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    1996 E39 540i saloon
  1. Groves6700

    I''m off...

    Haha! Thanks guys. I know that the build quality isn't even close but I have always wanted an Alfa and I couldn't stop pressing the loud pedal on the 540! The Alfa is much more fun in the back lanes and a little less scary.
  2. Groves6700

    I''m off...

    Just a quick note to say thanks for the help and good reading over the last 6 months. It's been enjoyable. Unfortunately the 540 was proving to expensive to run. I have just swapped with some cash my way for a 2001 Alfa 156 2.4 JTD. It needs a little work but what second hand cars don't. Anyway, thanks again and Happy Christmas!! Craig.
  3. Groves6700

    Alarm keeps going off :(

    The only other thing is if you left your phone in it and it received data. This set the alarm off using my HTC Desire but not my iPhone. This is with the bonnet sensor disconnected. I know it's unlikely that you are leaving your phone in the car but........
  4. Groves6700

    Some codes

    Thanks, I'll try and clear the codes and start again. It seems a little coincidental that all of the faults have occured 80 odd times, 88, 81 or 84........
  5. Groves6700

    Some codes

    I got these codes from my E39 540 1996 and was curious as to what they mean. I have the description of the fault but not much beyond that. The car runs firne and te only thing I have had is the dash dials have no response. Turning the ignition off and on again solves this every time. Only happened 3 times max in 6 months. 3F 88 000 - Instrument cluster current too high. C3 88 000 - RPM signal from DME control unit. 92 84 000 - Gong tone T1. C7 81 000 - Fuel tank sensor 1 (fuel pump side). D7 81 000 - Fuel tank sensor 2 (without fuel pump). Also my rpm was sitting between 670 and 710 at minus 5 C outside. Car was warm and had been driven for a little over 15 mins. Engine temp was 106 C. Does that sound normal? As you probably guessed I have been playing with the hidden menu. I have a wire and a disc (carsoft) given to me by the previous owner. I need to buy an adaptor to usb so have not used it yet. Thanks.
  6. Groves6700

    getting moisture out of cars

    Did I here something about coal (proper coal not treated or smokeless etc) on some brown paper? It's either for damp or bad smells.
  7. Groves6700


    Will he grow into his coat?
  8. Groves6700

    x2 BMW's have 140mph smash on M1

    I will be the first to admit to booting it now and then. You just don't think of the consequences. Very sad for all involved but atleast no one innocent was hurt or killed. On another point, how did the witness know that they overtook him at 140mph? I could guess a car was going faster than me and a rough speed but I think the witness may have been hoofing along too......
  9. Groves6700

    honest opinions please

    I'm sure I read somewhere that you would need to be doing about 14,000miles a year to justify the extra cost of a diesel car purchase from new. They cost more to service, more to go wrong and generally expensive when they go wrong (in my opinion/experience). I do like petrol and diesel too. If I was buying again and doing high miles I would go diesel. If I was buying a hot hatch I would go petrol. I love my V8 but I don't love the 250 miles to a tank around town on a good day. effortless diesel torque is great and it's hard to match that from a petrol engine. As said, it mainly depends on your type of driving. A diesel is indeed useable every day but it will likely be the same or more expensive if you are just nipping across town and back every day.
  10. Groves6700

    Drivers seat leather

    Okay, I've had a look and it seems like a mission of a job to do at the side of thr road (I have no drive or garage) so I'll just look for a better condition seat. Cheers.
  11. Groves6700

    Drivers seat leather

    Unfortunately beyond restoration except taking it to a specialist. The leather has worn through to the filling. Thanks.
  12. Groves6700

    Drivers seat leather

    Is it possible to replace the leather on the drivers seat? I have access to a seat cover that has already been removed. Is it an easy job or am I better off just waiting for an entire seat. I am looking to do this as my bolster has just worn through. Thanks.
  13. Groves6700

    Bit wet out...

    That reminds me, I must remove my Cold Air Intake and put it back to standard with all this wet weather.
  14. Groves6700

    Ambient temp sender broke and MPGs

    I think if it is cold outside the car is on auto choke for longer so you may be getting slightly less economy if you are only doing shorter drives. Not so sure on diesels though.
  15. Groves6700

    Talk about bad luck :(

    Errrm, the dogs owner needs to pay for the repair to your car. My pet insurance covers that......