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  1. E39 door card removal inside.

    What a job to release the drivers door from the inside. Gave up, smacked the lock up- forced a flat head screw driver through the lock. Mental job. Tools of choice in the photo.
  2. E39 door card removal inside.

    I'm up to the final stage, prying with a long screw driver. To release the lock. Any clue?.
  3. E39 door card removal inside.

    Still carnt get the door open. From the inside or outside. Flick off both cables to the actuator via behind the airbag. Pulled the Bowden cable with pliers. Any ideas
  4. E39 door card removal inside.

    The Bimmerforums post are helpful but haven't solved tonight. There was some posts on here that have been deleted?. Got the airbag out tonight, without removing the door card what a job. All advise welcome.
  5. E34 saloon & E39 Msport

    E34 520 is bogoo standard Apart from nice boot spoiler. E39 boot lid is the worst I've seen for tin worm, no tow bar, front corner covers for the m kit are smashed as is normal, before my ownership. Worked a deal with a local forum member to take the full car, watch this space. Bloody thing won't start. Probably to many short journeys.
  6. E39 door card removal inside.

    Advise please, Wife's E39 - Drivers door won't unlock with fob or key. Actuator post probably died?. Is there anyway to remove the door card without trashing it from the inside. Regards
  7. E34 saloon & E39 Msport

    Headlights are good. Cars are located in Stockport Cheshire. Both still drive and are sorn.
  8. E34 15'' X Spoke BBS

    Sorry sold
  9. E34 saloon & E39 Msport

    Time to reduce the fleet. - Breaking any parts before being scrapped. E39 530i Msport Topaz & E34 520i Laser Blue. M-Parallel wheels have gone. Usual rust and wife damage on the Msport E34 leather has gone Interested parties please.
  10. e39 Msport M-Parrells great rubber.

    No Worries mate. Agreed. The Wheels and Tires are provisional sold at the asking price. So not really sure what all the above is all about. I got cheesed off reading the negative stuff at work today with the missus in hospital today. Some of the above is seriously pathetic.
  11. e39 Msport M-Parrells great rubber.

    Is the For Sale section a free for all. To comment and snipe. Any Moderation on this site?.
  12. e39 Msport M-Parrells great rubber.

    What's wrong with some you guys. I don't get it. Some nasty negative comments i thought this forum was friendly?. i didn't ask for comments or members to spam.