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  1. Car crawling...

    What rpm's do you have at tick over in neutral?
  2. EIS Heater Motor

    I oiled the bushes on the motor in situ (as they started to squeal somewhat )through the air inlet ducts under the bonnet using some wd-40 with an extension pipe strapped to my cheap ebay endoscope and sprayed em whilst watching where it went as in not all over the communtator n things. It's been great since. You have to do both sides of the motor though.
  3. Project binky episode 16 now out.

    There is some talent in those guys. Have watched all other episodes up to now. Will be a rapid little kart when done.
  4. Headlight internal adjuster

    Damn fine job there sir. Will have a go later thank you.
  5. Headlight internal adjuster

    Thanks for that guys. Guess you can't say which way around they should be for the UK? Will it show it in the handbook?
  6. Headlight internal adjuster

    On my 03 530d I have just finished doing the plastic adjusters and am now finding it hard to align the lights properly. On the top of the lights unit there is an inspection cover that opon removal reveals a lever. This lever has what purpose and which position should it be in on each light for normal use? Flicking it left to right does alter something on the beam but not sure. Thanks.
  7. Xtrons headunits - talk to me bout them

    If your lucky it might last a year with nothing going wrong or maybe more. The sound quality is well under par compared to the mainstream offers from pioneer n such.
  8. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Did the dreaded plastic adjusters in the lights today. Nearside side went fine but the drivers side had the adjuster plastic bolt head things spin on the shaft oh f@#k. Took the plastic heads off and welded a couple of nuts on each rod. Much stronger.
  9. New Addition to the Family

    Life insurance?
  10. Best film ever?

    Airplane movies with Leslie Nelson and the Naked gun series always get me. Ben hur has to be the all time epic abight a little dated now but entertaining throughout.
  11. Best film ever?

    Uncle buck is a classic. Anything with Nicole Kidman in won't make any of my lists as her acting is pants.
  12. Best film ever?

    Top comedy of all time has got to be Blazing saddles. Top thriller/action has to be Deliverance. Top sci-fi has to be Independence day but has slipped recently down my list due to viewing frequency. Top family film Toy story series or Madagascar series. Lmao big time.
  13. E39 facelift headlight adjuster

    Just got my left n right adjusters off eBay. Came next day. Brilliant. Not looking forward to swearing and getting them thrown across the room. Please write up how you get on.
  14. E39 Handbrake lever

    Thank you will consider the new option.
  15. E39 Handbrake lever

    Hello I'm after a 1163158 for my E39. Handbrake lever. WJ03XOV Does this come with leather handle and gator or do they come off somehow to reveal a bare bones unit.