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  1. Opinions Please ‘aesthetics only’

    M5 mirrors is a big yes for me! I want some M5 reps on mine when I get it resprayed. Much nicer than the clunky E39 truck mirrors! Front lip - the most common ones about are (replicas of) the Hamann style front lip. Positiv on here has one for example... I'm not the world's biggest fan of those personally - the rounded upturned lip kinda reminds me of a dinner tray or something. Just something not quite right. Easy to get hold of and cheap though. My favorite type is the Strassentech style as Dennis on here has... Mmmmmm. Not easy or cheap to get one though! You'll never find an original Exotics Tuning one (unless you find and kill Dennis). US company DTM Fiber Werkz does quality replicas but expensive to get one over here. Some company in Turkey offered them also, but still expensive and when I looked into it years ago they had a dubious reputation on some forums, so I didn't bother. Seem to still be going so maybe an option now, I'm not sure.
  2. Best and Worst thing about an E39

    Best thing... The options list!! Wow so much cool stuff you can have - so many flavours of seats, double glazing, DOUBLE GLAZING, leather everywhere, two types of sunroof. And don't get me started on the Individual program! Almost no two cars the same! So many fun retrofit projects to do! Worst thing... The options list!! Impossible to find a car with exactly what you want, so much basic stuff not standard, way too many cool retrofit projects to do sending you down a rabbit hole from which you never emerge, resulting in a pile of rare parts in your garage that you don't have time to fit cos you just had a baby!
  3. Re-sealing headlights after sanding/polishing?

    I never managed to buff mine up as good as new, even with a machine polisher. Too far gone. So I cheated and just bought new lenses!
  4. E39 door card plastic rivet weld

    Oooh interesting I like a nice leather dying thread. Caramel is obviously the best colour, but cinnamon is nice too When my door cards were restored by Bespoke Leathering (forum sponsor), he left them in one piece, but it was no colour change. For a colour change I think it'll be best to dismantle the door cards like you suggest. I have experience with a few of those plastic welded rivets - not the same ones, but there are a few to deal with retrofitting side blinds when you have to swap over some clips. I just glued the clips back on and all fine. But the idea in the write-up above of flattening down the face and using screws with wide flange-heads or washers seems a good idea too, and can be removed again in the future if necessary, e.g. dye touch up if needed. Just make sure the screws are not so long they poke out the leather! I've seen a few guys here who've obviously removed and reinstalled these panels - e.g. mixing and matching parts to make a two-tone interior. I think Piper on here did it if I recall - maybe he could tell you how he did it if you PM him?
  5. Rock solid front seats

    Time for electric heated comfort seats! Where abouts are you? Must be possible to find someone nearby with comforts so you could try them out. Or even sport seats - some find those more comfortable.
  6. It could be the piston seals or it could be the solenoids. Seals is massively more likely though - in fact it's pretty much a given on this engine that they will fail! So if you're doing the rocker cover gaskets anyway, you're already doing half the work and it's a no brainer to delve in a little further and replace the seals. Just takes a seal kit from online, I used this one... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-Twin-Double-Dual-VANOS-seals-repair-upgrade-kit-M52TU-M54-M56-Viton-PTFE-/150803109377? ...and a few extra parts from BMW, BMMiniparts or somewhere, and a bit more time added to the job. If you can do the work required to replace the rocker cover gaskets, you can do the work of rebuilding the vanos unit. Very detailed guide here (which also covers the rocker gaskets)... http://www.beisansystems.com/procedures/vanos_procedure.htm It goes a bit OCD on optional replacement parts, imho, but you should definitely get, in addition to the seal kit, the metal vanos housing gasket, oil banjo metal washers and the two little vanos piston bolts - LH threaded so easy to damage if you didn't know your torque wrench doesn't click in reverse but assumed it would! Then when you are absolutely sure the vanos unit is fully sorted, if you still get vanos symptoms like lack of power, hesitation etc under 3000ish rpm and/or fault codes, you can consider the solenoids or camshaft sensors. Most likely rebuilding the vanos unit sorts it though.
  7. Xenon Retrofit and new MOT rules debate..

    So basically same as before except now there is a specific fail for xenon bulbs bodged into reflectors? Still don’t actually need washers or leveling. Well that’s surprisingly common sense and has no effect on us E39ers - we’re free to continue retrofitting either by replacing the whole units for OEM xenons or just fitting xenon bulbs in the halogen projectors. Good good.
  8. Lear Amps

    Lear is one of the OEM suppliers of the Hi-Fi/Top Hi-Fi (DSP) amps to BMW, along with Phillips, Loewe, and another I cant remember. My DSP amp is a Lear. It is not interchangeable with the BM54, which is essentially the radio, it is an extra component - separate 'power amp' in the optional higher spec audio systems. So you could have... Basic audio system which has BM54 radio (or earlier BM24) and speakers are connected directly to the radio using its own built in a bit crappy amplification, or Hi-Fi system in which the same radio connects to a separate amplifier which drives more and slightly better speakers with a bit more power, or Top Hi-Fi (aka DSP) in which the radio connects to a more fancy amplifier with an EQ and advanced (for the 90s!) DSP effects like being in a 'church' or 'hall', and that has more power than the Hi-Fi amp and drives again slightly better quality speakers and even a sub under the parcel shelf. You could retrofit Hi-Fi or DSP into a car without it but it's quite a job requiring amp, all speakers, loads of wiring, coding, etc etc, and the parts are harder and harder to find and getting pricey, but it has been done by guys on here, and you get to stay OEM. Piper is the expert I believe! But aftermarket components is probably an easier and cheaper way to get an audio upgrade if you don't mind being non-OEM. If you just have a dodgy BM54 and want to fix it, best just replace like for like with a working/rebuilt one. Check first if you really have a BM54 or 24 - most will have 24 as change date is 2002 if I recall.
  9. E39 Seat Transplant Question

    I've never had a non double glazed E39 so I cant comment on the difference it makes. I do find the car very quiet on the road and find the climate control takes effect quickly compared to my old Omega, which could be thanks to the double glazing. I doubt it can make a huuuge difference to be honest. I mainly wanted it just because it's a rare option!
  10. 530i ROAD NOISE ?

    Dennis I've spoken to ATD as well and they seem pretty switched on so far. Apparently they commissioned a company in Germany to help them figure out the DSP integration and be able to offer the 'DSP retention module' on their site. That puts them above any other supplier of 'cheap Chinese' head units that I've seen so far and up there with Dynavin and their 'expensive but still Chinese with no support unless you're in the US' head units as the only two companies who have figured out a solution for aftermarket head units on DSP equipped cars. I'm rather tempted to grab their DSP module and try out one of their head units being less than half the price of a Dynavin. If the head unit turns out to be a lemon and I get no support, at least I now have standard RCA inputs to my DSP system that I can connect to a quality brand radio. I'd just have to put up with standard double DIN and an ugly adaptor bezel rather than OEM look.
  11. E39 Seat Transplant Question

    If you compromise on sunroof and split folding rears then that's probably very findable. Those options are rocking horse poo, especially on a 6-cyl, so you'll need to be damn patient if they are a must. They are the two options I miss most on mine actually, coming from my previous car, a Vauxhall Omega Elite which had both those. I console myself by noting that I don't miss water leaking, which apparently is a standard feature of the E39 sunroof, and the non-folding rear seats are nicer - the folding ones are kinda thin and flat. You can cut the ski hatch hole (or might find it optioned and installed) for accommodating long pieces of wood, etc. Or even skis. You'll probably also only find an SE with chromeline, but swapping out with shadowline is an easy retrofit.
  12. E39 Seat Transplant Question

    What you mean??!! Electric seats are fun! You are right though - car is almost certainly not wired up for electric seats or heating. Easy enough to tell - do you have two fat wires going to pins 13 and 14 of the plugs under the seat (the two pins on one side of the plug)? If you do you got power - good! Most likely you have just a few thin wires in some pins near the middle which are for the seatbelt buckle switch and seatbelt pretensioner. By the way don't pull this plug out for a closer look with the ignition on or you'll put your airbag light on. Not a problem if you have the cable and software for reading and clearing codes (which you should get!!). If you want to wire up leccy seats check Raymond's thread in the useful threads sticky for how to do it 'properly'. You could do it more quick and ghetto - just hijacking power from somewhere else nearby - cig lighter circuit perhaps, and forgetting about memory - depends how much you care. One thing to note though, which you'll gather if you read Raymond's guide - if you do do it ghetto without the unloader relay you'll have a constant drain on the battery from the driver seat memory module which will never go to sleep. For heating see my guide in the same sticky. Even more wiring for you to do! Again you could do it quicker and simpler and avoid fitting a replacement switch centre with heated seat buttons, and all the associated wiring if you want - just switch 12V to the heat elements hijacked from a circuit good for 10A per seat with a switch mounted on the seat or anywhere else you fancy. They will heat up. You will just lack the control of the proper system which regulates to a set temperature using feedback from a sensor in the seat by switching on and off automatically when the temp is reached. If you just use a simple switch they'll continue to get hotter until they burn your bum and you remember to turn it off yourself. Since the car isn't a keeper and you're looking for cheap and easy, I'd not reckon it's worth even the effort of bodging it ghetto style to be honest - even that will mean stripping half the interior and carpet out and doing a bunch of wiring. Save your money and effort for when you get the car you want and then do it properly! By the way, what's wrong with Topaz blue (right?)??!! Awesome colour!!
  13. BMW E39 528i with S-EDC & Double Glazing

    Awesome car - crazy options!! Wonder if it was a dealership demonstrator or something? Not long after I bought my impressively optioned 530 I saw a facelift 540 for sale even more optioned than my 530 or this 528. Had S-EDC too, that did. Also sunroof, active seats... the list went on and on. Will be interesting to see if the EDC can be brought back to life. If you're lucky it's nothing more than a faulty acceleration sensor! What happens when you press the button - no green LED? That means there is a fault and the system has turned itself off. Need to get yourself set up with a cable and INPA to read the fault codes and see what's up. WDS has all the diagrams and useful technical description of the system too, which will help troubleshoot... https://www.pss-autosoft.net/diagrams/bmw/index.htm Needs internet explorer and java working, or alternatively there's an Android app... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dcsoftware.eu.bmwwdsviewer.free Oh and lucky you having servotronic steering, just like me! Hope you don't have a leaking rack anytime soon!
  14. How to guides and useful information

    Wiring diagrams that should work on modern browsers. OK only on IE or Safari which still support Java... https://www.pss-autosoft.net/diagrams/bmw/index.htm Apparently if you buy their DVD even the component hot links work as they have recoded everything!! Also some awesome dude put them on an Android app removing all dependence on Java... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dcsoftware.eu.bmwwdsviewer.free
  15. Right lads...get your tips out!!!

    When you said postbox I was thinking something really flat like a slot, which would probably look poo. But that ebay link thing looks OK to me. I think it'd look good on that SE bumper since the cutout is pretty small compared to on a sport bumper. Do whatever makes you happy! Someone needs to get photoshopping to see how it'll look. I also like to be different from the norm. What I really want exhaust wise is a single exit both sides simply cos I've never seen it before! It's always, always quads whether it's a real M5 or a lookalike - so boring! And each side would have a slightly oval or even slightly trapeziumy shape to fit the cutouts well. Looks great in my head.