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  1. Just down the road from me this.
  2. Bargain cheap car!!! Glwts, looks a good one!
  3. One thing to keep in mind is what the standard ecu does. Does it control other systems like climate control etc? I know some other makes of car do this. I am intrigued about the flat foot shifting and pseudo launch control though. Tell me more
  4. Sorry to learn of this. I trust you were not injured? When did that happen? What are you replacing it with?
  5. Not yet, the car is laid up now pending a decision to keep it or not, though it's oil usage has improved of late.
  6. Are you not going for bigger discs?
  7. I havent spoken to him for ages.
  8. What would you like to know? The engine still uses oil, but it's now laid up while I fully decide what to do. I am currently erring towards keeping it and having the engine rebuilt. The other option is a 335i and tuning it
  9. Ive known him for years, he's had some nice cars go through there.
  10. Paul at North Yorkshire RS Spares then?
  11. Looks nice Simon, e36's are very appealing these days and you are very unlikely to lose anything on it.
  12. I love cosworths. Ive had two, a 2wd and a 4x4. Should never have sold my 2wd. This one however is way too expensive for a car you will have to build the engine for.
  13. Ah, must be the case!
  14. Hmm, none of the UK cars had the Illuminated ///M.
  15. Body work, exhaust, performance increases How did you get the ///M lit up on your speedo?