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  1. BarryM

    Intravee yes or no in today's market

    The intravee does more than just play your iPod/iphone music, take a look at the extras such as light control. I still use mine every time I’m in the car. The new options seem variable in quality but some people are very happy with them so you need to research and decide what suits you.
  2. John @ Bespoke Leather has done at least one example and has it on his website, saw it last week and it looked excellent.
  3. I’m after the heated elements from the windscreen washer nozzles if they work, obviously happy to take the whole nozzle thing but condition not important as long as the heater elements can be removed ( just in case there’s more than one type) thanks
  4. BarryM

    LED Angel Eyes random flashing

    The checks do happen whilst driving
  5. BarryM

    Alpina RDC parts

    Sorry, I think you should have my address at PO11 9AG on record and that's the one
  6. BarryM

    Alpina RDC parts

    Hi, paid via PayPal
  7. BarryM

    Alpina RDC parts

    Hi, Can I order the following please: 1 x locating ball RDC Sensor PN 9147 3610062 1 x screw M5x25 micro encapsulated PN. 9147 3610063 These are Alpina parts thanks Barry.
  8. BarryM

    E39 fittings & RDC module

    Ordered over the phone
  9. I have read similar issues fitting the cowl on the M5 board. On a related note I ordered new wiper arms as my old ones were rusting at the hinge and the passenger side one that Cotswold sent was pretty poor quality from the casting process (it took nearly 2 months to arrive as they were 'manufacturing' a new batch)..........I sent it back and Cotswold got another one in that was worse and when they queried it with BMW head office they were basically told that the E39 is a 20 year old car and the customer should be happy he got a part! I don't think getting new E39 parts is gonna get any easier from here on in
  10. BarryM

    E39 fittings & RDC module

    HI, Can I have costs for the following parts please (individual prices please): Description Quantity PN Cap, wiper arm, left 1 61618161491 Expanding rivet 6 51161881149 Expanding rivet 4 51118108145 Expanding rivet 4 51498166702 Expanding rivet 4 51718229000 Expanding rivet 4 51718229003 Wheel electronics module, RDC 433MHZ 1 36146872887 The parts are for my Alpina B10 chassis GF13151, although the RDC module part number is from the Alpina parts booklet. thnaks Barry.
  11. BarryM

    Saloon rear quarter window removal

    Run a search for GER”s M5 project thread as he fitted double glazing as well as the rear quarter windows
  12. BarryM

    BMW E39 window seals & wipers

    Hi, After hearing from you and explaining that this is the best BMW can offer on an old car I guess I'll take it back as most of those casting mistakes will be hidden. thanks Barry.
  13. BarryM

    Factory Xenons to LED

    Take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpXZGGcMjp4&t=15s
  14. BarryM

    32” tv

    Thanks for all the replies chaps, maybe I should have qualified why I’m buying a 32” tv. This is going in our spare bedroom as a backup for when me and the wife can’t agree on Corrie or footie! I figured a 40/42” was overkill so just want something half decent so with no stand out option I’ll do a bit more research.