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  1. just look underneath, and if you can see a sensor plugged into the pipework before the middle box, then that's the dpf. Give the DPF a tap, and if it sounds hollow, it's prob been gutted.
  2. Like this?
  3. What shape are the tailpipes - if they are straight, you have EU4 and a DPF, if they bend down, it's EU3 and no DPF
  4. Sorry, I re-read your post, and realised that these, whilst useful, wouldn't solve the problem of an over tightened thread
  6. these are the go to guys for replacement bits
  7. Correct. and yes, if that does fail, you will lose air pressure and probably equally from both airbags. You could get one of these to test:|Plat_Gen%3AE61&hash=item25c9d50ec2:g:LoUAAOSwx6pYr0hq
  8. No, there is a control valve - item 23 on this diagram
  9. I'm using Yellow Stuff on mine, and they seem fine - any reason to upgrade to red when due?
  10. Nope,never had any leaks - my compressor was weak and didn't produce enough pressure to keep the airbags primed at the proper level, and so triggered timeout warnings - replaced that and the air intake hose/filter and all is working properly again
  11. see this thread:
  12. I do have a pair of unused new airbags here if you need them - looking for £80 for the pair plus carriage.
  13. if both bags are leaking at the same rate, it suggests it's the block valve - I'd check all the pipework first though. You may be better buying a complete system though