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  1. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    5 and a half years and put 39k on it. Now at 185k. Most reliable car I've ever owned apart from the usual wear n tear...tyres, battery, sus' components and that's it.
  2. Washer jets

    Big Jim it might be your pipe connections under the bonnet sound absorbing have come adrift on the T junctions. They are renowned for going and reducing pressure on the nozzles and ultimately washing the engine.
  3. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Got an auto gearbox oil and filter change at Sheffield Gearboxes. Great bloke and no bullshit. It has smoothed things out a little but will see in the morning if it fully remedies the cold drive loss.
  4. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    There were some great used classics there abight having premium prices. There was an awesome 840 there that I was drooling over with low miles. Great buy.
  5. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    I went to a indie with mine for a diagnostic check and he was telling me the n57 in the x5 535d 2008 has crank problems as the increased power allied to a crank that has 1997 background is a weak spot.
  6. E39 restoration project.

    Great purchase sir.
  7. BMW E39 heater blower power draw

    Take one of the air ducts off under the bonnet and reach your arm in and try to turn the fan round testing for free spinning. The bushes on the motor dry up and partially seize causing high current draw naff ing the hedgehog up and eventually failing. I oiled my motor in situ with the aid of an endoscope and is now free as a bird and still running the oem hegehog. Good luck.
  8. NEC Classic Show -Fabulous 528i E28

    There was an e39 523 se for sale in there with 43k bog standard trim but immaculate for £6395. What......
  9. E39 Touring Rear Poly Bushes ? Any Feedback?

    I did the front tie arm bushes in poly and the road noise is very pronounced. Great turn in feel though.
  10. Favourite feature?

    The balance of new tech and comfort allied to an ability to be repaired by the home mechanic.
  11. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Removed the Traffic master and cd changer as both are like a chocolate teapot. I have a tracker fitted that i dont use with small aux gel 12v battery and I think it might also be causing some batt drain so will remove the lot tomorrow.
  12. Car crawling...

    What rpm's do you have at tick over in neutral?
  13. EIS Heater Motor

    I oiled the bushes on the motor in situ (as they started to squeal somewhat )through the air inlet ducts under the bonnet using some wd-40 with an extension pipe strapped to my cheap ebay endoscope and sprayed em whilst watching where it went as in not all over the communtator n things. It's been great since. You have to do both sides of the motor though.
  14. Project binky episode 16 now out.

    There is some talent in those guys. Have watched all other episodes up to now. Will be a rapid little kart when done.
  15. Headlight internal adjuster

    Damn fine job there sir. Will have a go later thank you.