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  1. bigshout

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Goody2238, thanks for sharing the part code, I'm still getting water in the footwell after all the remediation works suggested here. It only occurs when driving in heavy rain. I want to replace just to be sure. How do you get the blanking plate out from engine bay side?
  2. bigshout

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Here’s another top tip to get that water out of your carpets. purchase 1kg of value rice from the supermarket. find an old sock and fill the sock with the rice, tie the end of the sock and then place in the footwell. the rice will draw water to itself. I found this really worked when I was trying to get the last of the water up. Removed any steaming up in the car also in the warmer weather.
  3. I blacked out the rear badge. Not something I’ve wanted to do on my other cars, but I saw a black m4 with blacked out satin M4 badge the other day and it looked great. i completed this using plastdip paint, it’s quick and easy to do without my prep and is completely revesable. Thoughts appreciated.
  4. All very good points, another reason why I shy away from run flats. I live in London so I’m never more than a mile or so away from a tyre dealer and always have a 12v tyre inflator in the boot.
  5. Surely you just get a puncture repair done? £10 and 30 mins of your life wasted! I had to do this yesterday on my wife’s car, no brainier versus £200 on a new tyre which typically isn’t in stock either. BTW our puncture was OSF.
  6. bigshout

    Falken FK510 tyre

    +1 I went through several sets on my E60.
  7. bigshout

    MOT Changes coming in may

    I always get an advisory regardless of my BMW for underside cover partially obscuring advisability of the engine, or something to that effect! I always think if you need to look take the undertray off!
  8. bigshout

    Check out the spec on this F11!

    surround view is probably the best option to have ticked, it's used all the time. It's hardly on any F10/11's, but on X5's is a common feature. Not sure why.
  9. bigshout

    Check out the spec on this F11!

    I've got those seats in my 535i, but in black Nappa. They are amazing seats and the lumber support works great. Didn't get active cooling but then again the reviews on active cooling seats for the F10 have shown it's a disappointing option. Night Vision would be nice but when would it get used. I have active beam assist but this come on as default so unless you think to turn it on it doesn't get used. I wish BMW would allow many of the cool options to be configurable to be active on startup.
  10. bigshout

    Combox F07

    You will need a Combox Media BN2010. I don't think it matters what version of software comes with the device, you will upgrade to the latest once installed. This is completed via USB upgrade in the glove box. There are plenty of combox guide, mainly for the E series cars. Just follow the guides and your be fine. the only information which wasn't freely available was the pin outs for the F10 which I've uploaded in the this thread. It's kind of plug and play, would will need to purchase a new plug and move the pins from the current two plugs into 1, all you need is 10 mins and a tooth pick. You can bypass this and purchase a harness from multiple sources on the interweb. Expect to pay around £100. The car also needs programming, again many guides out there and it doesn't take long. If this all seems too much hassle you could purchase the combox, loom and programming from http://www.bimmerretrofit.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=65 or https://www.bimmer-tech.net/shop/bmw-e90-e91-e92-e93-2005/connecteddrive-retrofits/combox-media-pnp-retrofit It will cost you more this way but it's a quick and simple way of upgrading the comms.
  11. bigshout

    Combox F07

    I can't find the exact model number but try realoem.com and to find it and then search ebay.
  12. I got 4 wheel alignment completed today on a hunter system. I had my springs replaced a couple of months ago. The car now seems more planted and less wheel spin from standing start. Not bad for £65+vat.
  13. bigshout

    Scratched the car!......

    My f10 will bring up a message on dash and audible tone if any door is open when driving above 5 mph. Does your car not do the same?
  14. bigshout

    RED X?

    I’ve used redx when I purchased my car, my Car was pinking on idle every now and then, it seems to be injector related. After 4 tanks of fuel and redx additive the pinking has completely gone. Therefore the redx indeed cleaned my injectors. You have nothing to loose running it, the worst outcome is you have wasted £6. The best outcome, smooth running engine and a little more power.
  15. Dechromed inner section of the door handles. I felt the chrome on an all black car didn't flow. Happy with the results and only took 30 mins.