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    2001 e39 530D sport touring, 1998 e39 Alpina b10v8 saloon

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  1. ad touring

    e39 M5 steering box, pitman arm, idler, draglink, track rods

    actually just the steering box needed- spent some time on real oem - seams all the other bits will be compatible
  2. as title hunting for all required steering parts to retrofit to speed up my Alpina's steering
  3. apart from the exhaust and water pump is the e53 a direct bolt in then? i.e. are the kbus control cards the same?
  4. ad touring

    E39 M5 steering box into 540i - DONE IT!

    I'm fairly sure there is no servotronic on my early 98 car was just going to use a pwm solinode driver for a single permanent setting around the M5 sport mode weight
  5. that sucks my 530d one is dead again at the moment is going on the todo list before things get cold again, I've got a t100 remote on mine it will be deeply frustrating to deice the windows shivering i the cold with that dangling on the keyring...
  6. ad touring

    E39 M5 steering box into 540i - DONE IT!

    thread resurrection time... was going to post a new one but as this is googles top hit on the topic thought it made more sense to keep things in one place 3 questions 1/ is Retset's pdf available anywhere? 2/ are these really e39 M5 parts? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-BMW-E39-M5-Power-Hydro-Steering-Rack-Box-Tie-rod-center-Steering-Arm/283121246131?hash=item41eb575fb3:g:I90AAOSw5dNWpUST I'm struggling to find a ZF > BMW parts number cross reference... 3/ does anyone have the spec of the PWM control for the 2 weight options of the M5 steering ? voltage, current, frequency, pulse duration, pulse shape bit of a long shot that anyone has plugged an automotive oscilloscope into an M5 but you've got to ask...
  7. ad touring

    E39 540i not starting .... HELP PLZ

    small world - i refitted the injectors to my b10v8 today after changing the o-rings and getting them cleaned at beck beck injection in Leamington Spa - all good now, air leaks fixed and a smooth happy engine to chip my 10 pence in - another thing to do would be to spray each and every connector with some contact cleaner, if you've been working out in the rain they could have got a touch damp inside while disconnected. mine's a pre vanos engine with a mechanical thermostat retrofit, but i can whatsapp you some photos etc if your still doubting where all the connectors go topside of the engine crossing fingers for you
  8. ad touring

    e39 touring air suspension and brake pad fault

    start off carefully unplugging the sensor and giving it a good blast out with electrical contact cleaner - you might get lucky I briefly cured airsus faults with new wiring plugs / connectors and cleaning off corroded pins on the sensors i expect you're going to have to build up a new wiring plugs onto new loom repair sections and possibly fork out for a new sensor or two though I'd be inclined to replace the wires right up inside the cabin and thus mitigate any water ingress possibility into the loom, it's not much effort to strip out all the boot floor panels to get access to do the joins of repair looms to original in a nice dry clean inside cabin place and also to seal up the wiring plug - sensor connection on reassembly
  9. ad touring

    auto box :(

    alas probably not you need to call a decent auto gearbox specialist for advise when the auto box in my 530D went south I rang pretty much everyone I could find on google and settled on getting him shipped the short 70 miles or so up to Roy and gang at planet gears Peterborough. https://www.planetgearsuk.com/
  10. ad touring

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    what wheels are they? i like! serviced the b10v8, serviced the CLK, switch back to the b10v8 to try and fail to fix an inlet manifold airleak via this method https://www.meeknet.co.uk/e31/BMW_E31_840ci_Inlet_Manifold_Leak_Fix.htm will have to keep digging...
  11. ad touring

    e39 - ebay special radio replacement

    I've got a android one. about 2.5 years old now so not going to be available anymore forewarning though they are pretty useless out of the box, both I've had could not even run the tomtom app in stock form... but... if you're hella nerdy like myself after flashing a custom rom from XDA forum developer malaysk, they become amazing bits of kit. and... hardware quality wise it might also be a bit of a gamble! i'm on my second unit in 4years and this one i had to take apart and rebuild to seat all the ribbon cables properly to fix a screen problem...
  12. ad touring

    Stealth Parrot install

    arrr but you can! have a search for connect2go kits, they adapt the bmw telephone button to work the parrot kits!
  13. ad touring

    Stealth Parrot install

    i like that install, could have just hidden it in the glove box, but went the extra mile for the James Bond effect!
  14. ad touring

    E39 535i Auto Box Issue

    Roy and gang at planet gears http://planetgearsuk.com/home/2509840 rebuilt my 530D's auto box, great people.
  15. ad touring

    My old girl...

    seeing nice round numbers on odometers makes me smile, gland to see others are appreciating it! I took a specially calculated route back from picking up my girlfriend from a railway station just to park my 530D on the drive on exactly 200K was very annoyed when I missed 222222 with a miss calculation , i'd even reset the trip meter to get 222222 222.2 in recent weeks I've had the 530d parked on the drive on 230K exactly and the b10v8 on 140k exactly, not quite at the same time though, that would be satisfying...