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  1. Ford Escort

    Mine was an auto and bought it when I was 19.
  2. Ford Escort

    Had the same joystick in the mkii Granada 2.8i Ghia x. Radically for the time, the mk3 escorts had the front speakers in the kick panels which ain't as bad as it sounds.
  3. Goblin Works Garage, thoughts?

    Oh yeah its now my favorite show for some reason.
  4. Goblin Works Garage, thoughts?

    Nice to see a woman in the mix. Shame she's always in overall though. Also nice to see bikes getting some love.
  5. Should I give up on it? 530D giving me problems

    I thought new injectors needed coding in? I have the same situation whereby a full throttle burst up to ridiculous speeds causes a injector fault up on the dash so somethings on its way out. (OK when driven normally). My 185k auto gearbox won't last for ever. This is the time where spending a little money in the right places tends to pay dividends. It's just a matter of how much and where. Lol.
  6. Aircon in winter

    Thanks for the finer points on that as I was sort of shown a few times by my refrigeration working late father many moons ago.
  7. Aircon in winter

    The higher the difference between the liquid and the gas lines will determine how hard the pump has to work. As the temp in the car drops the return pressure alters and the expansion valve limits the flow of gas n shit though the compressor.
  8. Aircon in winter

    The alternator at full chat on a say 3 litre 150amp jobbie could take as much as 5-6hp to drive also.
  9. BMW E39 Manual seats

    Disconnect the battery first though.
  10. Aircon in winter

    A compressor like the ones fitted to the e39 are fairly high BTU output units and would take at least 3-5hp to drive when working hard. My 10p worth.
  11. Poss gearbox failure

  12. Poss gearbox failure

    They did a great job but it hasn't changed the character of the gearbox woes. It still takes its time to engage drive when cold. It has however quietened a slight whine and an annoying squeak that could only be heard from outside the car when in drive stationary. I purchased a used box from flea bay with TC and have taken it round to them to overall at their leisure. An exchange can take place when I am ready and should be a quick swop. Yes I would recommend them to anybody.
  13. Poss gearbox failure

    Sheffield Gearbox did mine a couple of months ago for 150 all in.
  14. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    5 and a half years and put 39k on it. Now at 185k. Most reliable car I've ever owned apart from the usual wear n tear...tyres, battery, sus' components and that's it.
  15. Washer jets

    Big Jim it might be your pipe connections under the bonnet sound absorbing have come adrift on the T junctions. They are renowned for going and reducing pressure on the nozzles and ultimately washing the engine.