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  1. Maybe it's to do with keeping a complete service log of all items replaced since build?
  2. I'm surprised you don't have to code the tyre valve caps on the BMW's as everything else needs to be!
  3. Yes, unless you have Donald Trump sized hands
  4. Ah! Oops yes indeed
  5. I seem to recall Top Gear recommending Munich Power
  6. Looks good to me. Been quoted £230 for a pair fully fitted
  7. Interesting, as from that list of replacement parts, the hoses seem the main culprit.
  8. I've got Conti SC2 all round on mine, and they are excellent. I've also got Conti WC830P on my 16" rims for the winter months. That said, I've always fitted Conti rubber to mine. I'm replacing all four with Conti PC6 shortly though
  9. I will however be taking it back and getting a full service replacing those items above along with the mechatronic solenoids #2 Solenoids There is also an upgraded pan kit
  10. Yes, this is the kit I also looked at. Seems reasonable. There is another recent thread here on the forum about the gearboxs that includes a service guide, so might be worth reading that. I had mine serviced where I picked up my car, as it had a low oil pressure/levewl issue due to a leak. They replaced the oil and pan and it's been fine every since at almost 190K now
  11. Find a decent auto trans specialist that knows what they are doing as ZF require a certain type of oil etc.
  12. ZF suggest 60K
  13. Just a thought, are you trying to make this work with the CIC?
  14. The Osram Xenarc Nightbreakers are also excellent
  15. I'd like to replace the standard nasty hi-fi speakers in my E61. I plan to do the upgrade in stages, so Front Speakers, then Subs, then Amp, then DSP, then finally most to MOST network. I can see there are plenty of complete speaker upgrade packages available such as Focal, MB Quartz, Rockford Fosgate, Rainbow etc that include everything I'd need to retain the OEM look. I would be disconnecting the rear speakers completely and only concentrating on the front stage for SQ. I wondered if anybody had any views on the sound quality of these packages, or would I be better to save a bit longer and get a pair of Focal ES100K fronts and a pair of Earthquake SWS8 subs. Amplifier wise I'm looking at either a JL Audio XD500/3V2 3 Channel or Audison AP5.9. The Audison has the advantage of inbuilt DSP and will accept a toslink digital output when I finally move to the MOST network (I already have an Audison DMI MOST Convertor.) The JL would be paired to an Audison BIT10D DSP, again with the ability to finally connect via the MOST network. Any thoughts on the above would be appreciated. (PS I've already upgraded the headunit to an up to date CIC with Professional Nav, larger screen and newer iDrive controller)