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  1. Milk Top Dust Cover.

  2. Milk Top Dust Cover.

  3. Milk Top Dust Cover.

    Pull the udder one...
  4. Lost a inlet manifold washer

    Seems that depstech one is just an oem brand, as there are much cheaper chinese versions available
  5. Changed stat - now no hot air.

    Think that's probably the best way
  6. Fiscon Bluetooth for sale

    just spotted this on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173284051276?ul_noapp=true £400 new so a bit of a bargain if you're looking for the OEM integration
  7. Changed stat - now no hot air.

    This is for the N52 engine, it may work on the diesels... Fill coolant expansion tank up to lower edge of filler neck with recommended coolant. Close cap on expansion tank. Do not open the coolant expansion tank cap during the venting procedure.1. Connect battery charger.2. Switch on ignition, do not start.3. Set heater to maximum temperature, activate "Automatic" button, then reduce fan to lowest setting.4. Press accelerator pedal for 10 seconds to floor. Engine must not be started5. The venting procedure is started when the accelerator pedal is pressed and takes approximately 12 minutes.6. Then top up fill level in coolant expansion tank with 250 ml (or about 18mm) above max. (only when venting (bleeding))7. Check cooling system for leaks.8. If the venting procedure has to be carried out several times, allow DME to drop completely (ignition key removed for approximately 3 minutes), then repeat from step 3.
  8. Changed stat - now no hot air.

    Does the automatic bleeding procedure work the same on the diesels as the petrols?
  9. Changed stat - now no hot air.

    Does sound like he hasn't bled the engine properly.
  10. E60 wind deflectors

    Heko fitted here, absolutely no issues whatsoever
  11. Remote coding of cars

    Is there anybody here that can offer remote (as in distance) coding of cars via teamviewer or similar? I would be happy to give them access to my service laptop so they can confirm all the BMW software is installed and working correctly before I let them onto the car itself. I just want to perform a complete software update and also see if I can generate a FSC code to update my Nav maps. I think I have the complete suite of software including INPA, ISTA-P, ISTA-D, WKF, TOOL32, RHEINGOLD etc with the latest daten files along with both a D+K CAN lead, and a ICOM Ethernet style lead, but I don't have an ICOM. Alternatively, is there someone local to Chichester/Portsmouth/Southampton that I could visit and surrender some beer tokens
  12. E60 window screen trim

    they should pull up and the fasteners should stay on the vehicle. however, when you replace them, remove the clips from the car, fit them to the trims and then reinstall.
  13. Remote coding of cars

    I have the ethernet to obd cable which is described as an ICOM cable, just not the hardware interface gizmos
  14. Remote coding of cars

    Not sure spending the 200-300 quid on the complete ICOM hardware is worth it really, hence why I'd prefer to find someone to do it for me.
  15. OBD2 Port Draining Battery

    Hmmm, I've ordered stuff from China before well over the £15 limit and not yet had a customs surcharge, so I'll probably risk it once I've done some more important stuff to my car
  16. OBD2 Port Draining Battery

  17. OBD2 Port Draining Battery

    ^^ This
  18. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide for CCC

    Fortunately, I asked around before I purchased the unit!
  19. OEM DAB Retro-Fit Guide for CCC

    Shame the OEM dab tuner doesn't work if you have retrofitted a CIC without Dab
  20. Retrofit E90 LCI LED numberplate lights

    Does anybody know if the G30/1/Mini LED Door Puddle lights are a direct fit into the E6x? They look like they are the same shape and size...
  21. Auto Tailgate WIll Not Open

    Low fluid pressure? Worn Compressor? Worn Strut?
  22. E60/E61 LCI Active Adjustable Headrest Retrofit

    Hmmmm https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ultimate-office-chair-BMW-7-series-Cream-Leather-seat-with-working-electrics/112940644500?hash=item1a4bc97894:g:1ywAAOSw9DJa00Gy
  23. Tail Pipe change 520D

    Looking at RealOEM, all the mounting parts are identical. Did you buy the complete back box, or just the tail pipes?
  24. Tail Pipe change 520D

    Presumably if you get all the correct mounting/vibration parts, it's a cut n weld jobbie
  25. Holy Moly!