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  1. Lol. M5 is making way.
  2. Hey guys, I don't post here much these days, membership has lapsed (need to renew), that's mainly because I fell out with my M5. To that end, I now own a Mercedes Benz E55 AMG, so will be moving the M5 on soon. Cheers.
  3. Yep he is.
  4. Ok, the menu is now working again.
  5. Radio and tape.
  6. I no longer appear to have any intravee menus. When I cycle through to the CD changer it would normally say no disc and then I would be able to access the Intravee, but I no longer get this. Any ideas?
  7. Another odd issue with the car. Coming to a stop and it cut out and started again itself. It's like the ignition cut as my doors unlocked. Could this be a faulty ignition switch?
  8. Sorry, I didn't see that bit. Cheers.
  9. Damn. Cheers, I will have to get it in the air to remove. Which side of the car is it on please? Thanks.
  10. Hmmmmm. Not a bad shout. It should be disabled. Can I get at it from the top to unplug it?
  11. Can you think of any reason why a siren sound can be heard at random times from the front of the car when I am driving it?
  12. Are there any siren / sounders under the bonnet on the E39?
  13. 369 - 295 was 74 last time I was at school. Has maths changed since then? Lol
  14. S62 has 369ftlbs of torque. I'd expect an m3 to pull away on all the evidence I have seen.
  15. Just down the road from me this.