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  1. or failing alternator - ask me how I know this...
  2. upgrade to CIC
  3. I'm not a coding expert, but I'm sure you have to let the IHKA know it's high basis, even if it then throws up errors due to the dual zone not actually working.
  4. Keep it
  5. Think you also need to do some coding work
  6. I believe so, but I can't guarantee it - speak to the installer to confirm is the best way.
  7. Everything is perfect with the exception of the oil level, but that's down to not having the sensor on the pre-LCi models apparently.
  8. Yes, he fitted my CIC system
  9. contact Jay at BMW Retrofits
  10. The turbo was removed and refurbished at the same time as having the manifold replaced, so I'd hope not....I will get it all checked though
  11. So, having replaced the compromised manifold, I'm still left with exhaust fumes in the cabin. A cursory glance shows that possibly the flexi is also compromised but where else should I check?
  12. Update or replace it for a CIC?
  13. I reckon it got rear ended, and rather than write it off, redneck joe said I can fix it....
  14. Yes, manifold off. Whilst you're in there, check the condition of the vacuum hoses, leak off pipes and if you haven't already done so, fit a swirl blanking kit.
  15. Plugs are like £10 each - Labour at most two hours