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  1. I can imagine they are hard to come buy and a fair few quid... I will keep an eye on the German site as you mentioned, doubt I will find a set at a sensible price but you never know !!
  2. Long shot, but worth a go... Can anyone help? Seats and door cards pref cloth with the Alpina pattern. Like the ones below Thanks, Simon
  3. great work Keith, keep it up !!
  4. E34

    Thanks Tom, please dont put put yourself out mate - If your there anyway then that would be great !! I owe you one for sure, Simon
  5. E34

    Alpina cloth would be amazing, obviously hard to come by and I would imagine bloody expensive... I will keep a look out, but won't hold my breath !!
  6. E34

    Thanks, I will PM him at some point... Spoke to the guy who had the engine rebuilt today, he verified everything and said all genuine Alpina parts were used, and ordered from Germany, so im really happy about that, Pistons were changed as well apparently, so effectively I have a little piece of mind that although it's high mileage the engine has only done 40k my 993 is in need of a few bits first, once that is done then the fun begins with the Alpina !! One question, where the floor wells are written out, the side that's been welded is full of water (drivers front) Is this something to do with the sunroof drains? (Just what I have read)
  7. E34

    Looking at the photo below, would you say the white wiring plug below where the seat would be is for electric seats? The leather in mine is manual, hence why I ask
  8. E34

    I've messaged the gent I bought it from to see if he still has the original but no replay as yet... If someone has the exact trim and wants a swap with my leather sport interior then let me know...
  9. E34

    Thanks Tom, appreciate you taking the time to look into that for me mate. So I need some cloth flock then?? probably the same as the interior in my old one...
  10. E34

    Thanks guys, Inhabe been in contact with Alpina and they are looking into their archives so will send me anything they have once available. Engine no is 40690021 Chassis no WBAHD22040BF54100 (Both taken from logbook) If the specification can be pulled up off of this that would be great ! Simon
  11. E34

    I uploaded an advert onto ebay yesterday, and the enquiries I have had has been unbelievable. I'm sure there are the normal timewasters, but I have also spoken to some real genuine enthusiasts. Anyway, I was asked for some information on the history, which to be fair I had not look at really, I knew there was a 2" pile of paperwork, but just assumed it was old insurance documents, and general rubbish you get when buying these old cars. To my suprise there are stacks and stacks of bills, totalling I would guess over £20k ! - It had an engine rebuild around year 2000 and has since only done about 40-50k miles. It has also had loads of other works. So... With such a good history file, I have decided to keep it. I don't have the space at my house so I will just store it at my mothers house for now. Initial plan, obtain the MOT and then go from there ! I want to get it back to factory standard, so the leather interior will be going. Can someone advise what it should have had originally - Would it have been sport cloth?? - Anyone have one for sale?? Simon
  12. E34

  13. Hi Simon,

    I will keep your alpina in mind, I may have enough energy to take it on, particularly as you have done some of hard graft, know the car and its a genuine/not molested example.

    I just need to get the two M5 past the finishing line over next few weeks.



    1. s1mon



      No problem Keith, I would love it to go to you... I know it would be in good hands !


      feel free to message me anytime if you want any information,


      All the best,



  14. E34

    Thanks, it will go I'm sure, it's cheap enough for a project - and how often do you see them up for sale? There's no rush, in fact I may be best off putting an MOT on it and advertising it on Pistonheads- It should return a good price on there. We will see...
  15. E34

    Hi mate, the 993 is just so nice, it was found advertised in a local paper to me and only 15 miles from where I live, a garage had it on SOR - When I saw it advertised I thought it was just too good to be true, high mileage, but loads of history and a c2 manual... After viewing I knew I had to have it. The price it was up for was very fair but I put in a silly offer and let's just say we agreed on a price which was near my offer then theirs... I made it very easy for them with doing a transfer there and then and driving it away, no hassle at all. Ive taken it down to my local Porsche specialist today and he was shocked at how good it was. The plan is to have a major service carried out, sort a few niggles, fit another exhaust, and just enjoy In time I may modify it but I will get as much inspiration as I can to make sure it turns out being my perfect 993. Alpina is lovely also, but just lack of space and wanting to concentrate on the Porsche means it is not worth keeping, I would rather know someone else is enjoying it instead of it just being stuck in a garage that I would have to end up renting, Simon