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  1. Stiff steering

    Track end rods perhaps?
  2. OE Thermostat 530d

    I've purchased a Gates main stat to be fitted shortly. The three stats are the Main Water Stat, the EGR Cooler Stat and the Oil Exchange Cooler Stat
  3. HVAC Woes

    Have you checked the actual thermostats in the engine and on the hidden menus to see if the engine is getting to the right temperature?
  4. Refurbed wheels from Pentland powdercoating

    On a 520d? Nah, you don't want those, I'll take them of your hands to fit on a 530d
  5. 2018-1 CIC NBT maps

    Does this work for retrofitted CIC though?
  6. I've used this halfrauds pre-mix in my E39 and E61 with no ill effects. You can buy the filter separately - part # 61667006063 (#12 in pic)
  7. New MOT rules woes

    Make sure you go for a moderate speed run before the MOT test then to warm everything up
  8. Soot around manifold ?

    Your serpentine belt looks a bit worn
  9. Help! 530d msport poorly

    I've had my manifold replaced and still have an annoying exhaust leak somewhere, plus because of a borked stat, the car is running rich, so it really does stink atm
  10. Help! 530d msport poorly

    Opening your window won't help much, as it can as a vacuum and suck the outside exhaust fumes back in. I used my cycling mask when driving mine, and the filter was black after a week!
  11. What lights do I have.

    They look like Pre LCI Xenon Adaptives
  12. Wiper fluid pressure

    I've always used the halfrauds -20c ready mix - never had an issue with it
  13. I monitored my engine and gearbox oil temps a few days ago, and the oil was about 71c and gerabox 45c I know the coolant temp is also too low at 72c. I've got the parts to replace the water pump and stat, and also carry out the top hose mod, but should I go whole hog and replace the gearbox HE as well (Using the Nissens part)?