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  1. Thanks buddy I wish I could get back into it!!! New house still taking all my time and now a little one on the way too!! Still driving round with the passenger seat still the original beige comfort seat and the rear seats still beige too! Once this damn bathroom is finished I'm gonna insist I get the front passenger seat done and get the active seat parts in both front seats. I mean a pregnant lady neeeeds active seats, right?? She can't possibly disagree
  2. Oooh thanks! Hmmm... looks LHD from the pic and ref part numbers but worth contacting them! Cheers
  3. All wheels buckled??!! Ouch! Could it be they are dodgy quality M5 replicas (hard to be sure from that one pic but looks like they are reps) and you are perhaps better off replacing them than having them repaired? Or are Scotland's roads really that bad?
  4. Thanks for that! That reminds me I did get a local quote here in Norway for about the same for the part (but they want to do the work too, and I would prefer to do it myself). So it seems if you can find somewhere with stock it might be 'only' £7-800, else Bosch need to make one for around 2 grand!! It's probably just a damn o-ring or cylinder seal, lol! Siiiiiiigh...
  5. Awesome - this goes from strength to strength!! Damn wish I had time to get back into mine!!! What are the 'new relasered' buttons? You mean you can get new buttons made with some custom symbol??? How did you use presumably the old SEDC button to control a different function - does it output a K/I/P-bus signal or does it just output a pulse/grounding on separate pins like a normal button you can easily hijack and send to a relay or whatever?
  6. The larger hose is indeed item 3 on the diagram as DerekJr. suggested. Hose from intake boot to the black plastic jet pump. I replaced it recently. For me it was the jet pump itself broken so I bought the whole assembly (item 1, part no. 11617545382) which came with everything - see pic... I'm not sure if you can get that hose separately, but it's just a straight piece of hose so you could just take it to your local motor factor and match it up with a suitable piece of vacuum rated hose off a reel. Although the assembly provides you with the plastic manifold that plugs into the big intake boot which might be useful - mine had gone brittle with age and I broke it during my job so was glad to have a new one! The smaller hose is the manifold pressure reference signal that goes to the fuel pressure regulator. It's part of assembly item 10 on this diagram... Specifically it's item 13 that goes from the intake boot to the hard piping clamped to the chassis. Again it's just some standard vacuum hose and even if you bought that from BMW it'll be a longer length you cut yourself, so again just as good to go to your local motor factor and match it up. Again make sure it's vacuum rated hose.
  7. Urrgh this is painful!! Most places just not getting back to me - including Bosch's recommended suppliers (Bosch now owns ZF steering, the OEM)!! The few places that have bothered looking into it - it's coming back need to be specially manufactured for about 2 grand, lol!! Jesus it's the damn same rack with a little servo valve in it! At this point I'm thinking getting a standard rack. If I can swap out the seals on the new rack to fix my servo rack, all good. If not, just abandon servotronic and fit the standard rack. I guess 'normal' steering is obviously good enough for most people! Never realized this was rocking horse poo. Hmmm I should be happy - I like rare options... Anyone know if I'll get annoying errors unless I code out servotronic properly?
  8. Wow are those BMW standard wheels with even the 'correct' 265 tyre looking so stretched, or wider aftermarket replicas? Anyway, M5 uses 275 but, correct me if I'm wrong, has a different wheel arch liner to make them fit without rubbing. Any wider and you could be rubbing. Imho, none of the setups shown here look too chav or performance compromising. Maybe Matty's 255s on 10.5J pushing it a little and better off being at least 265, but Bamboo's 265s on 10J look quite cool to me. This is a chav looking, performance compromising stretch, just so we get things in perspective!
  9. Hmm that refurbed one you linked is E60 - is it the same part? Didn't think to check that... Grrr it seems servotronic is rocking horse poo on an E39!! Annoying thing is I'm sure it's 99.9% the same rack as standard with that stupid little servotronic solenoid thingy sticking out. Wonder if I can just get a normal rack and swap over the servotronic bit?
  10. Update... Yes this really is where I wish I didn't have the servotronic option!!! No luck so far (unless I wanna pay BMW about 2 grand - ha ha ha). So, nobody else ever replaced a servotronic rack? Had no idea it was a rare option when I bought the car - doh.
  11. Yup that's what I plan to do. Mine are unbakable but I believe you can now buy new lenses separately so you can cut off the old ones if you can't bake, dig out the debris and clean up, fit your bi-xenons then the new lenses.
  12. Yep that is correct. I imported my car to Norway and assumed I'd get by with the lever. Flipped it over at the inspection with a confident 'oh no problem give me two seconds' and the inspector just said 'hmmm well that's done something, but it's still wrong sorry!'. It's just like Clavurion says - the lever just shutters off the high part of the beam that is supposed to light up the edge of the road to stop you dazzling oncoming cars when on the wrong side. Doesn't give you the high part on the other side. I just picked up an LHD set from and sold my RHDs in uk. Thing to be aware of is clear indicators was an option over there. Took me some patience to find a good clear set and cost a bit more than what I got for my old lights but not a big deal. No issue if you don't mind orange indicators. To be honest that is a damn good price for new ones above. At least at the time I did mine it was already half that for used ones, then you have the adjusters condition lottery, will they or won't they bake open if you need to fix sa8d adjusters, and how much life left in the ballasts. I'd probably get new ones if doing 8t again and if I had known about that price for new ones.
  13. Thanks gonna give them a call. From what I'm seeing so far price-wise this is where I wish I didn't have the servotronic option!
  14. Yep M54s are generally outlasting the cars they are in. You almost never hear of catastrophic failures unless as a result of a badly maintained cooling system. Keep the cooling system in good shape, secondary to that the various peripheral systems like vanos, disa, CCV etc etc, and they'll go on forever. Mine uses much less oil after CCV and disa servicing, but still uses a bit. Seems it is quite common that they do and nothing to worry about.
  15. Other than the M5 seats mentioned there are a few other options available but all a bit rare so would require some patience and searching. The most common alternative padding design is, I believe (but not 100% sure), associated with an option called something like 'extra padding'. Looks like this... More common on E38s (meaning you wouldn't get suitable door cards and matching rear seats) than E39s. Do come up from time to time though, and can be cheap as don't carry M tax, especially when the seller has no idea they are something rare. Most likely gonna be on electric comfort seats though, so a bit of wiring for you to do if your current seats are manual, but well documented here. A few other Individual options but even rarer... Also any of the cloth options will not have the centre seam, including the alcantara sport seats... A bit hard to find those without badly worn (all the way through normally!) drivers outside bolster though.