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  1. The manifolds tend to crack as they are made from steel rather than cast iron. Being a 535d, it's a different one to my 530d...
  2. Exhaust manifold
  3. Get the new plates drilled to fit into the vibration pads
  4. You can certainly buy unbranded chinese stuff, but I'd worry about the overall quality. I know there were Boeing Aircraft parts in circulation that proved to be fake, but I'm pretty sure if buy for a reputable source, you're be ok...
  5. ZF Lifeguard is the recommended oil, that said I'm sure the Meyle equi would be just as good (*NB Not a auto trans specialist*) It's also worth getting the upgraded metal transmission pan These are complete kits
  6. eBay
  7. B&O were crap anyways
  8. Nah, get the Bowers & Wilkins System
  9. BMW OE could be made many different companies though, inc Meyle, Febi etc etc. I looked up the part numbers, and the LEMFÖRDER webcat states they are no longer available/manufactured by themselves.
  10. Anybody heard of Ruville? Seem reasonably cheap. Seems genuine LEMFÖRDER mounts are no longer available, although Meyle, SWAG and others are.
  11. Looking at REALOEM for the transmission mounts, is it Item #03 that needs replacing?
  12. Common problem the lurch, I have it also. Apparently there is a software update that will cure the problem, but certainly get the oil and filter changed. Also look to get the uprated metal transmission pan fitted.
  13. Well, it matches your gold status on the forum if nothing else
  14. MANN Filters are also excellent quality
  15. it's a sign that the dilithium crystals canna take it captain...