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  1. Another big fast estate :)

    Even bog standard 2.5l ate through fronts I got 11k out of my fronts average
  2. BMW 520d B47 Engine Fuel Consumption

    At my last service my egr valve was replaced as part of it, I have noticed smoother power but a drop in mpg, 39 down to 37.5
  3. BMW's are useless in the snow, right?

    Seem legit...
  4. Top Gear

    I enjoy Matt Le Blanc leading it, yes Haris's jokes are a bit wooden but his car reviews are top notch. Rory is a bit nerdy I like that. The new team is growing on me.
  5. Performance Diesel - big difference!

    Use nothing but shell v power diesel. Had to use normal stuff a couple of times due to no shell garage nearby, found a noise and smoothness difference almost immediately.
  6. Start / Stop

    I have come to believe that ambient Air temperature has some governing feature on whether it works immediately, anything close to freezing needs the engine temp to be nearly at full temp. Also if you have slightly adjusted the steering wheel as you stop it doesn't cut out.
  7. Yeah generally use winters myself so get your point. You get the odd cold day that catches you out. Reminds me though I need to get tpms on my winter wheels otherwise my December mot will be a failure
  8. Eco pro is good on snowy roads, just deadens things sufficiently to given a level of control
  9. My work was shut in Renfrew today, snow was over a foot deep apparently, plus drifts at 3 feet or so.
  10. There was little performance difference between 530i and 535i however the Sound the 535i made put a smile on my face
  11. Wow that is steep
  12. 7-seat MPV views and opinions

    They do seem to hold their value
  13. 7-seat MPV views and opinions

    Couple of folk in my work have a S-Max, very good cars apparently. I had one on hire a few years ago, so slightly older model, I thought it drove really well.
  14. I have bmw stamps on the rears, the fronts are generic P7 rft. Regardless still better than the bridgstones they replaced.
  15. Got these on all 4 corners last year, far superior to the bridgstone turanzas that came with the car.