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  1. Where did you get the colour coded repeaters from? Were they easy to swap out and did you break any of the clips?
  2. Ride height question

    can't you just purchase some eibach or ACS springs to get the ride heigth you require, it's clear you are not happy with the current height.
  3. 6WB retrofit to F10

    I've always likes this new cluster, I'm also keen on getting this upgrade done. It looks fairly simple if it's a virgin unit.
  4. Combox F07

    Teo, I don't have a step by step guide I'm afraid, I did share the links in ealrier posts on how to disable the SOS error. I also suggested you might need to disconnect the SOS speaker under the streering wheel if you get audio pulsing when starting the car up. Things to check are Bluetooth, make sure phone connects and directory can be pulled down. Make a bluetooth call and make sure both mics are working. Vocie control, check this is still working. GPS make sure the nav is still working. Other than that you should be good to go, oh you can upgrade the firmware if it's required, I' did but i didn't see any change in function.
  5. I press the BC button on the stalk, scroll through the options (Time/MPG/Speed limit display) Once selected it shows in the cluster. I don't have HUD so I can't be sure if should show on both, as long as it shows on one or the other you should be good.
  6. F07 Mudflaps / Splash guards

    I guess if you live in an area where your running down country lanes and your car gets messy everytime you drive, then they can be a good idea, but at the cost of style. Get them painted the body colour to hid them as best as you can
  7. Heavy rain, Water leak

    If you lift the floor matts and twist and remove the circular velcro tab which on the inner side of the foot well which would typically hold the floor matt down, you will find most of the water consenstrats there. This provide a small access hole into the carpet and is your way of accessing the water, if you push down on the carpet you should get a spout of water come through. I've used a towel over the hole whilst I've pushed down on the carpet over this area and much of the water can be caught by the towel. I would say i've pulled out half a bucket of water!! Overnight I twist the end of the towel into the hole and overnight the towel will suck up more of the water. It doesn't take that long to get most of the water out, just make sure your car is park on a slight incline to move all the water to the rear corner of the footwell. Hope this helps.
  8. Combox F07

    Teo, if you have purchased an ENet cable then it can't damage your car's ODB, open up the cable and your see there isn't any capacitors producing high voltage. Everything is fused in the car anyhow. It's not a hard job to program, I added some links. If you get stuck figuring out which pin from each box needs to go, I've attached a pin out which should help you. You car, like mine is an F chassis and has a few differences to the E series pin outs tables floating around the interweb such as the F series has dual mics whereas the E series has just the one. combox pin out.xlsx
  9. Combox F07

    Teo did you get your combox installed?
  10. Heavy rain, Water leak

    great wrightup Ian, I'm still getting water in ever though I've cleaned and drilled extra holes in my cover! I will have a check on the right hand hinge to see if there is any standing water there, if so I'll try and dislodge it like you did. The panel around the yellow grommet looks correded and rusty which if it is, isn't a good sign for things to come especially with so much water in that area. If it is correded you might want to lodge a case with BMW for paint corrosion warranty.
  11. Got the F11 535D

    I've just read this thread, you don't seem to have had much luck with your car, what mileage is it on? I've a 535i and so far not issues a year in, mine however is low mileage so I guess less wear and tear.
  12. Heavy rain, Water leak

    So since I've cleaned and sealed my grommet earlier in the year my rear passenger footwell is again soaked. i spent last Monday taking the cover off and drilling some holes. There was no buildup showing this time. I also vinyl wrapped over the grommet to prevent further water ingress and put everything back again. i went to France last week and we had some heavy rain. Upon getting home I've found the footwell to be soaking wet again!!! im sure the water isn't coming in from the front but from spray off the wheels in heavy rain but how it's getting in I'm not sure. The under carriage is fairly well protected. I'm stumped on how to fix it. I think my next call is to include some dry to the water to see if it's picked up in the car in the footwell.
  13. iDrive not controlling iTunes properly

    It's because you don't have enhanced audio. iPhone or iPod doesn't work, USB drive does. Crazy that BMW would limit this functionality, your car can be coded for enhanced audio though removing the current limitation.
  14. DAB retro fit

    I live in the south, dab never drops out, could even get radio 1 ,2 and 4 in north France. DAB is Wide band audio so vastly better across high and Low frequency than FM.
  15. Combox F07

    Correct, the cable should be there. Just plug the 1 USB cable in.