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  1. Steveo1

    Help required

    Hi All As the title says I just need a little help. Got the car back from the bodyshop yesterday, I’m really happy with the work looks as good as new but noticed this morning I appear to be missing a couple of clips from the fog light surrounds (see pic)The help I need is could someone with a facelift M Sport post a pic to see if I’m missing any clips. Cant remember the holes before. Cheers Steven.
  2. Steveo1

    Help required

    Thanks for the reply Andy. Like you say looking closer at your pic it is the way to access the fixing screws. Thanks again.
  3. Steveo1

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    Lovely looking alloys Matthew you'll have to post some pics when you've got them fitted. Are they 19's or 20's?
  4. I would just like to give a festive thank you to the person who has inflicted this on the bonnet and front bumper of my F11 hope Father Christmas lands his sleigh right on the top off there car. Came home from work today to find this 7or 8 deep scratches in the bumper and bonnet as well a a large mark which has completely removed the paint down to the primer. My thinking is it may have been the Wheelie Bin collection as my street is not very wide and I am wondering if they have dropped one of the bins off the back of the lorry and it has bounced off my car. Maybe wrong but am ringing the council on Monday to see if they have CCTV on the rear of the lorries but not holding out much hope. To say I'm pissed off is an understatement.
  5. Steveo1

    Just a Festive Thank You

    Thanks for the replies. Gave it a wash today and to have a better look at the damage. The damage is about 24 inches long right along the top of the bumper and leading edge of the bonnet. Going to ring the bodyshop tomorrow just hope it doesn't need a new bumper as there is a small dent on the top edge.
  6. Steveo1

    The 7 Series then...

    Always liked the new 7 only and with the discounts available and 0% they are very tempting only issue for me is they no longer do a petrol 7 unless you want the 760 which my budget doesn't stretch to.
  7. This is a worrying trend which if continues I may have to keep my 535i F11 for the rest of time. Really does cut the choice down for people who do low mileage which diesels are not suitable for.
  8. Steveo1

    F11 535i

    Nice motor love the black grilles. I have 535i F11 and love it like you I don’t do thousands of miles a year so petrol makes sense. Very rare motor as well BMW approved have one on at the moment. Hope you enjoy driving it as much I do mine.
  9. Steveo1

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    Hope we’re in for a full review/ comparison against the F11 in a few months when you’ve put a few miles on it and had chance to play with all the toys.
  10. Steveo1

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    Thanks for the reply I had been having a play on the BMW site and build a 640i xdrive and was trying to workout if the executive drive was worth the extra over the 2 axle air suspension and active steering. Enjoy the new motor.
  11. Steveo1

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    Thanks for reply Matthew does your have the Executive Drive or the active steering and 2 axle air suspension option?
  12. Steveo1

    Farewell F11 Hello G32 6 Series

    Sorry to see your F11 go but have to say lovely looking 6GT. How are you finding it size wise compared to your old F11. I ask as I’m getting itchy feet and am thinking of starting to look at hopefully changing in 6-8 months and have fallen for the 6 GT, it seems practical and comfortable as I usually carry 3 adults. I currently on my 3rd F11 and fancy a change and wondered if the 6 GT is a credible alternative. There are good discounts at the moment and 0% finance which means I can get a fully loaded GT cheaper than a mid spec G31. Cheers in advance Steven.
  13. Hi All Had a flick through YouTube last night and found a video of a guy buying a new BMW M2 and in the video the salesman mentions the fact some insurance companies are loading premiums if the car is fitted with comfort access due to security concerns. Have any of you guys found this, I have comfort access on mine but haven’t had my premium loaded. To to be honest it’s the first option I tick as I don’t see the point of keyless start without keyless entry. Cheers Steven
  14. Gave my F11 a wash after some kind skip company have parked a skip next door and the builders are filling it with what appears to be mainly dust. So so come tomorrow it won’t look like I’ve touched it.
  15. Hi All. I know this has been covered before but have done a search and cannot find anything. I had the text from my phone displayed on my idrive screen with no issues worked a treat but after an update on my phone I am unable to get them now have all the setting on my phone and on the car but simply cannot get them to display on the screen. The only other thing I could think of is the car went into the dealers to have some trim on the climate control unit changed, but surely that wouldn’t affect the settings in the idrive would it. So so just looking for any suggestions Cheers Steven
  16. To be honest I cover on average less than 40 miles a week (cycle to work Monday to Saturday) and have often thought of getting rid of my car but as others have said I too am a petrol head and the smile I get from driving the car is worth the cost. Which was re-enforced last year when I couldn’t drive for 3 months and I had to use public transport. After that I’d pay all the tea in China to keep my BMW.
  17. To be honest when I optioned up the car it was with the plan of keeping the car long term. My option to buy is around £18000 which I can fortunately afford to pay to buy it out right. Still got 2 years to change my mind though as I’m really liking the look of the new X5
  18. Hi All Reading this with interest as I'm 2 years into a 4 year PCP but have already started thinking what to do when my PCP is up. I have owned the car since new and covered just under 5000 so when I'm due to change it will have covered less than 10000 miles. I love the car but have never owned a BMW out of warranty wether it be AUC warranty or warranty from new and was always unsure of costs once out of warranty. So have found this thread a great source on info.
  19. Hi All Flicking through the BMW site today (killing a bit of time at work) and strayed across the upcoming X5. Reading the specs of the car I was amazed to see it is actually smaller than the current 5 series touring in length and width by quite a bit in car terms. Always like the X5 but been put off by is bulk but appears not to be as bulky as i thought. Just wondered what you guys thought on the new X5? Cheers Steven
  20. You guessed it, under warranty initially told me 5 days but told them I need the car back ASAP. Its only the fascia for the Air Con surely its not that big a job even for a warranty claim?
  21. Dropped mine off at the Dealers to have some interior trim replaced and was amazed when I was told it is a 3 day job.
  22. Steveo1

    Help needed.

    Hi All looking for help/advice. My Auntie has signed and order form for a new car and paid a £200 deposit. Since signing she started being messed about by the dealer, saying cars going to be delayed and my cost her more but can supply another car in a different colour to what she ordered/wants. She has had one lost all faith in the dealer and now is feeling pressured by the dealer to buy a different colour car. My my question is can she cancel the order she has not signed a finance agreement only an order form. Cheers Steven
  23. Steveo1

    Help needed.

    Thanks for all the replies. I went in in with my aunt on Monday as I felt she was being had over by the dealer. All of a sudden the salesman she was due to meet wasn’t there (don’t think he wanted to take to me as I had some questions about the figures he had quoted) so we dealt with his business manager who didn’t know the whole story and said they do not now how long the car will be and if we want cancel we have to put it in writing and they have to put it to the manufactures who make the final desicion. Need less to to say I didn’t believe a word he said other than he didn’t know how long the car would be. My Auntie has just had enough of the dealer and is prepared to lose the £200 but we will wait and see.
  24. Steveo1

    Help needed.

    Thanks for the reply. Its a major dealer she is not bothered if she losses her deposit just doesn’t want the car now.
  25. Steveo1

    Performance parts.

    Hi All Was in the Dealers the other day and they had a lovely looking G31 with a full performance body kit and it got me thinking are they fitted at manufacture or a dealer fit? Only wondered as When I’m due to change it is likely to be a G31 and would really like the body kit but only if fitted at manufacture as I wouldn’t want a dealer messing with a brand new. Cheers Steven