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  1. Greatest Movie Scene.

    Good shout, love that scene
  2. Greatest Movie Scene.

    Difficult one need to split it out a bit Funny - Lambo n ludes scene in wolf of Wall Street Tension - you can't handle the truth a few good men Action - chariot race Ben Hur Violent - making the pencil disappear in Dark Knight
  3. Winter advice from the AA....

    Very funny
  4. Had to buy diesel when I received car allowance, the majority of journeys during the week, no more than 5 miles each, except for business trips. Tried to circumvent any potential issues by sticking to shell v power fuel
  5. Sounds very familiar problem, if you have not done so, try the pinned thread in this subforum. Heavy rain water leak, it highlights the cause of the leaking you appear to describe.
  6. The grand tour

    Might just get a test drive of it to check.
  7. End of warranty check

    The bit at the bottom above the bumper
  8. End of warranty check

    Cheers yeah square root of f all from what I can see.
  9. End of warranty check

    I thought the paintwork part of that is 3 years. I will definitely be following your route though, it was always of a mind to do so. Disappointing in my opinion but a 10 minute visual walk round would have seen this in daylight or under work shop lights
  10. End of warranty check

    Yeah I got the all OK as well, then I found the bubbling paintwork. I really would think a bodywork check would be part of it, clearly not.
  11. Just had BMW carry out end of 3 year warranty check, I have noticed paint bubbling as some minor rusting on the boot lip, I would expect that to have been picked up as part of the warranty check. Since it was during the holidays I have sent a snotogram to BMW, would expect a reply this week. Anyone had similar issues with their 5?
  12. I have just put pirelli P7 rft on mine, seem so much more sure footed than the bridgstones I had on previously. Not cheap mind you.
  13. Happy new year!

    All the very best folks.
  14. What about F30 335d xdrive?

    Okay mate, guy my work has a 335d touring, he loves it. The 3 to me just seems more basic, less up market, too used to a fiver I suppose.
  15. What about F30 335d xdrive?

    What about a 435d x drive, I test drove a gran coupe, a few more toys n drives superbly?