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  1. IJD

    Diesel Knock Noise.

    Will try and post a video next time it does it. Didn't seem to do it as much today.
  2. IJD

    E60 530D...Pre 2K lag, any ideas?

    Yes they do. I know my LCi is electronic. Not sure if Pre-LCi is Electronic or vacuum operated through a solenoid type regulating valve.
  3. Is it normal for the engine to make more 'diesel knock' sounds when gently accelerating? (530D LCi auto) Notice it when the radio is off. Usually when in slow/stop start traffic going through town centre. Seems the loudest doing about 15-20mph or so, revs about 1100ish, and its a bit 'injector knocky' or 'rattly' sounding. Seems to stay till about 1500, then quietens down. Seems to only do it when fully warmed up, and on little throttle. If I give it more throttle, it quietens down? Am I worrying about nothing? Or is it a problem? injectors on way out? Did look at injector values in INPA and they looked fairly even... Thoughts?
  4. IJD

    Scrappage offer by BMW

    Hate scrappage schemes... Just a waste of well looked after cars normally. Grrrr
  5. IJD

    Removing DPF from 530D LCi.

    DPF light came on again today Looking like i'm going to have to do something soonish! Will order engine oil and filter - do that while im at it, mainly because I noticed that the oil level was about 7mm higher than the max line, hoping this is due to all the regen attempts, failing that how else can diesel get in the oil? High pressure pump seals common?... Or I guess it could have been overfilled at last service? (Only had car couple of weeks so who knows?)
  6. IJD

    Removing DPF from 530D LCi.

    Another Question to those that have de-dpfed! Did you De-Cat too? Or leave that still in place?
  7. IJD

    LL04 or LL01

    My understanding is that LL04 is better than LL01 anyway, so on that basis I would assume its fine. However i'm sure someone will come along and confirm.
  8. IJD

    Removing DPF from 530D LCi.

    Cheers for the links above. Didnt know about that site!
  9. Just thinking about this at the moment. Anyone done it themselves? How hard is it to remove? Ive read that the steering rack needs moving - is this straight forward? IF I remove the DPF, I understand that I will then need to have the car remapped (sounds like a good excuse to me for a few more horses!). Now I know we don't have crystal balls, but so far the MOT requirements are just a 'visual' check. Do we think this will continue to be the accepted method or could more in depth checks be in the pipeline?
  10. Well, bit of an update... I wondered if the dash was over reading, however, distance travelled vs fuel used was somewhere near (maybe closer to 50mpg). - I was driving like a granny though and hardly used the brakes. Wed eve, I got my mum to drive 20+ miles while I tried to get the DPF to regen with DIS and INPA - It kept erroring, so I kept clearing the ecu codes. Eventually after a few miles, I noticed that the time it took for the errors to appear was taking longer (initially it was only a few seconds). Then... BINGO - Regen active! Engine temp on motorway was between 87-92 degrees. Next day, I drove to work, and the car feels like its gained another 50hp! Even span the wheels when I pulled out of a junction without trying! Down side to this new 'found power' is the mpg has dropped. The average now sits at 36ish. (50% town, 50% A roads).
  11. IJD

    Rother Valley meet 2017

    Im up for this potentially depending on work commitments / date etc. Be good to catch up Ray, been years! Plus be good to meet other members.
  12. Cheers for the offer Nomis. I've just bought a cable from Jimmy on here this aft. Cant wait till it arrives!
  13. Hi Folks again! Im back! Not had a BMW for a couple of years, still kept looking for AGES for an E61... Anyway, As of Wednesday eve, Im the proud owner of a 530D LCi Touring Really love it. Has a few issues (like most I guess) - DPF Warning, Airbag Light and PDC Not working. Still... Drive back from Cleckeaton to York today (admittedly only had cruise control on at 60mph on motorway) she returned 57.8mpg! Thats AMAZING for a 3.0L! Assuming the dash is reporting it correctly. Anyone around York area that has diagnostic available? Failing that, I will order a cable anyway - I just cant wait!!! Must take some photos I know, but for now... 'Hello Again!'
  14. IJD

    E39 mileage register

    36391 bazza523 2003 520iA SE ES Touring 38000 Richardsbmw 2003 530i champagne2 2900 E39mad 2003 530i SE Individual 43058 Dragyth 1996 528i SE Automatic 43167 adamhearn 2003 525d 46122 zarnd 2002 e39 M5 47589 tobybmw535i e39 535i /R reg 49000 carnageg 2001 540i 51383 LimavadyE39 53634 rysie 525i sport 55833 SCZ4 2002 E39 540i Sport 65150 Gee_V8 2002 540iA Sport 68000 Neil A 530i Sport 70000 ( photo'd odometer ! ) oji170 540iA Individual 70250 E39mad 525d (SOLD Feb '13 with 93200 miles) 73000 mrmarc 530iA sport (Jap Import) 74000 Lui 1998 528i se sport second owner from new immaculate condition 74000 themanstan 530i 74130 nazzamataz e39 520i SE 1999 74863 Deano16v 1997 540 Touring 6 speed 75003 Jamesno1 2002 525i 78000 Rory 2001 530d SE 79000 Big D 523i 80626 v8 boy, 1998 535i SE auto. 81375 DJM 523ise (again should be about 81600 but Speed sensor fault) 81579 Paddy O'Furniture 2003 535i Sport 81549 MattC 2000 E39 M5 82410 jacecodi 2002 530 i champagne II 84900 Shik 530i Champ 2 86292 Adam D 51 530i Sport 88245 WNeill 530i Sport 90426 as355f1 525d 90900 Gav. 1997 540i 92163 Calypso-E34 95000 Karl1 2002 525i sport 95000 surveysteve 528iA Sport 95235 paperjams 95835 Savcom's 2002 530D 98312 BadDave Alpina B10 3.2 99698 Darlo 2000 530i Sport 102000 Sphinx 523iA 102000 bsvensso 1997 540iA Touring 104100 Kevmo 2000 M5 105100 Harz535 530iA '02 111111 Mikey_535 1999 M5 111550 E39Man 2000 530i Sport 112000 Lloyd 523iSE step tropic 114500 urquatro 2000 540iA Touring 117553 kinada 2000 535i Sport 118000 Tidgy 528 118400 SC7 2002 530i Sport 122000 vanhool, 528ise (new engine at 37,000) 122550 Scotty540i 1997 540i SE 123000 mjenkings 2001 525i Sport 123000 Busteredwards 523i 125000 Conan 2002 530d Sport 125000 markgixxer750 M5 127500 Robbo 528iAT 129000 Eddy Matthews 2000 520i auto Touring 131000 micheal d.s. 523i 131500 duncan-uk 530d sport touring manual 132000 AndrewMac85 1998 Alpina B10 V8 131200 TaoOrganic, 2000 530D SE AUTO 132500 peejaybmr 528 136300 BM Ian 528i Sport 136756 puggie 523i 137000 mne666: 525D 137547 puggie 523i 137749 Jamworth: 2001 530i Sport 138002 Staddly 520i Touring 2003 138777 Dan. 523i Touring 139000 Scruffy: Slammed 523i 139202 Zap 1997 535i 141300 Blue Oval 530iA 2000 141900 IJD 540iA 1998 142000 SC7 2002 530i Sport Champagne Edition 142000 Pow 528 142000 B9 #200 1983 E28 Alpina B9 3.5 143000 mark 528 145000 AlfaJim 2001 530dA SE Touring. 145000 G-lo e39 520i 1999 145452 gbshahaq 530dA SE Saloon 2002 146000 Osi_NL 520i 147,000 Trisman 528i/532i Alpina Touring rep. (Was 120,150) 148654 Andy Ran - 2000 M5 (previous 138987) 150650 camoscato 1998 523i 150141 Piper 1999 540i Touring 151425 Revs Hotclutch 530i 152000 mattyv33 535i 152000 Marlow925 M5 E39 '99 154000 lee540 e39 540i 155000 Marlow925 525d Touring manual E39 '01 156000 pompeybmw 528 158201 dan101smith 540i/6 Touring 160000 Justin.. 2001 530i 160000 Pritesh '99 530D 161000 Karlos28 02 539d sport one turbo change 161000 Machinehead '99 528i auto touring 161000 shrink 530D SE Auto ('99) 161500 RichE39 1997 528iSE (has had replacement engine) 162200 Caruso E39 540i Touring 165000 BriC 2000 535i Sport Manual 165893 Morgan528i 1999 528i SE Touring Auto (all original) 166000 rob-the-viking 528 168750 R.D.5.5 2000 540i Auto 172000 Greg 523i (engine change at 55k) 172070 BWMtastic 2000 530i SE Touring (running on LPG since 101000) <------------------ 173000 rickybotts_123 520i 175000 BriC 1999 520i 176000 Digidick 1999 528i Auto 178000 maxtherotti 540IA 178750 IJD 1999 530d Auto Touring 180000 Zildjian 2000 M5 180000 Trisman 2000 530i Manual Sport. 180333 Matt21 2000 530iA SE LPG 186000 Donut 1996 540iA 185000 Mrroverrover 2003 530i Sport Champagne 2 189400 djw113uk 1997 525tds 193000 blue-alan M535i Sport 202000 Dennis Cooper-2003 530d Touring (actually around 206000) 206564 Piper 1996 540i saloon 208,000 B9 #200 2002 E39 530i Sport Auto 214089 Seesure 2001 M5 214396 Sean 530i (latest figure) 2000 SE on LPG 215500 DerekJr 1999 523i SE Auto 222222 MP3 1998 523iSE Auto (engine/cooling system rebuild at 193k) 231500 RockyBalboa-UK 2001 540i Auto Sport Saloon (original engine and gearbox plus Prins VSI LPG conversion since about 100k) 233,536 B9 #200 1985 E28 528i 234000 Dotcom1970 530d SE Auto 248250 b16jsy 1999 E39 530d Manual (Now Sold-Owned from 115,000 miles July 2007 until January 2015)-assumed original engine,turbo,clutch & box 251300 Lance1a E39 528i Man, original battery, exhaust, clutch. 260095 chris 42 528iSE Touring (all original too!!!!!) 321525, mne666 (father In laws) 353000 Raymond 525tds