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    e39 530i sport
  1. Rob_e39s

    Help needed e39 3.0i Sport

    Thanks for the confirmation. Ok looked to fix the wires today, no chance, need a new sensor. Do I go dealer have you guys used other suppliers that you can recommend? Thanks again
  2. Rob_e39s

    Help needed e39 3.0i Sport

    I have now scanned the errors and I have 1 error 61 lambda 2nd cat, I have checked it and the wires are all cut up, like something has chewed through. Would this cause issues with throttle response? Thanks again Rob
  3. Rob_e39s

    Help needed e39 3.0i Sport

    Hi, thanks for the replies, I will get the codes read Asap. I will let you know what I find. Thanks again Rob
  4. Rob_e39s

    Help needed e39 3.0i Sport

    I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. I have a manual 2001 530i sport which I love, but I'm really not enjoying driving it. The car starts on the button every time. But some times I do get a missfire on rare occasions, when this happens its immediatly after startup and can either clear after a few seconds or worst case the EML light comes on. A simple ingnition off and restart always clears this. The previous description is not the problem but I'm thinking it's important info. The main issue is it's virtually impossible to drive the car smoothly. It seems to pull away ok, but as you accelerate, the car will sometimes surge as if I have stabbed my foot on the throttle. This only happens in 1st,2nd or 3rd and between 1000 and 2000 rpm. The higher the gear the less obvious.maybe this is a flat spot up to the 2000 rpm mark. I have read all sorts of possibilities. Initially I thought MAF as when accelerating when I change gear and let off the throttle, the revs increase, only slightly 300 - 700. But when I disconnected the MAF the car was exactly the same. I would be really grateful if you could give me some advice on what to look for or test to get to the bottom of this. Oh and one more thing, the car seems to be down on power intermittently. Thanks for reading
  5. Rob_e39s

    Help rear spring advice needed

    Thanks to all, loads of great info!!! I have looked at lowereing springs, but i dont want put lower springs on the same shocks, read its doesnt give great results. Spoke to the dealer (Cotswold BMW) they are £168 inc VAT so not to bad. Thanks again guys for your help Rob
  6. Hi, My 2002 530i sport has just failed its MOT with an incomplete rear OS spring. I have looked on Euro Car Parts and they list Sachs rears, but they seem to be a generic spring for all 530i's obviously i need the same springs as i alread have, sports, with the correct ride hight etc. I have also read that the dealer can determin what springs are fitted to your car via the vin number, is this right? Or has anyone used the sachs ones for euro car parts? Any advice would be great. Also anyone replaced their springs, what kind of job is it ? Thanks Rob
  7. Rob_e39s

    Hello from me!

    LOL!! Yeah might have dangled a carrot ehh!! Want to keep her pretty standard really. Happy with the overall package, but cant lie, have been thinking M5(maybe dreaming M5). But im converted to BMW now, was always a VW fan, still love em and have a few, but the e39 is a wicked car and makes me smile every time i drive it.
  8. Rob_e39s

    Hello from me!

    Cheers RumRunner, It is a great forum, had some good advice already from Jimmy. I will definitly be at some meets, i was hoping there would be one local to me, but it looks like the ACE cafe is the nearest i can see. No plans as such, just want her looking her best, few little bits and peices to do nothing major, but getting to know what can be done might give me some inspiration!!!
  9. Rob_e39s

    Newbie wanting help

    Thanks Scisco and Jimmy, PM'd Jimmy now, i did look through the members, obvously not well enough!! LOL Thanks for your help Rob
  10. Rob_e39s

    Hello from me!

    Thanks fella, Yeah didnt think i would find one, had reclined myself to an auto, but this came up in Norfolk!
  11. Rob_e39s

    Newbie wanting help

    Hi, I know this will be an old topic to you guys, but i just want some advice on what the best code reader/reset tool is. I saw in an old post that Jimmy is the man to speak to, but there are a few Jimmy's in the members list LOL So any info would be much appreciated. Cheers, Rob
  12. Rob_e39s

    Hello from me!

    Hi all, Im Rob, and now live nr Guildford, but am from Sunderland. Im new to BMW's, well had mine nearly a year now, but always had VW's in the past and still got 2, MK1 GTI and a MK2 GTI. Anyway since they came out i have always loved e39 sports, and after a lot of searching i bought one, a Cosmos black 530i sport Manual, and i love it!!! lemon leather and parallels (not sure Lemon describes it to well, looks cream to me ) been meaning to join a forum for ages, but work and kids just suck up my time, so whist i have an hour free i though i would join up. Hope to chat to some of you soon. Cheers, Rob