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  1. bigrigbri

    Lucky escape I guess

    Wow a bit of drifting maybe?
  2. bigrigbri

    Auto box too keen to change gear?

    Yes I did, with no dash lights and the gearbox guys cancelled all errors and all's good.
  3. bigrigbri

    Auto box too keen to change gear?

    Things can go awry when the front abs rings/sensors have intermittent problems as the gearbox takes its speed from these.
  4. bigrigbri

    Question Time £5.19 for a pint

    Went out with G friend to Mansfield in Notts and in one pub they did a few lagers within a happy hours or so for 2 for £4. Needless to say we were both wasted that night.
  5. bigrigbri

    MStyle Gallery

    Nice to have you guys aboard. Will there be any new products in the pipeline.
  6. bigrigbri

    Refurb kit for seats

    Hi there I have an E39 530d sport which needs some recolouring on the front light grey seats. I believe that the petrol version has a slightly different tone of grey to the diesel. Would a kit be available to do the front seats. If so what would be the price? Thanks
  7. bigrigbri

    End of an era...

    It's gone to a good new owner now Pritesh. Glad you were involved with the E39 love story like ourselfs.
  8. bigrigbri

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Always loved the E34 in all its guises. Would love a 525ix.
  9. bigrigbri

    E39 2003 525dat - servotronic problems

    Some great fabrication work there sir. Smoke n poke.
  10. bigrigbri

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    My first Beemer that started the ball rolling and away from the likes of Ford n Vauxhall. A low owner E34 530i V8. You couldn't hear the engine at low to medium revs and with 218bhp would go when given some revs as it was inheritly a short stroke engine. When I sold it and it drove away I nearly sobbed.
  11. bigrigbri

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I got one on ebay for cheap as my new lazer in the mkiv wouldn't recognise a aftermarket disc. Bluey haze disc=Copy Silver disc= Genuine
  12. bigrigbri

    webasto without battery drainage?

    I say get an extra person in the car and drive in shifts of say 5 hrs. It would help as a witness for the throat slashing as well.
  13. bigrigbri

    Soldering Iron advice

    A good gas powered soldering iron is the way forward. As long as you can get spares your great. Smaller ones usually have an equivalent wattage rating adjustable from 20-60 watts. You will never look back.
  14. The new models when new or low mileage will still be a nice car but just wait till they are at the bargain end of old n used where the e39 is now and I bet the twin turbo engines and interiors are at transit van levels. A local indie near me was telling me of engine failures on twin turbo diesels where crankshafts cracking and snap.
  15. I guess the dealers think that if you can afford the car they can shaft you for the servicing. Go to an Indie and request oem parts.