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  1. The dog has eaten both rear seat belts!

    I have to say that the in built dog guard in the BMW tourings are not a patch on the proper metal frame jobbies found on Volvo
  2. Error free rear indicator bulbs

    Osram Diadem https://www.osram.com/am/ecat/DIADEM CHROME-Signal lamps-Motorcycles-Automotive Lighting/com/en/GPS01_1057142/PP_EUROPE_Europe_eCat/ZMP_1033236/
  3. Just had an email from Audison saying they have a new BMW/Mini System configuration wizard featuring their new OE fitment speakers. More info here http://www.audison.eu/spc-brands/ I'd be interested how they compare with the Focal OE fitment.
  4. DPF removed and new MOT checks May 2018

    I've heard rumour they will plug into the OBD and get live reads, but quite how feasible that is, given the many different vehicles out there I don't know.
  5. Window Wipers

    Oh, never thought of that - great idea! Will try that asap
  6. Window Wipers

    So, I ordered a set of the bosch aerotwin wipers and fitted them, but alas my problem of part of the swept area being missed still exists it seems as if the spring hinge on the wiper arm has become bent or otherwise is not exerting enough downward pressure on the blade to ensure 100% contact along the length of the blade. I've got a part number of 61617198597 (Item 1 on the diagram) but can only find second hand ones on ebay. Does anybody know if the spring can be fixed? I don't really want to remove the arm assembly and then find out it can't be.
  7. Fitting the Space Saver Spare

    My E61 was supplied ex factory with the space saver wheel and fits perfectly within the tray, so I'd suggest the top part of the tray is different
  8. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide

    I've been advised this will not work with the CIC unit - There was a CIC variant with DAB build in if ordered from factory and as such, you cannot retrofit the DAB tuner from the earlier models.
  9. Custom exhaust

    Longlife in Surrey. They made one for my E39 530d and was pleased with the results.
  10. Window Wipers

    I've noticed these last few days that my passenger side wiper blade has lifted clear of the glass at about mid point along the blade, almost as if the wiper arm is not exerting enough pressure to keep the blade in contact with the glass and hence is missing an area of screen. I've tried pushing/bending the blade but to no avail. I'm wondering if the arm itself has moved out of alignment somehow, but any ideas appreciated before I buy a new pair of blades...
  11. Glow Plug Controller Fitting

    What are your running temps?
  12. The old thermostat questions (again)

    I'll mention this to my chap!
  13. DPF Burn off?

    I noticed today what I think was the DPF burning off - really nasty looking smoke belching out, although typically this happened in slow moving traffic. Is this normal? Exhaust was fine this AM, did this burn off at lunchtime and has been fine since. Oil level is normal although my main stat is broken!
  14. The old thermostat questions (again)

    Typically, my stat has decided to pack up - Ave temp was 70c peaking at 75c in traffic. Gonna replace both the water pump and stat though, as I appear to be on the original water pump at just under 200K miles!
  15. 2007 E60 523i (LCI) Xenon

    The adaptive bulbs turn with the steering to allow you to see further into the corner (apparently).
  16. Rear SL air suspension problems

    Miessler Automotive seem to be the best - https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/air-suspension-shop-eu?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2754
  17. Rear SL air suspension problems

    The driving funny would be because you in effect had no rear springs, so it's was banging around. Unlikely to have cause any damage although it might have worn your rear tires out a bit faster
  18. Rear SL air suspension problems

    Compressor has worn out and is timing out before it reaches the correct level. I had this. Time for a new compressor.
  19. OBC hidden menu won't stay unlocked

    Nope, it does reset when you remove the ignition
  20. Bad vibration at 60mph

    Front lower control arms - common problem. Replace both with OEM lemforder
  21. Micro Vs Pollen Vs Cabin Filter

    Yup, all the same thing. Nothing in the glove box.
  22. DIY Guides required

    Job's already done, sorry
  23. DIY Guides required

    Hi, my google fu isn't working well at the moment for some unknown reason. I'm looking for guides on stripping down the tailgate trim, replacing the rear high level brake light and re-wiring the tailgate looms also removing the front bumper so I can replace the fog lights and kidney grills. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  24. Blower motor replacement?

    Make sure you have a decent set of trim removal tools, and a warm covered location in which to work in.
  25. Blower motor replacement?

    Mine seized - Took half a day to strip down and replace the motor.