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  1. Active brake air flap control The active brake air flap control improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle. A reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved in this way. Depending on the engine variant and optional extra, the brake air flap control system is fitted in the vehicle. Brief description of components The system consists of: • 2 brake air flaps with 2 Hall sensors • Vacuum supply with 2 partial vacuum tubes • Switchover valve The two brake air flaps are fitted in the vehicle bumper. The switchover valve is attached to the left-hand spring strut dome. The brake air flaps are activated by partial vacuum. The vacuum pump on the engine generates this partial vacuum. The partial vacuum is applied to a partial-vacuum canister on the housing of the brake air flap. Index Explanation Index Explanation 1 Bumper 2 Brake air flap, right 3 Brake air flap, left A Hall sensor is fitted to each of the two brake air flaps. The Hall sensors determine the position of the brake air flaps (open or closed). Index Explanation Index Explanation 1 Brake air flap 2 Hall-effect sensor 3 Vacuum connection 4 Partial-vacuum canister System functions The switchover valve is activated by Dynamic Stability Control (DSC). Index Explanation Index Explanation 1 Switchover valve 2 From the vacuum pump 3 Brake air flap, right 4 Hall sensor, right 5 Power supply, terminal 30g 6 DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) 3 Hall sensor, left 4 Brake air flap, left Activation of the brake air flaps optimizes the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle. Depending on engine operation, 2 states result for the brake air flaps: Engine OFF Brake air flaps open Engine ON Brake air flaps close after few seconds In order to prevent brake discs from overheating, the brake air flaps are opened with a brake-disc temperature of 250 ° C. If there is a fault, it may not be possible to open the brake air flaps. The engine output is then reduced to provide overheating protection for the brake discs. Notes for Service Department Warning! Perform all work with the engine switched off. Work shall be carried out on the brake air flaps (in particular the flaps for stiff movement) with the engine switched off. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury. No liability can be accepted for printing or other errors. Subject to changes of a technical nature ANNEXES GR_FB3407001.png (6.76 KiB) 807 views GR_FB3407002.png (23.64 KiB) 807 views GR_FB3407003.png (31.04 KiB) 807 views
  2. Mashed Potatoes Is A ECU Map Guru

    Think I'll get @Mashed Potatoes to look at my chips then....(Pun intended )
  3. Engine Mounts? These are vacuum operated, so if you do already have an issue with the pump, this will excabate engine movement and noise
  4. Service indicator not counting down

    Uses a Condition Based Service system, so it doesn't count down in the usual way
  5. Windscreen Washer Issue

    Had a look on RealOEM and there are two pumps and two filters - Can buy the lot for £36, so will replace them all.
  6. Windscreen Washer Issue

    Should be able to get to it from beneath...
  7. Windscreen Washer Issue

    I think it's the water pressure from what I can make out, which suggests a blockage somewhere
  8. Windscreen Washer Issue

    Yes, I'm aware of that, but they don't work at all when the lights are switched on. Had someone operate them for me whilst I watched. We tried at least 5 times to operate washers and nothing. They used to work every third time.
  9. Windscreen Washer Issue

    Nope, don't rise up
  10. Windscreen Washer Issue

    My headlight washers seem to have stopped working although the front and rear wipers/washers work correctly. No obvious leaks at the front, but something is stopping the flow. Any ideas?
  11. Your Thoughts On ECU Map Repository

    well, I'd be interested in the 530d stage 1 egr delete
  12. Common Oil Leak Locations 530D E60

    Yes, that's where mine is leaking from, the left hand intercooler pipe to the hard pipe. It's misting, so not losing huge amounts of oil, but I need to remove the hard pipe and look at the clamping, as I think the hose has split due to the clamp being overtightened
  13. Common Oil Leak Locations 530D E60

    You can buy silicone hoses, but the fittings are removed from the old pipes and reused.
  14. Common Oil Leak Locations 530D E60

    Check the intercooler hoses - Mine leaks from there.
  15. M-ASK displaying albums as pages

    That's how the denison works I'm afraid, and it was one of the reasons I got rid of mine