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  1. Is your compressor fully functional? I'd be interested in it as mine is worn out
  2. er, sadly not - I need to replace my passenger side one, and it looks like I need to remove the bottom shield
  3. Self bleeding - just replace, switch on ignition to prime the pump and then crank till it starts
  4. Your Manifold is different!
  5. It's a manifold off job - depends how comfortable you are taking the car to bits. At a guess, it's about 1 - 2 hours labour for a garage.
  6. Take a look here
  7. Just need the last seven characters. Just had a quick look, and both the M47N2 and N47 engines have them.
  8. if they are fitted, then yes, remove them asap. Most people order both sets then return the set that doesn't fit.
  9. Auto's have them, manuals don't tend to. Whack in your VIN into realoem and see what it says.
  10. looking above I see mention of the condenser - Are we talking about replacing the whole thing (#1) or just the insert (#2)
  11. in extremis, pay on a credit card, then dispute the charge with your card provider citing the above...
  12. I do get pissed off when I'm quoted ex-vat prices, but that seems outrageous - they should have contacted you about the pressure sensor etc. Demand to see the old parts, and/or evidence of new fitted. As to re-using the sump, I thought that was a major no no?
  13. each to their own...
  14. could be anything, but if it's stood for a while, then battery is likely culprit. Codes codes codes!
  15. Hold all three together for 30 secs apparently.