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  1. Hi All Flicking through the BMW site today (killing a bit of time at work) and strayed across the upcoming X5. Reading the specs of the car I was amazed to see it is actually smaller than the current 5 series touring in length and width by quite a bit in car terms. Always like the X5 but been put off by is bulk but appears not to be as bulky as i thought. Just wondered what you guys thought on the new X5? Cheers Steven
  2. You guessed it, under warranty initially told me 5 days but told them I need the car back ASAP. Its only the fascia for the Air Con surely its not that big a job even for a warranty claim?
  3. Dropped mine off at the Dealers to have some interior trim replaced and was amazed when I was told it is a 3 day job.
  4. Steveo1

    Help needed.

    Thanks for all the replies. I went in in with my aunt on Monday as I felt she was being had over by the dealer. All of a sudden the salesman she was due to meet wasn’t there (don’t think he wanted to take to me as I had some questions about the figures he had quoted) so we dealt with his business manager who didn’t know the whole story and said they do not now how long the car will be and if we want cancel we have to put it in writing and they have to put it to the manufactures who make the final desicion. Need less to to say I didn’t believe a word he said other than he didn’t know how long the car would be. My Auntie has just had enough of the dealer and is prepared to lose the £200 but we will wait and see.
  5. Steveo1

    Help needed.

    Thanks for the reply. Its a major dealer she is not bothered if she losses her deposit just doesn’t want the car now.
  6. Steveo1

    Help needed.

    Hi All looking for help/advice. My Auntie has signed and order form for a new car and paid a £200 deposit. Since signing she started being messed about by the dealer, saying cars going to be delayed and my cost her more but can supply another car in a different colour to what she ordered/wants. She has had one lost all faith in the dealer and now is feeling pressured by the dealer to buy a different colour car. My my question is can she cancel the order she has not signed a finance agreement only an order form. Cheers Steven
  7. Steveo1

    Performance parts.

    Thanks for the replies. Lovely looking motor mobilejo best body colour to show off the performance parts in my opinion.
  8. Steveo1

    Performance parts.

    Hi All Was in the Dealers the other day and they had a lovely looking G31 with a full performance body kit and it got me thinking are they fitted at manufacture or a dealer fit? Only wondered as When I’m due to change it is likely to be a G31 and would really like the body kit but only if fitted at manufacture as I wouldn’t want a dealer messing with a brand new. Cheers Steven
  9. Took it in for its first service and booked back in to have faulty trim replaced under warranty. Had a new G31 with full performance bodykit in the Dealers vary nice indeed.
  10. To be honest if my car goes in for any sort of work wether it’s a service or bodyshop first thing I say is “DO NOT VALET THE CAR” get some strange looks but got a lovely big scratch on the Sat Nav screen the first time BMW valeted my first F11 so after that only I clean my car.
  11. Glad to see it’s back in its stable Andrew and your happy with the repairs. Shame me about the should care taken on the inside but at least a good clean should sort them out.
  12. Steveo1

    Car insurance

    Hi All. Just a quick one. Having a chat at work about car insurance and the topic of the value of the car your going to insure. I say the value of the car your going to insure is the amount you paid for the car when you bought it. My boss says it’s what the value of the car is when your insurance is due for renewal, so every year you need to get a new value for you car when your insurance is due. It has come about as the Machinist where I work has just renewed her insurance and she paid £5500 for the car 2 years ago, as its now not valued at that she is insuring it with a value of £4000. I know they I’ll only give you the book price if it’s written off but I’ve always insured for the value I paid for the car. Hope this makes sense. Can anyone confirm which of us is right. Cheers Steven.
  13. Steveo1

    Anyone else had this?

    Thanks for the replies it’s having a service at the end of the month. Thought it might be something like the sevice but thanks again.
  14. Hi All got in the car over the weekend to find the image of the car that comes up in the centre of the of the dash between the speedo and rev counter had turned orange when it is normally silver. It it happens every time you start the engine. It Turns back to silver when a passenger opens the door (see images). Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers Steven.
  15. Steveo1

    New 540 ordered...

    Lovely looking motor. You'll have to give us your thoughts when you've run it in on how it compares to your F11. I for one will be interested as a 540 Touring is likely to be my next motor especially if I can get a 24% discount.