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  1. I had had to recode my combox, not much was required but I had to initialise the cafd in e-sys, and assign the combox in the VO codes plus change the manufacturer date for the car to want to see and accept the combox. you can purchase the cable off eBay for £10, and I'll send you the instructions, it isn't hard if you have a laptop. Plus you can code a number of additional options whilst your there. if you would rather have someone else do it there are loads of people on the forums who can do this remotely for little money.
  2. Teo, it looks like the gt has the mulf and tcu in a different place to the f10, therefore the plug in adaptor might be needed, on the f10 both modules sit on top of each other making it possible just to repin the plugs.
  3. Teo, I've done this retrofit on my f10, my car was a few weeks off the combox and it came with the mulf & tcu. i pondered on the adaptor but in the end I didn't bother, it's not required unless you are going to fit the mulf and tcu again, which isn't going to happen. i purchased a combox plug from eBay, around £10 and repinned the mulf and you heads, the Bluetooth head doesn't need an adapter, you just need to shave the leg off the combox Bluetooth plug on the combox. You will also also require a fibre terminator as the mulf link won't be used once the combox is fittted. ill pull out the pin out and share it with you. i resold my mulf and tcu on eBay for more than I paid for the combox so it's worth upgrading.
  4. How does old stock have on the performance of the tyre, the main manufacturers recommend 10 years life in their tyres
  5. How comes you didn't go for diamond cutting, nice finish but not oem?
  6. Zimmerman are a OE supplier so you will be fine with them, none come 2 piece as standard, I know brembo sell 2 peice but each disc is around £300 and I can't see the point with this brake setup.
  7. Oem 20" m5's, though I've recently had my 19's refurbished and running them for a while.
  8. I gave my car a good detail last weekend, started with school s3 gold with a heavy cutting sponge on DA, followed by soft99 12 month dark polish, both highly recommended and works great with hard BMW paint. The he blossom put a fine layer of pollen down a day later, my bad for doing at this time of year but the birds have been back twice this week and hit 3 panels! God dam .
  9. For an oil service why bother with BMW, just use a local garage. I've stopped using BMW for service work as they always forget to do something and I have the return visit, last time the sump plug was leaking, the time before that an over fill!
  10. Well after a good wash and detail on Sunday, the car has been hit on four separate panels within 24 hours! I've never known anything like it.
  11. I've been hit 4 times in the last 2 days, all big and messy, due a wash and wax this afternoon. The pavements are also paved in bird crap, not sure why tall the birds are in a feeding and crapping frenzy.
  12. BTW, custom mode doesn't allow you to create a customer config, it's just a pre determined file, not sure why it's there, if you select Logic 7 the head unit will have a hissy fit and throw up errors as it can't find the amp, then you will need to defult back to the basic profile.
  13. I'll have to dig it out, if you search f10 apline retrofit coding you should find it, TBH you will be wasting your time making the changes as there isn't a better profile for the base solution.
  14. Yes common around this time of year with all the pollen coming off all the blosom from the trees and bushes