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  1. davievtec

    My new e39

    Allright folks, As promised i am back exactly 4 years from purchasing my 520i pre face lift, i now have a 02 525tds in silver, it is rough around the edges but seems to be mechanically sound apart from a drop link is making some noise, and i need the batteries replaced for the keys, I will upload a quick pic of it just now, got it as a swap for a transit van i paid well under budget for so isnt too bad Any idea value on these wheels as im looking for rondells for it Cheers Here she is.
  2. davievtec

    Heres my toy

    So folks after exactly 4 years i am finally back, after selling my e39 and getting a golf a subaru a transit van and another daily volvo, i have now got myself another e39 this time it is a 2002 facelift 525tds, it has 180k on the clock and engine replaced about 30k ago, picked it up at a bargain of a price and drive straight and true and power delivery is phenominal, i will get pics up very soon, it has the usual full leather, sport steering wheel staggered alloys angel eyes and facelift tails too, its currently going to get a full exhaust system and remap this month Cheers
  3. davievtec

    Heres my toy

    Allright guys as I promised since the last time I was on I had my 5 series then the head gasket went so sold it as spares and repairs and then bought myself a golf gti turbo ... however I said I was gonna show you the pics heres some of my golf and of my new car let me know what you think cheers The golf I had was immaculate and had amazing paint was in such good condition for being 15 years old, however that is also my old car and here is some of my new one She is currently running 280bhp with some little modifications, new turbo and injectors with a light map just waiting on funds for my blitz nur spec exhaust 3" from the turbo back and new turbo again and a front mount and a forged stroker bottom end aswell for her and I should see around 450-500 bhp with the correct map on her I know its not a bmw but as a motor enthusiast I thought you might appreciate these cars cheers Davievtec
  4. davievtec

    Head gasket or new car ?

    Little update ... Went and seen that blue bmw 5 series never bought it too many things that need done which wasnt in the add he wasnt very honest so not gonna bother with that one il havto keep my eyes out for a better one
  5. davievtec

    Bedding in new brakes.

    I just generally take it easy mate no hard accelerating and braking ect thats just wht ive been told tbh
  6. davievtec

    Heres my toy

    Ahh unfortunatley the silver e39 has been sold as the head gasket was going on it so im looking into a dark blue e39 525 tds i'll get some pics up of it
  7. davievtec

    Head gasket or new car ?

    Aye bud a blue one lowered with grey alloys an tited windows
  8. davievtec

    Head gasket or new car ?

    A friend pf mine is offering 300 for the car so i might go and buy the 525 tds today cheers for the help im not sure what lump is in my car
  9. davievtec

    Head gasket or new car ?

    Yeah ive been told not to do the gasket as its more hastle its better to just change the engine and if i do that im gonna go from a 2.0 to something bigger but i have seen a 525tds for sale a pre facelift like my own so if anyone wants my car if it isthe head gasket i will sell the car to someone thats willing to do work what you reckon ?
  10. davievtec

    Head gasket or new car ?

    Allright folks ive got a feeling my head gasket is going ... No milky oil or leaking coolant but shes running rough and also white smoke and smell of burning from the exhaust i dont know if its because i dont have petrol in my car at the moment ... Should i fix it and how much is a headgasket to get done on a bmw or should i just buy a new car ? Thanks Davievtec
  11. davievtec

    Heres my toy

    A quick snap of me and a friends e60 from this forum
  12. davievtec

    Audi, Bmw & Imprezza All In One Lol

    Haha this guy has some imagination! 3 cars in1 guys a nutter lol
  13. davievtec

    E39 530 Sport on going. (update 17/07/13)

    Ahh looks very nice im looking at these disks aswell will be interesting to see how she turns out good work so far mate
  14. davievtec

    Will these work ?

    ahh how would that work with non electric seats ? would i just run a feed and control module of some sort to get the electric seats facility ? cheers and are the rear lights plug and play with my car like can i just plug them in and they will work ? thanks if so il mail you soon
  15. davievtec

    Will these work ?

    Ahh ok the leather seats are theyfor sale and how much for front and rears ?