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  1. Don't post here much these days

    Lol Fred! They are good cars. Not a driver's car like my M5 was (now sold) but the E55 mullers it in straight line speed. Right chaps, so long and thanks for all the fish!!!
  2. Don't post here much these days

    Lol. M5 is making way.
  3. Hey guys, I don't post here much these days, membership has lapsed (need to renew), that's mainly because I fell out with my M5. To that end, I now own a Mercedes Benz E55 AMG, so will be moving the M5 on soon. Cheers.
  4. E39 M5 Market Activity

    Yep he is.
  5. cannot access any intravee menus

    Ok, the menu is now working again.
  6. cannot access any intravee menus

    Radio and tape.
  7. cannot access any intravee menus

    I no longer appear to have any intravee menus. When I cycle through to the CD changer it would normally say no disc and then I would be able to access the Intravee, but I no longer get this. Any ideas?
  8. Random cut out

    Another odd issue with the car. Coming to a stop and it cut out and started again itself. It's like the ignition cut as my doors unlocked. Could this be a faulty ignition switch?
  9. siren under bonnet

    Sorry, I didn't see that bit. Cheers.
  10. siren under bonnet

    Damn. Cheers, I will have to get it in the air to remove. Which side of the car is it on please? Thanks.
  11. siren under bonnet

    Hmmmmm. Not a bad shout. It should be disabled. Can I get at it from the top to unplug it?
  12. siren under bonnet

    Can you think of any reason why a siren sound can be heard at random times from the front of the car when I am driving it?
  13. siren under bonnet

    Are there any siren / sounders under the bonnet on the E39?
  14. E39 M5 kills E92 M3 - Rolling start @ 55mph

    369 - 295 was 74 last time I was at school. Has maths changed since then? Lol
  15. E39 M5 kills E92 M3 - Rolling start @ 55mph

    S62 has 369ftlbs of torque. I'd expect an m3 to pull away on all the evidence I have seen.