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  1. I reckon i'll go the BMW guy and he will take to his work place , stick it on a ramp suck out the old stuff and put in the new oil for £ 120.00 labor plus parts and he's 30 minutes drive on the M4 . My brother got his 520d E60 serviced by the guy using genuine oil and OEM parts ( he does work at BMW ) and the car feels more responsive than the last time it was serviced at an all makes garage .
  2. hi johnny , I have never heard of the brand but have been told that it is popular in Russia and on the continent . However , every outfit that i have emailed recommend ZF followed by Meyle . One may argue oil is oil and this is Lifeguard 6 but that is a huge difference in price and the gearbox being one of the most complex parts of a car , the little extra for the ZF is a small price to pay for longevity and peace of mind , unless you plan to get rid of the vehicle pretty quick and save some cash .
  3. Good afternoon Goose , A pleasure to chat with you and please accept my sympathy on the costs that you incurred with gearbox woes . I had spent close on £3k due to worn out tracker and subsequent diagnostic and batteries replaced last year around March 2017 . Are you happy with the garage that did your box , and if so where about's are they . You are correct about the travel and it makes sense if they provide a better service . Garages in London charge extortionate rates and some are quite dubious and will happily rip of your wallet . Regarding the bridge seals , if they don't need doing then i won't get it done unless my lotto numbers come up in which case , it'll be a nice E60 M5 with trimmings , thank you , or an E28 M5 ! The mileage i do per year is a paltry 5500 miles and in 6.5 years of ownership , i have done around 30,000 miles ! , some of our readers probably do that in a year ! Thank you
  4. Just wondered my car has a lowish mileage but that is one helluva scary story . I hope my clutches fare well else it will be the end of my E60 ownership ! Thank you
  5. Thank you to all that have contributed . I have heard that Stephens Engineering are good but they are over an hour from my house . I did not know about bridge seals and i will ask the BMW dude when he changes the oil .
  6. Good afternoon Jason , Many thanks for replying and for the valuable advice about the cleaner flush . There are lots of sellers offering the kit with a variety of different oils on Ebay but all show 7 liters of oil . Some of the kits for the 6hp26 box are selling for approx. £200 and they appear identical to the stealer's offerings priced at double the price ! It appears that there are not many indy specialists in the Middlesex area and the issue is finding one that is recommended by the forum. Once again thank you for your advice .
  7. Hello everybody , my E60 535d post LCI , march 2009 registered saloon has covered 61000 miles and i would like to change the gearbox oil , filter and sleeve . BMW , naturally are the most expensive and claim boxes are sealed for life . I contacted Meyle but no response but ZF replied stating that oil should be changed between 60-80,000 miles and they suggested buying from ECP ! . Various emails to independent gearbox service kit suppliers and specialists also told a similar story -no such thing as ' sealed for life ' There are a number of suppliers of these kits on the web and on Ebay but i want to make sure my gearbox is 6hp26 or is it GA6hp26z , which is the model on Real OEM Parts.com site , based on the last 7 digits of the VIN . I am also advised to use only ZF lifeguard 6 oil and not other equivalent spec alternatives such as Meyle , Castrol , Vaico etc . BMW have quoted me £400,00 for the parts : the sump (plastic ) , mechatronic sleeve , 8 liters of ZF oil and screws . All of the other sites inc Ebay state 7 liters of oil . Labor charge is quoted £ 150 upwards but i wondered if anybody also knows of recommended specialists in Middlesex that could change oil without ripping my arm off . One specialist in London has quoted £ 380 inc parts , labor and VAT and only use ZF bits but i know of a BMW specialist that will charge around £120 plus parts . Could anyone enlighten me regarding the gearbox model designation for my car , registered 25th May 2009 with the correct gearbox code and trusted seller of the bits and a fitter that would remove the old oil , flush with cleaner , drive 10 minutes flush oil and then refill with new oil as in a nice video from VAICO on a 535d on YouTube channel . Thank you for any advice that you can give and i will keep you updated when i get this done . Pumi
  8. pumi63

    E61 no radio signal

    THis is great guys , so much new info and thanks to all the chaps that made these contributions . When i get the time , i will pop over to my indy and ask them to learn something from the forums and go easy on my battered wallet ! Thank you all
  9. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    Hello Tarby , Great news ! , mine was also fixed and the cause was traced to a tracker fitted by the first owner . The built-in non-replaceable battery works for 5 years and after that it begins to drain the battery . I was not told by the dealer from whom i purchased the car that there was a tracker fitted so this resulted in laborious diagnostics until they exhausted all checks and i had independently called up the previous owner and he confirmed the worse but by then my wallet was blown to smithereens so the motto is ; ask the dealer if there is a fitted tracker at the time of purchase .
  10. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    When checking fuses , i am told to wait for the car to go to sleep ! . It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the make and model . It is a time consuming job because of the sleep pattern because when it's awake most of the plethora of electronics consumer units are on and they consume current . When you sit in the car and turn of the radio and remove the keys but remain seated , you will hear sounds under the dash a minute or 2 later and again 10 minutes later when baffles , whirring , vents etc close . Check the handbook and refer to the fuse section to see what is consuming so much current , and good luck .
  11. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    Gutten evening Neindanke , I know the feeling having been robbed of cash that i had kept for service and alloy wheel refurb , mot and tracking ! The older BMWs had issues but were simpler and less electronics meant that we could do a little tinker around on a lazy Sunday afternoon . Need a Phd in electronics these days plus 1000s in diagnostics and the stealers know this too well ! Take the car to an indy with diagnostics and see what the box tells you . It could be the IBS cable which is a common fault , poor Earth connection , Blue-tooth module not switching off , tuner staying on , the CD changer staying on ... The things you learn when the car gives trouble . And another common issue is the boot lid wiring that runs through the hinge getting chaffed and exposed and resulting in potential battery discharge . If this doesn't flag up an issue then it is the long process of elimination of consumers by fuse removal and current measurement . My Mk4 Astra was the best car ever with only pads , discs and one exhaust changed in 12 years , and still going strong with new owner 17 years on . Had a W169 A 180 Mercedes and an absolute pile of s...e ! car cost 8500 with fsh and it cost approx 6000 in parts and repairs so much for the 3 star reputation !
  12. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    Hi Tarby , Sorry for not responding but i think i'm on another forum with similar issues and replied . Yeah , the car gad been with the garage almost 2 weeks now . I got a call from them yesterday to say that they had exhasuted all avenues and diagnostics , wiring diagrams etc and all consumers / wiring fine and no issues but the drain was still present and sizeable as it would at times exceed an ampere ! They hinted at the possibility of a tracker installed and asked if i knew about this . This was news to me as i had not been told by the supplying dealer that one had been fitted . I contacted the dealer , who seemed vague and bored and plugged the reg into his computer and presto -nothing ! . So , i got the previous owner details from the log and sought a phone number but ex-directory and then thought he may have a company or so and voila ! , after a more browsing of sites i got a number and called up the company . After a brief laugh , the secretary pit me through to him and he told me that one had been fitted by a company called Tracker . Having thanked him for his help and shared a story about his M5 which he had pranged and wanted to off load it with 20k miles , i hung up . Then called Tracker with his details and my woeful story , and the nice man looked up the old reg but no tracker so i asked if the guy's new vehicle and old are linked accounts , and it turned up . Happens that a digit on the VIN was wrong on his database . He told about the location and the issues with older non replaceable battery devices and how they can drain and kill batteries . Called up garage and found in minutes , disconnected . Today , got a call saying all is well and discharge issue resolved but would like to keep patient for another 24 hours to be 100% sure , so no problem . Apparently , after 5 years the battery dies , and the tracker draws on the car battery and this in turn also switches other devices on so draining the battery . This may also explain increased interference on the radio -FM and DAB say the garage . If the seller had told the dealer , and left paperwork to show tracker fitment , it would have saved hours and £££ in costs not to mention the stress and grief caused . Thank you , and i hope that this helps other who may have a tracker that is nearing the end of its useful life ?
  13. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    HI all , Called indy on Monday to be told that nothing has turned up and a very curious case indeed . I have been told that they will have something to tell me by Wednesday so either they call or i'll call them in the evening .
  14. pumi63

    Onging battery drain issues

    Good evening Tarby , The nightmare continues ! Car had been at the indy for a week now , and the IBS cable is ok , they have checked all of the fuses in the trunk and carried out a drain test on the battery but nothing yet . They are now checking the fuses under the hood , i will call them tomorrow . No water ingress issues thankfully and the flawed issue regarding trunk wiring was sorted out and is ok now . The diagnostics can sometimes pinpoint a component but this time nothing as yet so lengthy check and time consuming and potential wallet hammering time ! Thank for asking