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  1. Liam79

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Joy of joys...
  2. Liam79

    Rust above bumper

    Ah fair enough hope you can tidy it up. I've had my rear bumper on and off a bunch of times for tow bar fitting and parking sensor replacement and never noticed its position changing, but I'm probably not looking as critically as you!
  3. Liam79

    Rust above bumper

    That's just how the bungs are, isn't it? They have a lip that sits proud of the body. I don't see how you would not see them when you look in that gap. A bit hard for me to judge from the pics - maybe your gap between bumper and body is a little excessive now, but it's always there. Again hard to tell, but the gap looked similar in your pre-job pics. E39 isn't like a modern car where the bumper is kinda integral with the bodywork - it's an old school separate bulgy bumper. If you could adjust it up so the bumper touches the bodywork I think you'd just get trapped water and the two painted surfaces rubbing.
  4. Liam79

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    Wow that old stuff looks shot!!! When I did my rear end I couldn't really see visually the damage to the old parts, but it still transformed the car - the rear end going from a bit vague and unpredictable to totally planted! Yours is gonna be absolutely night and day - will be well worth the effort!
  5. Liam79

    What Are These Protrusions?

    Interesting. Wonder if this is also why (according to the parts catalogue) Japan cars have a different right hand corner boot trim without the storage bin? Even more boot width!
  6. Liam79

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    The Meyle stuff is good ive used it and no problems years later. The HD vs non-HD - it's just some items are HD (the main arms and arb links) and some are not. You don't have to worry about should I get HD or not
  7. Liam79

    What Are These Protrusions?

    Huh that's weird. I've seen the odd nav drive position before, but didnt know about the modules. Any idea why? Is there something in the way in the usual spot for all the modules and drives?
  8. Liam79

    BMW E39 saloon boot mat

    If you want tailored fit, be aware there are a few different boot floor shapes depending on if you have nav or not. Some companies offering aftermarket boot liner mats are offering different options to suit.
  9. Liam79

    Caliper running against front disc...

    Strange and intriguing! Never heard of this before with correct parts even if worn. Sounds like incorrect parts or something damaged/bent to me. Interested to see pics. I guess when you rebuilt the caliper you already checked the pins and they looked ok? Strange one.
  10. Liam79

    Removing E39 Front Seat - What's this?

    Nice upgrade! Look mint those sport seats! Just need a sport steering wheel to go with now. Ah and I see your door seal rubber looks lke mine did too.
  11. Liam79

    Removing E39 Front Seat - What's this?

    That's kinda what happened to me first time I took a seat out. Electric comfort seats are so effin heavy, so when it was half out the door and I was wondering why the f it wasn't coming out I ran out of strength tugging and wiggling it and nearly dropped it. Scratched the door jamb paint nicely with the runner!!! Never gonna forget it again though.
  12. Liam79

    Removing E39 Front Seat - What's this?

    Well Dan coulda worded it clearer, or I coulda pointed you in the direction of my heated seat retrofit writeup which has detailed pics of said cable clip! Our bad. At least you didn't yank it out the car like I did first time.
  13. Liam79

    Removing E39 Front Seat - What's this?

    That's what d_a_n1979 was referring to in your 'how to remove the front sea't thread when he said unclip the seatbelt adjusting mech! Certainly took me by surprise the first time I removed E39 seats. Tugged that cable for a good while looking around till I saw what it does! Satisfying piece of E39 over-engineering.
  14. Liam79

    Rust above bumper

    And squirt waxoyl in that cavity afterwards.