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  1. Dotcom1970

    4501 egr deviation

    did you leave the swirl flap actuator on the manifold itself in place?
  2. Dotcom1970

    Newbie questions

    lower front control arms will likely be the cause of the 60mph shimmy. as for fuel eco, although you have replaced the main stat, you can bet that the gearbox heat exchanger is fooked as well, leading to overcooling. There is a thread on this forum about how to solve that,
  3. Dotcom1970

    E60 bootlid strut.

    That's the bonnet not the boot!
  4. Dotcom1970

    E60 bootlid strut.

    or one from China? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Right-Trunk-Shock-with-Spring-51247141490-Direct-Fit-for-BMW-5-Series-E60/312173993348
  5. Dotcom1970

    E60 bootlid strut.

  6. Dotcom1970

    E60 bootlid strut.

    kinda surprised that you can't get a stabilus branded one, as they make them for the E61 tailgate and floor
  7. Dotcom1970

    E60 gearbox slipping

    There are some rubber components in there that should always be replaced during an oil change though
  8. Dotcom1970

    Tapping noise or thumping 530d

    ...Saturday night, I feel the air is getting hotLike you babyI'll make you mine, you know I'll take you to the topI'll drive you crazy...
  9. So things I have checked/replaced: Exhaust Manifold Exhaust Flexi All head bolts torqued correctly Intercooler Pipes attached correctly CCV replaced Basically, there are no fumes from the engine end, so the culprit must be at the rear, but where? I know there are two flaps either side to allow the boot to shut properly. Only be able to check one, which appears ok, but without removing the battery and/or whole rear bumper can't get to the other. The tailgate edge rubbers all look intact (as do those on the front and rear doors) I'm wondering if at some point the car has had a bash at the rear end, as the drivers side rear bumper edge does look as if it's been resprayed and doesn't quite fit flush. I'm thinking the only real way to check is to get the rear bumper removed and have a proper look at the bodywork underneath and ensure all the sealing plugs etc are intact. Anything else I might have missed?
  10. Dotcom1970

    Continuing saga of fumes in the cabin

    Yes, the whole pipe was removed and reattached due to an oil leak where the lower hose connects to the hard pipe.
  11. Dotcom1970

    Chrome Window Exterior Trim Rejuvenation?

    I'm getting mine dechromed shortly
  12. Dotcom1970

    Continuing saga of fumes in the cabin

    Replaced both the manifold and removed the cat and fitted a bypass.
  13. Dotcom1970

    Continuing saga of fumes in the cabin

    Those have all been checked and double checked
  14. Dotcom1970


    or replace it with something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-e90-e91-e60-e61-325d-330d-525d-530d-M57N2-Exhaust-Downpipe/263718137699
  15. Dotcom1970

    Split intercooler pipe

    Cracked Oil Filter housing? Leaking Gasket therein?
  16. Dotcom1970

    Split intercooler pipe

    Leak from the intercooler? A certain amount of oil will always be present in the IC, but if you have lots I'd get your turbo seals checked!
  17. Dotcom1970

    Option 761- SPG

    Same interior as mine
  18. Dotcom1970

    Split intercooler pipe

    Yup, I replaced mine with proper silicone hoses and mikalor clamps
  19. Dotcom1970

    Option 761- SPG

    I have a reflective foil front windscreen barrier that I use all the time during the summer. Had mine tinted today using 3M film with 18% visibility. Mine now looks like this...
  20. Dotcom1970

    Oil pressure warning

    wiring fault? Seem to recall that the cables can get damaged leading to faults
  21. Dotcom1970

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Got a link to the unit you purchased?
  22. Dotcom1970

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    18% tint is the most popular according to the place I had it done, so I went for that. The 5% limo was too much lol
  23. Dotcom1970

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Had my windows tints applied and replaced the side indicators with smoked ones. Next up dechrome and painting the brake callipers
  24. Dotcom1970

    Replacing vacuum lines - 530d

    Wanna sell a few metres?