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  1. New car time - decisions decisions

    Voted for 535 touring. On my 3rd touring and my 2nd 535i started thinking of changing but when I look nothing grabs me like the 535 touring perfect blend of space and performance.
  2. What wrap are you thinking of?
  3. Time to Change the Company Car

    Just a guess could it be down to the spec of the car, some options maybe in short supply.
  4. Snow foam followed by Swissvax car bath then Auto finesse Oblitarate then Auto Finesse Iron out (was surprised how much purple streaking occurred as the car has done very little milage)then washed again then dried with towels. Once fully dry I went over the full car with Swissvax Regular Cleaner Fluid then 2 coats of Swissvax Shield wax. The wheels got the same treatment all by hand not a machine polisher in site. May seem a little over the top but I enjoy doing it and the car is parked outdoors all year round. As happen to sshooie's neighbour an hour after finishing it it started raining and has not yet stopped.
  5. Gave it it"s 6 month deep clean. Took just under 10 hours to do the exterior will do the interior tomorrow. Now having a well deserved rest.
  6. Bye bye F11, hello G32

    Nice looking motor much better than the 5GT. How do you find it compared to your F11 eg build quality and interior materials ?
  7. De-laminating trim

    Thanks for the reply I will give the dealer a ring tomorrow see what they say. I thought it was a film at first but when you get your nail behind it's like a really thin hard plastic.
  8. De-laminating trim

    Hi All Cleaned the interior of the car today and noticed that some of the trim around on the aircon control unit appears to be de-laminating. I noticed it some time ago but was only a tiny bit in the corner of the unit but it appears to be spreading (see pic below). You can actually get your nail behind the lifted area which is what makes me think it’s de-laminating. The car had just turn 17 months old and I have owned it from And the unit has only ever been cleaned with a dry micro fibre or Swissvax interior detailed. Just wondered if anyone else has had this issue and if it was covered by the warranty. Would you guys try getting it changed under warranty or just live with it. I ask as I know I can be a bit picky when it comes to my car.
  9. Time to Change the Company Car

    Nice spec there backtobeemer. Have to to agree with you about the 4 zone aircon and heated rear seats I have them in my F11 and if you carry rear passengers on a regular basis as I do they are a must. I have HUD only used it a couple of times don’t think I’ll spec it next time. To me the main option you’ve pick is the 3L petrol engine it’s a peach hope you enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying my 3L F11.
  10. Time to Change the Company Car

    How did you find the Xdrive system? Hope me you can make your mind up on your options.
  11. How Long

    Hi All Not sure if this is the right section but as seen as this is the latest 5 series section thought you guys would be the best to ask. Had a call from the My Dealer to saying the usual stuff "they got to sell 30 cars this month and as a loyal customer with a car under 2 years old would I be interested in changing". Didn't bother as due to me being on 4 year PCP and have only had the car 18 months and covered just over 3000 miles. Got me thinking though how long before your PCP is due do you guys start looking at new cars? Cheers Steven
  12. F11 Insurance

    Hi All Car is up for renewal in a couple of months and I like to start looking early as you can save online quotes in case the premium has gone up between now and the renewal date. Has something happened in the insurance world as when I have just got a quote from my current provider my insurance has double. My circumstances haven't changed I have made no claims so what is going on . Cheers Steven
  13. Time to Change the Company Car

    Thanks for the Pics. Have to say the design interior and exterior is starting to grow on me.
  14. Discounts on new

    Had this with my current car used Coast2Coast to get a quote (25% discount) which my local Dealer reluctantly matched. No umbrella no interest in discounting any service plan really no interest at all part from giving me the key and saying goodbye. I can live with it though as I have found with most car Dealers once you've signed the paperwork and they've taken the money they all lose interest. When it comes to changing this I will do the same again as I can live with crap customer service for a 25% discount. Like others have said the Dealers seem to make the money on your PX or they have in my case PX my last car got £18000 for it Dealer put it on his forecourt for nearly £28000 nice little profit.
  15. Discounts on new

    Hope the 24% discounts are on when I look to change. Like you say on a £60K car it's a heck of a difference.
  16. Time to Change the Company Car

    Some pics and opinions would be nice if it's possible as G31 540i is on my next car list.
  17. F11 Insurance

    Will give them a try. The company I’m with have always been the cheapest. I have always paid £500-600 for the last 3 F11 I have owned so to be quoted £1100 was a bit of a shock
  18. NEW X3 M40i

    Hi All May have just found my next car, never really been a fan of the X3 but after seeing the latest model and liking the look of it had a quick go on the BMW website. Have to say the X3 M40i is a wonderful thing to my spec very similar price to my current F11 535 but unfortunately no real discounts on them at the moment. Current finance doesn't run out for another 36 months so plenty of time for the discounts to come. Just wondered what you guys think of the new X3, is the build quality and materials on a par with a 5 series?
  19. Collection day!!

    Great looking car love the colour Congratulation.
  20. Drivers wing mirror

    HI All Was doing the map update in my car yesterday and noticed all of a sudden the centre of my drivers side wing mirror went very dark almost as if it was tinted. Didn’t think anything of it as next time I looked it appeared to have gone back to normal. On getting in in the car this morning I’ve noticed I appear to have a tinted band around the outside of the the said wing mirror see pic below. Can’t say I’ve noticed it before but not really looked till yesterday due to it going funny. Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers Steven
  21. Drivers wing mirror

    That would make sense Matthew as mine is a 09/2016 car. Cannot understand why they dropped it ?
  22. Drivers wing mirror

    Thanks again for the info and time Matthew. Looks like out our posts must have got crossed as I was posting my last one as you posted your last one.
  23. Drivers wing mirror

    Thanks for the info Matthew. Thought I’d have a quick look in the owners manual and found it says the exterior mirror on the drivers side is automatically dimmed. Looks like the dealer was right. Must have been dropped on the LCI models.
  24. Drivers wing mirror

    Hi Matthew I have option 430 which states exterior anti dazzle mirrors. Had and a quick look in the brochure for the F11 and the cars in there have anti dazzle on both mirrors.
  25. Drivers wing mirror

    Like it I’ll have to get some of them.