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  1. Dotcom1970

    BST cable help

    Clear the codes first - I had some implausible errors and also a bus line error causing the airbag light one time. Cleared them and they never came back.
  2. Dotcom1970

    E61 Rear Windscreen Wiper

    yup. think I've heard of a way using a PP9 battery if you can get to the solenoid wires
  3. Dotcom1970

    E61 Rear Windscreen Wiper

    park looks ok, but in terms of the sweep, probably find the mech has got silted up. I used some compressed air, and then some sprayable white grease on mine, with the glass lid open and manually swept the arm back and forth until it loosened up. Has worked perfectly ever since.
  4. Dotcom1970

    Advise please,

    fuel starvation problem?
  5. Dotcom1970

    1500 rpm judder

    I think this is a common issue with the TC. MIne has done this ever since I've had it (2.5 years now) and whilst I know the transmission needs to be rebuilt, I've so far avoided it given the cost of doing so.
  6. Dotcom1970

    BST cable help

    That's the sensor cable yes, and that's where you would place the resistor in parallel.
  7. Dotcom1970

    BST cable help

    I'm going to fit the resistor bypass in mine shortly (!) to resolve the error, but out of interest is there any major differences between the pre-lci part (61126944536) and lci (61126989782) and could you replace one with the other?
  8. Dotcom1970

    E60 535d small turbo 4530 fault code - FIXED

    Where did you source the silicon hoses?
  9. Dotcom1970

    E61 in the snow

    I'm still on my CWC830P's but there are great. Once these wear out, 850P will be the next though
  10. Dotcom1970

    BST (Battery Safety Terminal) Bypass

    9AFF resistance ZK2 too big. I'll certainly give it a proper clean up as have some decent contact cleaner here
  11. Dotcom1970

    BST (Battery Safety Terminal) Bypass

    Cheers - Should be able to find that!
  12. Dotcom1970

    BST (Battery Safety Terminal) Bypass

    Quite, but which plug lol
  13. Got the dreaded Restraint System warning light and the error code points to the BST. I've purchased a bypass kit, but the instructions are not exactly clear. Does anybody have a dummies guide to?
  14. Dotcom1970

    mObridge hardware?

    I've got an older mobridge MOST bluetooth phone interface in my car - works perfectly well
  15. Dotcom1970

    Bringing the entertainment up to date

    Battery drain issues, wouldn't reconnect the bluetooth automatically. mp3 track selection interface was awful....