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  1. Drivers wing mirror

    That would make sense Matthew as mine is a 09/2016 car. Cannot understand why they dropped it ?
  2. Drivers wing mirror

    Thanks again for the info and time Matthew. Looks like out our posts must have got crossed as I was posting my last one as you posted your last one.
  3. Drivers wing mirror

    Thanks for the info Matthew. Thought I’d have a quick look in the owners manual and found it says the exterior mirror on the drivers side is automatically dimmed. Looks like the dealer was right. Must have been dropped on the LCI models.
  4. Drivers wing mirror

    Hi Matthew I have option 430 which states exterior anti dazzle mirrors. Had and a quick look in the brochure for the F11 and the cars in there have anti dazzle on both mirrors.
  5. Drivers wing mirror

    Like it I’ll have to get some of them.
  6. Drivers wing mirror

    Just rung dealer and apparently only drivers side and rear view mirror has the dimming function. If you don’t mind me asking what year is your car Matthew as the dealer said it could have been fitted to earlier models. Cheers Steven.
  7. Drivers wing mirror

    Thanks for that Matthew I can clearly see the the line around your passenger side wing mirror which my passengers side doesn’t have. Strange the drivers does but the passengers doesn’t. Should be original glass as I have owned it from new. Think its it’s going to be a call to the dealer.
  8. Drivers wing mirror

    Thanks for that sshooie but as the car is still under warranty don’t fancy touching the glass but thanks anyway
  9. Drivers wing mirror

    Thanks for the info Matthew. Had another go today and looks like I have an issue with the passengers side as both the rear view mirror and drivers side work fine. Out of interest do you have the lines I showed in the picture on your passengers side mirror ?
  10. Drivers wing mirror

    Gave it the torch test today. drivers side worked fine but not sure the auto dimming only works on the drivers side anyway. Thanks for the replies and advice
  11. Drivers wing mirror

    Thanks for the replies I’ll give the torch test tomorrow.
  12. Drivers wing mirror

    That’s what I was thinking Sanjx but only got the tinted edge on the drivers side. So I’m thinking there may be a fault with the mirror.
  13. Drivers wing mirror

    HI All Was doing the map update in my car yesterday and noticed all of a sudden the centre of my drivers side wing mirror went very dark almost as if it was tinted. Didn’t think anything of it as next time I looked it appeared to have gone back to normal. On getting in in the car this morning I’ve noticed I appear to have a tinted band around the outside of the the said wing mirror see pic below. Can’t say I’ve noticed it before but not really looked till yesterday due to it going funny. Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers Steven
  14. 2018 Maps

    Thanks for the reply did it take long to transfer form the hard drive to your car?
  15. Connected Drive

    Sorry all sorted phone was using data from previous car.