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  1. pumi63

    E61 no radio signal

    THis is great guys , so much new info and thanks to all the chaps that made these contributions . When i get the time , i will pop over to my indy and ask them to learn something from the forums and go easy on my battered wallet ! Thank you all
  2. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    Hello Tarby , Great news ! , mine was also fixed and the cause was traced to a tracker fitted by the first owner . The built-in non-replaceable battery works for 5 years and after that it begins to drain the battery . I was not told by the dealer from whom i purchased the car that there was a tracker fitted so this resulted in laborious diagnostics until they exhausted all checks and i had independently called up the previous owner and he confirmed the worse but by then my wallet was blown to smithereens so the motto is ; ask the dealer if there is a fitted tracker at the time of purchase .
  3. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    When checking fuses , i am told to wait for the car to go to sleep ! . It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the make and model . It is a time consuming job because of the sleep pattern because when it's awake most of the plethora of electronics consumer units are on and they consume current . When you sit in the car and turn of the radio and remove the keys but remain seated , you will hear sounds under the dash a minute or 2 later and again 10 minutes later when baffles , whirring , vents etc close . Check the handbook and refer to the fuse section to see what is consuming so much current , and good luck .
  4. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    Gutten evening Neindanke , I know the feeling having been robbed of cash that i had kept for service and alloy wheel refurb , mot and tracking ! The older BMWs had issues but were simpler and less electronics meant that we could do a little tinker around on a lazy Sunday afternoon . Need a Phd in electronics these days plus 1000s in diagnostics and the stealers know this too well ! Take the car to an indy with diagnostics and see what the box tells you . It could be the IBS cable which is a common fault , poor Earth connection , Blue-tooth module not switching off , tuner staying on , the CD changer staying on ... The things you learn when the car gives trouble . And another common issue is the boot lid wiring that runs through the hinge getting chaffed and exposed and resulting in potential battery discharge . If this doesn't flag up an issue then it is the long process of elimination of consumers by fuse removal and current measurement . My Mk4 Astra was the best car ever with only pads , discs and one exhaust changed in 12 years , and still going strong with new owner 17 years on . Had a W169 A 180 Mercedes and an absolute pile of s...e ! car cost 8500 with fsh and it cost approx 6000 in parts and repairs so much for the 3 star reputation !
  5. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    Hi Tarby , Sorry for not responding but i think i'm on another forum with similar issues and replied . Yeah , the car gad been with the garage almost 2 weeks now . I got a call from them yesterday to say that they had exhasuted all avenues and diagnostics , wiring diagrams etc and all consumers / wiring fine and no issues but the drain was still present and sizeable as it would at times exceed an ampere ! They hinted at the possibility of a tracker installed and asked if i knew about this . This was news to me as i had not been told by the supplying dealer that one had been fitted . I contacted the dealer , who seemed vague and bored and plugged the reg into his computer and presto -nothing ! . So , i got the previous owner details from the log and sought a phone number but ex-directory and then thought he may have a company or so and voila ! , after a more browsing of sites i got a number and called up the company . After a brief laugh , the secretary pit me through to him and he told me that one had been fitted by a company called Tracker . Having thanked him for his help and shared a story about his M5 which he had pranged and wanted to off load it with 20k miles , i hung up . Then called Tracker with his details and my woeful story , and the nice man looked up the old reg but no tracker so i asked if the guy's new vehicle and old are linked accounts , and it turned up . Happens that a digit on the VIN was wrong on his database . He told about the location and the issues with older non replaceable battery devices and how they can drain and kill batteries . Called up garage and found in minutes , disconnected . Today , got a call saying all is well and discharge issue resolved but would like to keep patient for another 24 hours to be 100% sure , so no problem . Apparently , after 5 years the battery dies , and the tracker draws on the car battery and this in turn also switches other devices on so draining the battery . This may also explain increased interference on the radio -FM and DAB say the garage . If the seller had told the dealer , and left paperwork to show tracker fitment , it would have saved hours and £££ in costs not to mention the stress and grief caused . Thank you , and i hope that this helps other who may have a tracker that is nearing the end of its useful life ?
  6. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    HI all , Called indy on Monday to be told that nothing has turned up and a very curious case indeed . I have been told that they will have something to tell me by Wednesday so either they call or i'll call them in the evening .
  7. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    Good evening Tarby , The nightmare continues ! Car had been at the indy for a week now , and the IBS cable is ok , they have checked all of the fuses in the trunk and carried out a drain test on the battery but nothing yet . They are now checking the fuses under the hood , i will call them tomorrow . No water ingress issues thankfully and the flawed issue regarding trunk wiring was sorted out and is ok now . The diagnostics can sometimes pinpoint a component but this time nothing as yet so lengthy check and time consuming and potential wallet hammering time ! Thank for asking
  8. pumi63

    E61 no radio signal

    Hi Jake , Thanks for replying to my other ' high-drain battery nightmare ' and this thread . I seem to get static and hiss at varying intervals . LBC can get hissy and crackly at times but Absolute sounds ok as does Classic FM . I will check reception when the rear demister is switched on . I do know that the E60/61 demisters are really feeble and can time to clear the rear screen as does the woefully weak heating system > My brother also has an E60 and he complains that he is at work by the time the car is warm ! Thank you ,
  9. pumi63

    E61 no radio signal

    Many thanks for replying Andy , As i understand it , are there other problems associated with a faulty diversity antenna because the remote locking works fine . There is a later COM box retrofitted but it seemed fine a while back so wondering if this could cause issues because although it works , the car brain does not recognize this as it was not proper to the car but coded in with the better Idrive computer , which the car brain is happy with . Perhaps a bench test of sorts ?
  10. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    I too have got this High Rate of Battery Discharge issue , and it has so far cost me around £750 pounds in diagnostics at an indy , and replacement of the IBS lead . The previous IBS lead recorded as a fault on the DME so replaced . Also fixed , was a common issue affecting the boot lid wiring becoming chaffed and shorting . This can result in boot lid locking and refuse to open as mine did on a couple of times and the only way i could open it was by the boot release button on the fob and the boot release button under the diagnostics socket . The wiring was repaired and the boot lid light now works and the old wiring exposed was shown to me . But the next day the dreaded discharge lamp lit up again , so car is now booked with indy for a check again . By the way , the battery is only 1.5 years old and coded to DME . The volts show 15.2 so alternator is good . The lamp lights up once then couple of starts later is off then randomly again !! So , any ideas or solution would be helpful before my poor wallet takes another battering , thank you .
  11. pumi63

    E61 no radio signal

    Hi , Ive got the poor FM reception issue and this also affects the retrofitted by BMW , DAB radio . Took car to local indy as my local stealer (brentford ) is the most expensive ? in the country ! . They checked the diversity antenna but there must be more checks that can be made . Is there a some antenna booster that can be fitted retrospectively to enhance reception . Any ideas or suggestions welcome , thank you
  12. Hi folks , Took the car to E-maps this week to restore suspected lost map , and what a difference it made -result . I haven't had a chance to see the local indy BMW guys in the Middlesex area , but i wondered if anybody knows of competent and trusted experts that can resolve this radio reception issue for me please at a wallet friendly price ? , or do i take a hit in the wallet and take it to my local stealers ?? Also , the spiders alloys are looking tired and the best offer price that i have had is £60 per wheel for a set of 4 or £75 for a single alloy with the local Chips Away guy , so can this price be beaten or is it fair ? Thank you for any help or advice
  13. Good afternoon Baus , Many thanks for replying and your information sounds promising and i too believe that it is an issue with the antenna or cabling . I will pass on your info to the local ' experts ' but chances are that they may not have the software to diagnose this problem . They did try the FM reception with and without the DAB attached to the set-up and there was marginal improvement in the FM reception but not really anything spectacular . They also said that the DAB and FM share the same antenna cable but i wonder if they have done a continuity check ? , or anything else . They claimed that the diversity antenna is ok but then how would they know this unless they could swap an antenna from a known working car to evaluate and remove this from the equation of suspects ? I will let you know what they say , or do when i next see them
  14. Good afternoon Baus and thank you for getting in touch . I had asked my local specialists to check the diversity antenna , which they apparently did and told me that it was ok . I have since sourced some pdf on the cic and also discovered that there is a multi-function antenna that works the FM , AM and TMC but surely if this fails then it would affect AM and TMC too but these are fine . I phoned up the local guys and explained that i still think this is an antenna or a cable issue , perhaps even a loose connection ? I also discovered on the net that there is a diagnostic test that BMW can do on the CIC to determine the following : Note! Use the service function. A service function in the BMW diagnosis system can be used to reset the settings of the Personal Profile. Path: Service functions > Body > Car Information Computer > Restore delivery status Diagnosis is available on the BMW diagnosis system for the following tasks:  Antennas  DVD drive and hard disk  Quality test (audio test CD)  Navigation system  CIC complete  Connected device . Probably something that my local indy cannot do ?
  15. I contacted a respected car audio installer in Hayes by email and they informed me that this was a common problem with BMW E60 . They mentioned that either the antenna base gets corroded or it is usually a loose connection . But they were unable to offer any more help or knew any one that could !!