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  1. Anyone breaking E39 saloon?

    Thanks for the reply, but am now sorted. Cheers.
  2. Anyone breaking E39 saloon?

    Looking for someone breaking an E39 saloon. I need, rear seats, all rear seat belts and fixings plus (bit of strange one this....), I need to cut out the sheet metal that the seat belts mount to, I can come and do this myself it you prefer if its within a couple of hours of Sussex. Thanks for looking.
  3. M30 engine

    Thanks, yep hopefully hes on it.
  4. M30 engine

    As above, im looking for an M30 engine complete with manual box. Anything out there? Thanks
  5. My new toy. It needs alot of work but I have seen worse.

    Good to see you are doing the e28 properly, any updates?
  6. Rear subframe removal

    Simple and crude punch Rob I picked up a manual box from a 635 and got a free engine with it! So I have 2 flywheels so not a problem. I still want to do the 628-635 conversion but the electrickery got the better of me (not my strong point) for now.
  7. Rear subframe removal

    Sorry but i have no idea, but i guess what else needs doing or is sensible to do at the same time also adds to the question? I've found the metal around the subframe mounts has previously been repaired badly so i will be re doing this for peace of mind...luckily im not too bad with a mig - im getting plenty of practice!
  8. Rear subframe removal

    Oh good, the subframe complete, has been freed. For anyone who hasnt removed one before i can share only 1 problem that i had (asRob knows). To remove the handbrake cable and its outer sleeve was a complete bi%^&. I was assured that it was only pushed in. I started to stretch the outer sleeve by pulling it, so realised that wasnt going to work. I ended up making a punch to drive it inwards, and it did need hitting hard quite a few times so theres no way pulling would have worked in this case. A plank of wood on the trolley jack supporting the centre of the axle carrier and the diff meant it lowered in a control way. Cheers.
  9. Rear subframe removal

    Cheers Rob i will make sure its properly balanced as it does look heavy!, so re: the handbrake. Im assuming its better to disconnect it at the wheel end i.e remove brake caliper and disc to access handbrake cable? rather than thread it though the sleeve from the handbrake lever end? Also i guess the brake lines just need plugging once they are removed? Im probably overthinking everything but just want to be sure im not going at ar$$e about face so not to waste time. Thanks all.
  10. Rear subframe removal

    Jonah, if you are right and hopefully you are, then they'll be the only thing that doesnt need changing! This car looks a whole lot worse now then when i got it home Theres enough rust on the garage floor to build another rusty e28 from.
  11. Rear subframe removal

    Tims, nice and quick response cheers! Yeh I think il be doing all the bushes and cleaning and painting subframe etc whilst its out. Will be in contact at some point about possibly needing some doors, will wait until I have a definitive list though...as its bound to be more than just doors.
  12. Rear subframe removal

    Im part way through the weldathon on my m535i, its going ok with only a few surprises of more rot.... Thankfully the chassis legs are better than wattsmonkeys e24! The rear subframe mounts have clearly been repaired (sort of, but judging by the other repairs it will need re doing) and the inner sills are a bit crusty, so i want to remove subframe with suspension as a complete unit. I am assuming disconnect brake pipes and handbrake, prop, diff mount, shocks from the top, subframe push strut and main subframe bush, exhaust is already off. Has anyone got any tips on its removal and what have i missed?? Thanks
  13. Boot wont open

    I am pleased to announce the winner of the kitchen cupboard is.......KingM535i. My boot is now open after a bit of lubrication once a day and a few good smacks! Thanks to 12quidkidinnit (think thats right) for advertising the boot lid, very good of you to do so, thankfully i dont need it. Thanks all.
  14. Boot wont open

    Sorry but this isnt going to be a very exiting post. I dont think i'd make a very good car thief as I cant even open the boot with the keys! The lock on the boot turns but doesnt open the boot, any ideas how to get in, preferably without causing too much damage (if thats possible) I've never been able to open it since i've had it, but can see a kitchen cupboard in there through a speaker hole. So whoevers response works wins a kitchen cupboard. Cheers