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  1. Cheers guys
  2. Needed for a 530i sport to be recovered so I think 17 inch and upwards only but not 100% sure on that
  3. Looks as if my 2001 530i has blown the headgasket so may be needing a replacement engine. Will know for sure next week but wanted to see if there's anything on here before trawling ebay and breakers. Thinking of either a good used replacement or rebuilding one.
  4. I sold a stereo for a seat leon recently bit had no radio code. The title explicitly said "no code" and I even re confirmed this in the listing description. Had also procedures it cheaply compared to other stereos on ebay that had the code. Buyer purchased it and 3 days later sent me a message to say there was no code and a picture via eBay messages of the stereo in the car asking for a code. I told him it was all on the listing so I had fine nothing wrong and not my fault if he didn't read it before purchasing. I said he is welcome to return it to me as I could resell it but he would have to cover the return postage cost. No contact for 2 days then an email from paypal saying there is a dispute with the transaction. Instead of the buyer trying to fudge the issue about the code or claiming the stereo was faulty he had actually gone tk his bank to reverse the payment claiming item was never ordered or received and that he had not authorised this payment to leave his account. I immediately rang paypal and without being rude told them how sneaky this was and they totally agreed. They asked for proof of delivery so I sent them a screenshot of the hermes website showing item as delivered and they immediately refunded my money. The thing is that if he had opened an ebay case against me then I would have had to accept the return with him covering return postage costs as I am am ebay business seller but as he tried to do it the shifty way it backfired on him. Motto of the story is that most times paypal and ebay do side with the buyer but once in a blue moon they do show common sense
  5. Ok will check thanks
  6. No engine was off..I thought it may have been some excess water sat in the exhaust which would burn off whilst the car was running later but the problem has worsened not got better
  7. Hi all lookng for sone advice..Had the car washed recently after a service. I think the guy sprayed water up the exhaust as about 20 minutes after driving off I was pulled up at traffic lights and a thick cloud of white smoke appeared and engulfed everyone around within 20feet! Car was juddering at idle but ok when driving. Now got to the point where it started for 2 seconds and cut out after kicking out smoke. Now it won't start. Is it possible that the car wash has done something to the cat? Engine light is on Will get the codes read today or tomorrow but seeing if anyone has ever had this issue
  8. Try realoem to see if one of the parts was superceded by the other so you may be able to interchange them
  9. Looks ok but why spend all the money on the various m5 bits that are on it but not at least have a sport steering wheel and sport leathers?
  10. Ok not to worry good luck with it bud
  11. Would you sell the rear bumper diffuser separately and if so how much would it be? Cheers
  12. Is it the wireless one
  13. Do you have a link for it...looks great
  14. Sound...just need to work out the logistics now! Can you do me a favour and let me know the overall length and approx weight when you can. Might have to get it collected
  15. Whereabouts are you mate