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  1. It's time to sell my 545i. This is a particularly well equiped car, in good condition with a full main dealer and BMW specialist service history. I bought the car from a BMW dealer as an approved used car five years ago. It has done 87,200 miles. A few of the highlights are: 4.4L V8 with 333bhp. Comfort seats - these are 20 way adjustable, heated, memory seats that 'hug' you when you start the car. The Active Seat option was also ticked which gives you gently massaging seat bases. The most comfortable car seats I've sat in. Head-up display - this displays speed, cruise control settings, sat nav directions and warning messages on the windscreen. Hi-Fi professional DSP - Logic7 surround sound system with 13 speakers including subwoofers under the front seats. Digital TV. BMW iPod interface - allows control through the i-drive, replaces CD changer in glovebox (changer included). Professional Sat Nav with 2013 DVD. Bluetooth phone integration. Voice control. Heated rear seats. Folding rear seats with ski-hatch. Adaptive Xenon headlights. Active steering. M Sport suspension. Front and rear parking sensors with visual display. Auto dipping, folding wing mirrors which fold when locking. Electric rear blind and manual blinds on rear doors Sunroof. BMW spare wheel kit. Tax is £315 pa (post March 2006 would be £555 pa for an equivalent car). I've not used this car for commuting so it's usage has been only longer weekend journeys. I've averaged 3000 miles per year and, without short journeys, fuel consumption has averaged nearly 25 mpg. I've always run it on premium brand, super-unleaded petrol and have had it serviced every year regardless of mileage, including a yearly oil and filter change and a brake fluid change every two years. I've also just had the spark plugs replaced and the gearbox serviced. The MOT is not due until March 2019. I replaced all four tyres with Goodyear Eagle F1s just over a year and 3,500 miles ago. The computer is currently giving the following servicing requirements: Brake Fluid 3/19, Microfilter 17000 miles Engine oil 18000 miles Rear brake pads 33000 miles Front brake pads 38000 miles Spark plugs 60000 miles A few things to be aware of: As you would expect there are some stonechips on the front of the car and a couple of very minor car park dings. There is some minor kerbing on two of the wheels, and all four have a degree of bubbling lacquer so a refurbish might be worth considering to bring them up to the standard of the rest of the car. Light corrosion of the rear brake lines was reported as an advisory on the last MOT so these may need doing in the next year or two. The car feels tight, with no rattles or creaks inside. The M Sport suspension gives a good balance between comfort and handling. Everything works as it should and there are no immediate servicing requirements. There are fewer than 50 545i Sport saloons on the road in the UK so this is a rare car.
  2. Jomo

    2005 E60 545i Sport Auto ***SOLD***

    Nice to meet you too Wayne. Glad you had you enjoyed your drive back. I'm very pleased it's gone to a good home and hope you'll have many happy years together!
  3. Jomo

    2005 E60 545i Sport Auto ***SOLD***

    Now sold
  4. Jomo

    2005 E60 545i Sport Auto ***SOLD***

    Thanks guys. It's still available
  5. Jomo

    2005 E60 545i Sport Auto ***SOLD***

    Thanks. No oil leaks to my knowledge. Certainly I've never had any oil marks at all on my drive and I never need to top up between services.
  6. Hi Robert, i don't have first hand experience but a quick search on a BMW coding forum seems to confirm that it is possible to reset the short counters (http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1199177). I would certainly be pushing them to try that first before spending out on a new module. If the main dealer is unwilling maybe a good BMW specialist might be worth a try. Good luck from a fellow 545i owner!
  7. Jomo

    Comfort seats

    Ha ha, seat envy!
  8. Jomo

    Comfort seats

    Here you go
  9. Jomo

    Comfort seats

    They're not really what I would think of as massage seats. Every 20 seconds or so ithey shift the pressure points around under your bum so you don't get sore. I find it stops my hips and lower back from seizing up so much on long journeys. The details in the dealer advert called them oscillating seat bases. Looking at the spec from the VIN I think the official name must have been Active Seats. The buttons to switch them on and off are in the centre console next to the heated seat buttons.
  10. Jomo

    Comfort seats

    I've got heated comforts on mine too, and heated rear. They're great aren't they! Mine also have the oscillating seat base which gently kneeds your buttocks
  11. Jomo

    Good indy in bucks

    I've been happily using K & M Autotechniks near Windsor for the past 5 years. They've always been straight with me and seem to know what they're doing. http://www.kmautotechniks.co.uk
  12. Jomo

    Best iPod connectivity

    I fitted an iPod interface to mine three or four years ago and seem to recall needing to have MP3 playback enabled. I think you can check by putting an MP3 CD into the single CD slot in the dash to see if it plays. Luckily mine did. Memory's a bit hazy though as it was a while ago now but a search on here should give more definitive info. I can confirm that you do access the iPod interface using the CD option on the idrive.
  13. Jomo

    Micro Filters 535D

    I bought the Mann carbon filters from ECP for £16 each last year. When I took the old ones out I noticed that they were the exact same Mann filters but with a BMW logo on too, so presumably OEM.
  14. Impressively detailed guide. Nice work!
  15. Jomo

    Tyre recomendations

    Perhaps this'll work instead: http://goo.gl/lriurV
  16. Jomo

    Tyre recomendations

  17. Jomo

    Tyre recomendations

    That's what I'd heard too. In the event of loss of grip going round a damp corner the average driver has a better chance of controlling a bit of understeer rather than oversteer, where the back can go very quickly. Although, to be fair, understeer on a left hand bend with 40 tonner coming the other way isn't going to do you much good either!
  18. Jomo


    I've always assumed that it's due to the aerodynamics of a saloon meaning that spray from a wet road doesn't get onto the back window, whereas a hatchback will tend to whip up the spray and so needs a wiper. Strangely, I recall that some Ford Orions came with a rear wiper. Always looked a bit odd.Anyway, congratulations on the 545i Trip. Hopefully you'll be very happy together. Still really enjoying mine after 18 months.
  19. Jomo

    Petrol fuel economy

    Easily into the thirties! Not bad for a V8. Not so good round town, but luckily I don't do enough miles to really care.
  20. The comfort seats are 20 way adjustable so you've a good chance of finding a comfortable position. I particularly like the side bolsters that come in and hug you as you start the car. Just try explaining to a passenger how to adjust their seat when they can only feel all the buttons down the side of the seat rather than see them! Not easy. Mine are heated by the way.
  21. Jomo

    V5 log book vehicle details

    Mine says 545i Sport Auto on the V5. It's a June 2005.
  22. Jomo

    Just bought a 535d have some Qs

    Nice! TV in motion is a setting that can be changed with coding. I did mine with NCS Expert.
  23. Jomo

    Help me code auto folding mirrors

    When I did mine I was looking under FRM or NFRM for either ASP_KOMFORT_EINKLAPP or SPIEGEL_KOMFORT_EINKLAPP. I can't remember if this was where I found it though. I have a vague recollection of not finding it and eventually working out that it's in the door modules as you say. Sorry, not much help really.
  24. Jomo

    Check your scuttle drains!

    It's got a lot of options but I didn't spot 'aquarium' on the spec list
  25. Jomo

    Check your scuttle drains!

    Seems to be. When I popped the bung out it drained out a bit further under the car but gentle seepage seems run along the various components to just behind the arch.