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  1. Seat wiring help required

    Oh it’s not the full yellow seat plug - just a 2 pin? Hard to see. Not sure then. You ideally need to look in WDS and figure it out.
  2. Seat wiring help required

    Looks like someone has fitted the newer yellow plug in parallel with the older black plug so they could fit some seats with newer plug but still fit older plug seats if they wanted to.
  3. Two tone parcel shelf

    Looks good. How well does it now match the pillar trims and headliner?
  4. I couldn't squash the springs enough with my pair of cheap compressors so I picked up another pair to take another bite, so had 4 on in total.
  5. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Woo hoo!! After an aborted attempt a while back I have finally fixed headlight adjusters on unbakeable lights with the 'keyhole surgery' method! Well chuffed as I didn't think I'd have the patience and dexterity, especially with my big thick fingers. It was pretty easy in the end to be honest. Previous attempt was aborted when I discovered it was not only my adjusters broken, but also the mounting boss on the reflector assembly where the adjusters attach to was broken off - doh! Took a chance on an ebay headlight listed as broken for 'only' 60 euros (which is better than 200 for one listed as ok used but the adjusters are probably still broken anyway) and was able to fix it. This will get me through eu control (MOT) but I also ordered new front covers and in the near future I'll cut open and rebuild mine with bi-xenons and the new covers.
  6. My Audi A8 ownership thread

    Audi A8 is a barge I could get into! Got any fancy options, like double glazing, special rear seat features, etc?
  7. Sensible Mods

    Hello and welcome! I think the general consensus is that nothing 'reasonably sensible' is gonna get you any noticeable power gain on petrol E39s. You therefore live with your slow but smooth 520, or simply get a 525, 530... instead. Unless your 520 is some kind of minter, family heirloom, awesome rare colour, rare options, etc and you really can't consider swapping it, it's just not worth trying to make it faster when there are faster factory models easily available. And they probably come with the other stuff too - bigger brakes, leather, lower - depending on the model.
  8. Aero blades

    Oh right so are the days of people considering crazy stuff like cutting and welding on E60 wiper arms just to get modern looking aero blades now over?? (or long over and I just missed it! :)) Cool
  9. Brake Shake?

    My experience is brake discs were also the root cause of my braking shimmy. Was pretty bad when I bought the car and after a complete front suspension overhaul - every arm and link - it was much reduced but still there. It was only after replacing the discs, and the old ones didn't seem bad at all, that the shimmy completely disappeared. Worn suspension was just exacerbating the shimmy caused by the discs. But I still think it's possible for worn suspension to be the root cause - i.e. I think somebody else could have shimmy with perfect brand new brake discs if the suspension is worn. The only thing I'm 100% sure of is everything has to be perfect on these cars' front ends to be sure to avoid the dreaded shimmy!!
  10. Active seats

    Ah right - does makes sense. Just seems it's out of their comfort zone a bit. Let them finish and fit the active yourself! Yeah like you say from the pic in the write-up looks like they'll go on size-wise. I think might just need some minor shaving of the foam to nestle them in cleanly then contact adhesive them on or something. Yep like stretch says sport and contour is the exact same base. Active only an option on comfort seats so you'll need to tweak the bladders assembly to fit in the sport base springs just like the guy did. Looks a lot easier than trying to get the comfort base springs in the sport base. My ebay kit of active bits did come with springs, but they'll be going in the bin :).
  11. Active seats

    I would just do it yourself to be honest. Taking the upholstery off the frame is a piece off piss - it's just metal hooks/tabs on the frame that go through holes in the leather. Just bend the hooks with pliers and pull the leather off. Take some pics at any complicated bits like corners where two pieces of leather might overlap and share the same hook. Easy. Might be some pics in my heated seat retrofit thread. I've got the parts too and gonna do (whenever I get some time on the car project - still a while with baby coming lol). I'll do the same as the guy in the write up linked above although I intend to fit the boards to get the full effect. I'll just tweak the plastic tray to fit the contour seat base springs same as the guy. No point trying to fit the comfort seat base springs to the contour seat - don't think that will work and won't make a difference.
  12. Don't you just hate it when...

    Ouch!! Gotta say - that sucks more! Feel for ya!
  13. That moment when you drop down the DSP sub... Remove rear seats, centre headrest mount and c-pillar trims so you can get the parcel shelf out... Then you realise oh, the centre brake light bulb actually comes out that little flap in the boot! A 5 SECOND JOB YOU STUPID MUPPET!!! And I was sooo close to avoiding wasting all that time too - after dropping the sub earlier I remembered from last time I took the parcel shelf out - yeah it's those three big bolts to undo the blind - don't need to touch those two little ones in the middle, they're just something to do with that little plastic box with... something in it. YEAH WITH THE BRAKE LIGHT BULB IN IT MUPPET! Anyone else done anything that stupid to make me feel better?
  14. Rear seat upgrades

    Er not yet afraid!!! Still a pile of bits in my garage. And to make my projects even slower we have a little girl arriving soon! I'll get her into retrofitting asap though!
  15. 2003 E39 Stretched Tyres?

    Lol!! Oops! Kwikfit? Ah well it'll oversteer nicely now!