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  1. F11 Engine oil filter & microfilters

    Holy Moly! Just so I understand correctly - that's £86 for a paper type oil filter element and two paper type microfilters? I can only dream about your profit margins.....
  2. F11 Engine oil filter & microfilters

  3. Would you give me a price for these please. 520D F11. 62 plate. Thanks.
  4. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Now that I've proved to myself that I can run a Windows app on my iMac with Virtual Box I have admitted defeat and ordered DIS.
  5. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Hi Dave I have done some checking and I don't think Carly can do what I need. Anybody with DIS please? - I am prepared to travel and I'm not expecting it to be done for free. I'd buy the DIS myself but I don't possess a Windows laptop, and don't have any easy access to one....
  6. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Hi Dave I'm not expecting to get help gratis, is happy to pay costs (and for beer tokens). I need to access the 'dpf replaced' (or whatever it's called) parameter and change it.
  7. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Would be fab if it can
  8. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Thanks Phil. I've ordered a new lambda sensor, exhaust back pressure sensor and a glow plug so that I can hopefully rectify the fault codes. Parts are coming from a German supplier - NOT ECP! My priority now is to find someone who can do exactly what you did - tell the car it has a new DPF in the DIS. I want to sell the car as soon as possible (not for this reason!). I've actually owned it from new and just want to get it up together, MoT and then sell.
  9. DIS help please

    Is there anyone on here that has DIS and in a 'sort of' Gloucestershire location? I need someone that would be willing to use DIS on my car to tell it that it has a new DPF fitted. I'm convinced that there is no fault with the DPF itself and am about to sell the car. Want to get it ready with a fresh MoT cert as soon as I can. Many thanks!
  10. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Does anyone have DIS that is local to me (GL516QY) that would be willing to change the DPF parameter as per Phil Adams post above? My thinking is to replace the O2 sensor, glow plug and exhaust pressure sensor.
  11. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Thanks Phil. Remembered that Had a C110 reader. Coolant temp is peaking at 85deg C so, whilst a tad low, it's still well within the DPF trigger range. Have the following error codes: A0B3 Starter motor terminal 50 452A Info particulate filter 4D4A Particulate filter 447B Oxygen sensor 4A6E Glow plug cyl 1 480A DPF 4D03 Exhaust back pressure sensor.
  12. DPF Warning - need a specialist in Gloucestershire

    Have just found this thread on here:
  13. Happy New Year Everyone! 520d E60, March 2009, 188k miles. First off I do not believe there is anything wrong with the DPF - the performance, economy, general running of the car is great. My wife has an F11 and I'd actually say the E60 feels better than that to drive. I have had a DPF warning come up on the dashboard - basically says there 'might' be a problem. This pops up after approx. 10mins of driving irrespective of engine temp - i.e. it will appear approx. 10 mins after driving off with a stone cold engine or 10 mins with a fully hot engine. I managed to read the fault codes - there were 2 but stupidly didn't retain my notes. Searched on the net and it seems as though my car has exceeded an arbitrary parameter (mileage) in the software which flags the warning. Now if I visit my dealer I'm sure I would be in for a lengthy 'investigation' at my expense. Two questions please: - Has anyone else on here experienced this warning? - Can anyone recommend a Gloucestershire BMW specialist (or close to Gloucestershire) that can reset the warning - which I believe is possible. Many thanks.
  14. N47 Antifreeze

    Thanks Phil. Actually just got back from buying some at the Cheltenham branch - needed to go out that way!
  15. N47 Antifreeze

    Hello. I'm after 2 x 1.5litres of antifreeze. I would like to collect from Cheltenham branch. Many thanks.