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  1. m50 2.8 build

    does anyone have any 2.8 m52 steel liner engine pistons for sale?
  2. m50 2.8 build

    thank you for all the info now to find some late 2.8 pistons
  3. m50 2.8 build

    thank you for the info, I have ready twenty different versions of the information on these blocks and metals, really good to have the actual detail So you are saying that I need steel liner m52 pistons and rings, and that I can't use the original pistons and swap the rings over? thanks
  4. m50 2.8 build

    I have a spare m52 sitting around at the moment, hence the questions around the pistons, I also have the early m50 (I have been told forged) rods from a non vanos engine that I believe are the correct length for the 2.8 internals, but I am totally open to the 3.0 I just don't have the 3.0 bits currently that said it might just be easier to do the 3.0 build
  5. m50 2.8 build

    as far as I am aware and according to all the info I can see the blocks were fitted with alusil liners to cure the issue (but I stand to be corrected on that) as I also heard it was only the v8's that got alusil, so it could well be steel in the m52 what i want to understand is, can I use my original pistons for a nikasil lined engine, but with the later rings or are the pistons different also, meaning I would need to source both pistons and rings from a later m52 thanks
  6. m50 2.8 build

    afternoon all, I have been doing some research in relation to dropping the 2.8 internals into an m50b25 engine The questions I seem to get conflicting information about is the pistons and rings and that question is in two parts 1. can I just use nikasil 2.8 pistons and rings in the m50 block? 2. if not, is it a case of swapping the rings only to alusil or do I need alusil pistons and rings? Any thoughts would be great, and I have posted in the e34 section as that's the car this is going in, but if there is somewhwere else it should be just let me know and i'll move it Cheers Euro
  7. non vanos m50b25 engine and box

    thanks for the replies
  8. non vanos m50b25 engine and box

    Hi all just wondered if anyone might have a non vanos m50b25 engine and box setup for sale? cheers
  9. bmw e34

    hi all, still looking for an e34 happy for it to be a project car, or without anyone and gearbox and I have that but obviosuly a whole car would be easier is there anything about at the moment? cheers jim
  10. hi, I'm actually after a whole salon car, running and driving if possible, but also open to one that needs a bit of mechanical, just not really wanting major body or welding work i have an engine and box that I'm ultimately going to fit, so if one came up without an engine and box but everything else was there I'd be interested, but really a running project would be better for me, until I get time to do the engine swap cheers
  11. bmw e34

  12. bmw e34

    ah ok, that sounds like a weapon of a car i actually have my v8 and six speed with super charger sitting on the deck, I'm just looking for a good clean car to drop it in, I was hoping to find either a car minus engine and box, or a complete car thank u for the replies
  13. bmw e34

    as I said, I understand I might need to spend more, it depends if the car is good and worth the money what spec is it and what car is it?
  14. bmw e34

    I'm guessing around the grand mark, but honestly if it's solid I'd love to know what's out there im a bit out of tough with the e34 prices for a project