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  1. To be honest if my car goes in for any sort of work wether it’s a service or bodyshop first thing I say is “DO NOT VALET THE CAR” get some strange looks but got a lovely big scratch on the Sat Nav screen the first time BMW valeted my first F11 so after that only I clean my car.
  2. Glad to see it’s back in its stable Andrew and your happy with the repairs. Shame me about the should care taken on the inside but at least a good clean should sort them out.
  3. Steveo1

    Car insurance

    Hi All. Just a quick one. Having a chat at work about car insurance and the topic of the value of the car your going to insure. I say the value of the car your going to insure is the amount you paid for the car when you bought it. My boss says it’s what the value of the car is when your insurance is due for renewal, so every year you need to get a new value for you car when your insurance is due. It has come about as the Machinist where I work has just renewed her insurance and she paid £5500 for the car 2 years ago, as its now not valued at that she is insuring it with a value of £4000. I know they I’ll only give you the book price if it’s written off but I’ve always insured for the value I paid for the car. Hope this makes sense. Can anyone confirm which of us is right. Cheers Steven.
  4. Steveo1

    Anyone else had this?

    Thanks for the replies it’s having a service at the end of the month. Thought it might be something like the sevice but thanks again.
  5. Hi All got in the car over the weekend to find the image of the car that comes up in the centre of the of the dash between the speedo and rev counter had turned orange when it is normally silver. It it happens every time you start the engine. It Turns back to silver when a passenger opens the door (see images). Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers Steven.
  6. Steveo1

    New 540 ordered...

    Lovely looking motor. You'll have to give us your thoughts when you've run it in on how it compares to your F11. I for one will be interested as a 540 Touring is likely to be my next motor especially if I can get a 24% discount.
  7. Steveo1

    How long before good discounts?

    No only used Coast2coast as that was the site I used on my last car like I said only looking out of curiosity
  8. As the title says how long before the good discounts start to show for the G31. I got 23% off my current F11 but at the minute can only find discounts of around 16%, only ask out of curiosity as my current PCP doesn't end for another 2 years but I like to be prepared. Cheers in advance
  9. Gave the old girl a wash today and removed all the old wax build up around the window seals etc.
  10. Steveo1

    Anyone with Nappa

    Hi All Just wondered if anyone out there has Nappa in their G30/G31 and if so hows it holding up. Never really fancied it in a car before just stuck with the standard leather but do like the look of the Nappa with extra stitching in the G30/G31. Cheers Steven
  11. Steveo1

    F11 Brake disc scoring

    Thanks for the replies, off work for a few days next week so will be putting some miles on the car so I see how they look after that.
  12. Steveo1

    F11 Brake disc scoring

    Reading this thread with interest as a while ago I noticed some light scoring on my discs didn’t worry me that much as all my previous F11 have shown the same scoring. Over the the weekend I cleaned the car and noticed the scoring was a lot more pronounced and when I ran my finger nail over them you can feel a definite difference from the rest of the disc. I also noticed I have what appears to be the outline of the brake pads on the disc as if it has bitten onto the the disc and left an imprint in the disc. The cars has only done just over 3500 miles from new and just wondering if it needs to go into the dealer or leave it till it goes in for it’s first service in August. Cant say I’ve noticed and loss of braking performance or and wobble when braking, just looking for opinions. Cheers in advance Steven.
  13. Steveo1

    New car time - decisions decisions

    Voted for 535 touring. On my 3rd touring and my 2nd 535i started thinking of changing but when I look nothing grabs me like the 535 touring perfect blend of space and performance.
  14. What wrap are you thinking of?
  15. Steveo1

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Just a guess could it be down to the spec of the car, some options maybe in short supply.