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  1. BarryM

    Jack pads and sill condition

    I’ve got Deox gel, think I need to make sure it doesn’t dry out in this heat.
  2. BarryM

    Jack pads and sill condition

    Well decided to check the other side of the mini flap screws and not quite such good news! Trying to remove the rear wheel arch liner is a nightmare but I managed to get some movement and found more rust where the 2 screws have been rusting in the U nuts that fit on the arch liner (U nuts just crumbled as they were rusted to bits). I'd say this might be where the sill rusting starts as I have this now: Looking at the way the rust is inside the holes I'm not sure a couple of doses of something like BH Hydrate 80 is gonna reach all the rust under the surface. This is really poor and would have been so easy to avoid with any of the plastic fittings BMW use all over the car!. If you look under the rear wheel and see if the screws holding the mini flaps are rusting you're likely to have at least this to contend with. I have the same on the passenger side and one of the screws broke off as I tried to unscrew it (due to rust of course) so I def have at least the same on that side. I've got some stainless fittings to use when it goes back together!
  3. BarryM

    Breaking X5 E53 4.4 Black, Sport,

    There are 2 like this for the number plate:
  4. BarryM

    Breaking X5 E53 4.4 Black, Sport,

    Hi, how much for both number plate LEDs with the plugs and a reasonable length of wire?
  5. BarryM

    Rust e39 no hope?

    Nothing a spray can won't fix, you could tidy it up and get a good price on eBay
  6. BarryM

    Folding electric mirrors

    I had one of mine apart recently and the original gears were better then the iffy set I got off Amazon. I cleaned and greased everything and so far so good. There’s a lot of parts in these mirrors!
  7. BarryM

    BMW E39 window seals & wipers

    Hi, I'd like to order the following, will call to make payment: Description Quantity PN Cost SPRAY NOZZLE LEFT 1 61678360661 £19.73 SPRAY NOZZLE RIGHT 1 61678360662 £19.73 SUPPORT LIFTING PLATFORM 4 51717001650 £59.83 LEFT REAR DOOR SILL COVER DEFLECTOR LIP 1 51718222167 £4.90 RIGHT REAR DOOR SILL COVER DEFLECTOR LIP 1 51718222168 £4.69 Gasket ring 3 51718205199 £8.69 Front windscreen seal 1 51318159784 £24.44 Rear windscreen seal top 1 51318159785 £42.67 Rear windscreen seal bottom 1 51318159786 £23.54 Rubber buffer 3 51311925433 £2.05 Driver side windscreen arm 1 61618209880 £47.54 Passenger side windscreen arm 1 61618209879 £31.13 thanks Barry.
  8. BarryM

    BMW E39 window seals & wipers

    Hi Can I have individual prices for the following as well please: Description Quantity PN SPRAY NOZZLE LEFT 1 61678360661 SPRAY NOZZLE RIGHT 1 61678360662 SUPPORT LIFTING PLATFORM 4 51717001650 LEFT REAR DOOR SILL COVER DEFLECTOR LIP 1 51718222167 RIGHT REAR DOOR SILL COVER DEFLECTOR LIP 1 51718222168 Brake disc, ventilated 2 34116767059 Inner hex bolt 2 34211161806 PROTECTION PLATE LEFT 1 34111162569 PROTECTION PLATE RIGHT 1 34111162570 Gasket ring 3 51718205199 thanks Barry.
  9. Decided I should check my jacking points today after all the horror stories, well I'm delighted to say that both on the driver side are perfect:. Here's the rear one, just a bit of rust where the stupid little mud flap screws in so have painted BH Hydrate 80 all in & around the 2 holes. Thought I'd replace the jack pads as a couple are a bit tired but how do you get them off as that pin in the middle won't shift. TIA
  10. BarryM

    Wiper arm gaskets

    Interesting, I’m just about to order new wiper arms but hadn’t thought about anything else. Have you thought about calling Cotswold and going through it online with them?
  11. BarryM

    Dust free brake pads

    Where did you buy these Richard, have read a few reviews on M5board and although expensive they sound very impressive. Can’t really find any decent info online which is unusual.
  12. BarryM

    My old girl...

    I'm impressed even if amazighman isn't
  13. Hi, Can I have individual prices and PNs for the following please: Front windscreen seal Rear windscreen seal (2 parts?) Do I need PN 51311925433 as well? Driver side windscreen arm Passenger side windscreen arm Car's VIN is GF13151 thanks Barry.
  14. BarryM

    USB charging sockets

    I don't think USB devices generally use a lot of power but depends how many and type I guess. In the past when I was fiddling with the car all day or doing a lot of diagnosis/coding I have drained the battery so I bought one of these as a back-up : https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B015MSVESG/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's a fantastic little device and easily fires the V8 up instantly so I'm always comfortable a flat battery won't be a problem but as it also has 2 USB ports you could use it as a battery pack and it lasts forever (even on standby).
  15. BarryM

    E39 Headlamp Projector Alternatives

    Nice find Derek, I have the facelift factory xenons and whilst they’re good enough I fancy a set of bi-xenons and the EvoX-R have been the only plug ‘n play option but that link looks very interesting