back to the clunky in built solution.
  5. Where did you get the update done?
  6. I think you need to remove another code. Best thing to do is research the forums. There are a number of posts which cover combox coding, I don't have the links to hand right now.
  7. Should all be in the links I attached to this thread.
  8. I know this is a odd suggestion but with the limited performance gains had on the 535i through a performance exhaust and lack of any decent throatiness have you considered this
  9. I defiantly had 1 wire spare, I think it was the positive for the 2nd module, having 2 makes sense as you are moving from two to one module so I would assume these 2 wires are negative and positive to the 2nd module which are no longer required. I have a pin out somewhere which I used, I'll pull it out and share it with you, that way you should know what missing cables relate to.
  10. here is the retrofit guide, within it it describes the fibre termination you need, you are going from 2 devices to 1 device for comms and all fibre links are looped, if there is a break in the loop the canbus will throw up an error. You will need to purchase a terminator. From memory I think they were about £15. check ebay or your local BMW dealer.
  11. Teo, the spare cable is for the SOS phone service - connected drive which is now defunced, so leave this cables loose. The new combox should just have the Bluetooth and the GSM aerial connected. the SOS feature needs to be coded out as it's no longer required, this isn't covered in any of the tutorials. I also found after installing the combox the sos speaker located under the steering wheel dash casing pulsed for the first 10 seconds of turning the car on. I simply unplugged the speaker as it has a detacable connector. Review the following links, it covers everything you need to finish off the retrofit, let us know how you get on.
  12. Agreed there is mention of specialist tools, however with some careful swapping of the springs on the struts it's not required. I have a senior BMW mechanic swap mine and he said not to both with the laser ligament tool. All installed with not adverse effects, car does not vere left or right and the ride is tight.
  13. I used my iPhone, placed the phone up against a brick pointing he phone towards the rear of the car and started recording, then went back to the car to stick it in reverse. Then I played the recording back. It's not until somebody else puts it into reverse whilst you stand behind the car that you can fully appreciate the brightness of these bulbs.
  14. Inc or plus vat, seems like a good deal to me.