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  1. I use my 3 pin charger at home pretty regularly. The plug does get warm but nothing too bad. BMW wouldn't supply a cable that wasn't safe and I'd hardly call a 4.5hr charge time "emergency use only" If you're unsure just use a circuit breaker plug to be sure. I've got a Chargemaster tethered point at work and its great. Not going to bother installing one at home though. I can't see how you can recoup the cost of the unit over a 3 year period when I can charge overnight with the 3 pin charger.
  2. I managed to get my sons 24 inch MTB in my boot with rear seats down and front wheel removed. The main issue is the depth of the boot rather than the length. It was tight with the pedals tbh but it just squeezed in!
  3. Lovely car SA83. Not many M Sport's around with the 759 style wheels. I love them but am petrified about kerbing mine!
  4. It's a 2.0 petrol not a 1.5
  5. I'm just using regular unleaded. Try to avoid supermarket fuel wherever possible though.
  6. I had my F10 520d for 3.5 yrs. Mainly urban driving and I only ever got 38mpg.
  7. You can use the BMW app on your phone.. it's better than the key tbh
  8. Mine was built in Germany
  9. I have no idea.. How would I tell?
  10. It's been nearly 2 months since I took delivery of my 530e so a good time to give you my initial thoughts of the car. Firstly, its a great car. Quiet, comfortable & plenty fast enough for my needs. I've got the M Sport plus pack with 20" wheels. On a smooth road it's great but on a uneven road with potholes my fillings are nearly falling out. That said, I don't regret my decision as it looks great so that's a compromise worth living with. The car attracts a lot of attention. Whether it's the fact that its a new 5 series and there's not many around or that it's a hybrid I'm not sure but you can see people are curious. The one gripe I have is that when you start the car and put the A/C on really cold when its really hot, the dashboard makes a very loud cracking noise for around 2 mins after pulling away! It sounds like glass breaking. It's getting better and I haven't reported it to BMW as my business partners 530e does exactly the same. I can only assume its because the car is new but I've never had it before on a new car!? Tech - I am getting used to it but every now and again I find something new that I didn't know about. Generally all good though but there's a lot to take in. Useless options - I opted for the Tech Pack (WIFI, Gesture Control, Display Key, Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging & Head up display) WIFI works well but you need to pay out for a data plan with T-Mobile which starts at £11 per month. I got WIFI for my daughter primarily but then upgraded her data plan on her phone with o2 as they had a very cheap deal on, so the in car WIFI is now redundant! Gesture - it works but its easier and faster to use the steering wheel controls. Wireless charging - works fine but you need a £60 phone case from BMW for this. My phone gets very hot when its charging! Display key - you can't attach other keys to it so I never use it! Head Up Display - love it but I can't see it when I have my sunglasses on! Real world running costs - I've been meticulous about charging, and I would say that 95% of my journeys have been on pure electric power. Got a Chargepoint tethered box installed at work which charges my car from flat in 2.5 hours. Then I plug in at home using the standard 3 pin plug which takes around 4.5 hours. I've driven much slower than I usually do and have selected Max E Drive whenever I start my journey. Interestingly, I've learnt a lot about my journeys. I'd never taken any notice before but most of my journeys are only 20 miles at a time and mostly in traffic. So perfect for the electric range. The MPG is increasing by around 1mpg per day if I run on electric alone. As soon as the batteries are dead and the petrol engine kicks in, the MPG is hammered. Miles travelled - 1,727 Ave Speed - 26.6mph Fuel consumption - 77.1mpg Petrol costs - £117.82 (6.8p per mile) What I don't know yet is what it has cost me in for the electric to charge. This could be difficult to calculate for a while so I'll come back to that. My verdict so far - If you drive relatively short journeys (up to 22 miles) and charge religiously, you can get really good MPG. Will I get close to 130mpg BMW claim? I don't think so. I think I could get to 100mpg over the next month as long as I don't do any long journeys. We will see! If you're driving longer journeys you will probably see around the 35-40mpg mark. Add to that the small fuel tank and you will be visiting the pumps pretty regularly. To be honest, the 530e is a P11D car for me. It's around half what my 520d was in company car tax and with tax increasing over the next 3 years it makes perfect financial sense. I made the right decision choosing this car and it works for me. Only you will know if it will work for you. Hope this has helped.
  11. Thats impressive! And you wrapped the grill as well - excellent work. My business partner wants to wrap his chrome door insert handles on his 530E (he has black wheels & grill) so any pointers would be much appreciated!
  12. That looks great - did you get the door handle chrome strips professionally wrapped?
  13. Looks good to me - I'd sign up for that if it was in my area! Make sure whatever charging point you get, it will work for BMW & Merc as the plug fitment is different. I think by not having a tethered point you'll be fine and just use the cable relevant to your car.
  14. Nice car. My business partner has a Bluestone Msport 530e with black wheels & black grill. Looks great. Unfortunately neither of us ticked the option for surround view. I'm mostly happy with what I chose but there are a few options on the Tech Pack that I realise I could've done without. - Enhanced Bluetooth with Wireless charging - Display key - WIFI - Gesture Control I wanted head up display which as a stand alone option is £995 and the Tech Pack is £1495 so it was kind of a no brainer. I'm sure the Tech Pack helped with the residuals though. Annoyingly though the HUD doesn't display speed limit which is the main reason I opted for it. I think you need Driving Assistant for that which is an additional £895. Madness - especially as Speed Limit display was a stand alone option on the F10 for £250 from memory. On the range I've found that turning A/C on & off when fully charged will give a 4-5 mile swing. Enjoy!
  15. Turn off the air on and see how it affects the range.. it's quite surprising! I'm running mine on max E-drive most of the time..