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    2001 e39 530D sport touring, 1998 e39 Alpina b10v8 saloon

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  1. ad touring

    E39 sill covers / kick plates, right side

    Sorry I don't know how I missed this, I'll have to check notification settings. If you still have them ill ave em for postage like you offered Alternatively if your nearish rugby / Coventry I could swing by and grab them
  2. ad touring

    E39 Sport Touring Mud Flaps

    If non sport - saloon ones fit then you can have a complete set for 10£ +postage. The fronts are pretty worn down from rubbing the road, but I think the rears are in good nick. I only took them of the Alpina as I don't like the mudflaps look.
  3. ad touring

    Uprated ARBs - anyone done theirs?

    How much is the right offer? Have you still got the polybush + fitting grease etc? Will they fit a B10 V8 saloon? Furthermore are rear rollbars interchangeable touring and saloon?
  4. ad touring

    jacking point + sill + floor repair panels

    Yep found those already, the underside part of the sills/rockers is pretty easy to make. The shinny painted bits of my sill are rust free and staying (got lucky we can mask at stone chips line ) It's the fully underside bits that I can't find. Floor sections etc
  5. ad touring

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    i had the same futile hope! i'll post some before and after pictures of my rust surgery!
  6. Hi folks dropped the Alpina in today to have the tin worm dealt with, not pretty under there at the moment! as this is getting pretty common now with the e39 chassis i was rather hopeful there would be a wealth of repair panels available to choose from but my google hasn't brought up too much useful for underside repair sections. the guys at the workshop are more than capable of fabricating anything thats needed but repair sections are always helpful to speed a job along. has anyone found anything in the past?
  7. ad touring

    E39 10mm toolkit socket

    Bump ∆∆ still hunting the elusive 10mm toolkit socket
  8. ad touring

    E39 sill covers / kick plates, right side

    ∆∆ Bump ∆∆ I'm still on the lookout for a cheap couple of RHS kick plates I can cut the rubber outer from!
  9. ad touring

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Snap! Quite literally! the FR spring on my 530d did this about 3weeks ago. Was no Biggie as had already built up new struts ready for a planned summer overhaul but I lost a nearly new tyre as well
  10. ad touring

    E39 Sport Touring Airsus Delete

    Right I'm currently sat waiting for the RAC to rescue me after the airsus has gone mad and hoisted itself into the air... This is déjà vu for me as the same thing happend on a wet day with water getting into a sensor about 5 years ago... This car had an easy life really, I never tow or have the car loaded up with bricks so frankly would rather have a more reliable car than the air suspension extra load handling abilities. Any ideas on a airbag > coil spring conversion retaining the standard sport ride height and spring rates?
  11. ad touring

    E38 sport contours... (If you don't ask...)

    Bump I'm still on the lookout...
  12. If it's a easy job of consulting a couple of pinout diagrams and swapping plugs over (preferably on the seat looms rather than car looms) then I'm happy enough. If they are just not electrically compatible in any way then I'll wait for the right bits
  13. Yep I think it was very early in 98 when BMW started building it. Can't be more precise as forgotten build date and taken the touring away for the anual Xmas travels, but it was definitely pre 9/98
  14. Righto I did find Raymond's post but it's pictorially lacking now photobucket has gone Interesting about the later seats storing in modules in the seats rather than in same module with column memory... I was rather hoping it would just be a easy switch of the wiring plugs, maybe I should just hunt for 1998 and earlier seats for plug and play
  15. Fitting 2000MY sport memory seats in 1998MY comfort memory seat equipped car Getting frustrated hunting contours for the Alp Spotted some black regular sport memory seats but wondering if they are going to be easy to swap in. Has anyone done this already and worked out the wiring conversion? And... in this post photobucket world still got some piccies, notes, wiring diagrams, part numbers, etc. on what they did?