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  1. Hi Robert, i don't have first hand experience but a quick search on a BMW coding forum seems to confirm that it is possible to reset the short counters (http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1199177). I would certainly be pushing them to try that first before spending out on a new module. If the main dealer is unwilling maybe a good BMW specialist might be worth a try. Good luck from a fellow 545i owner!
  2. Comfort seats

    Ha ha, seat envy!
  3. Comfort seats

    Here you go
  4. Comfort seats

    They're not really what I would think of as massage seats. Every 20 seconds or so ithey shift the pressure points around under your bum so you don't get sore. I find it stops my hips and lower back from seizing up so much on long journeys. The details in the dealer advert called them oscillating seat bases. Looking at the spec from the VIN I think the official name must have been Active Seats. The buttons to switch them on and off are in the centre console next to the heated seat buttons.
  5. Comfort seats

    I've got heated comforts on mine too, and heated rear. They're great aren't they! Mine also have the oscillating seat base which gently kneeds your buttocks
  6. Good indy in bucks

    I've been happily using K & M Autotechniks near Windsor for the past 5 years. They've always been straight with me and seem to know what they're doing. http://www.kmautotechniks.co.uk
  7. Best iPod connectivity

    I fitted an iPod interface to mine three or four years ago and seem to recall needing to have MP3 playback enabled. I think you can check by putting an MP3 CD into the single CD slot in the dash to see if it plays. Luckily mine did. Memory's a bit hazy though as it was a while ago now but a search on here should give more definitive info. I can confirm that you do access the iPod interface using the CD option on the idrive.
  8. Micro Filters 535D

    I bought the Mann carbon filters from ECP for £16 each last year. When I took the old ones out I noticed that they were the exact same Mann filters but with a BMW logo on too, so presumably OEM.
  9. Impressively detailed guide. Nice work!
  10. Tyre recomendations

    Perhaps this'll work instead: http://goo.gl/lriurV
  11. Tyre recomendations

  12. Tyre recomendations

    That's what I'd heard too. In the event of loss of grip going round a damp corner the average driver has a better chance of controlling a bit of understeer rather than oversteer, where the back can go very quickly. Although, to be fair, understeer on a left hand bend with 40 tonner coming the other way isn't going to do you much good either!
  13. Wipers

    I've always assumed that it's due to the aerodynamics of a saloon meaning that spray from a wet road doesn't get onto the back window, whereas a hatchback will tend to whip up the spray and so needs a wiper. Strangely, I recall that some Ford Orions came with a rear wiper. Always looked a bit odd.Anyway, congratulations on the 545i Trip. Hopefully you'll be very happy together. Still really enjoying mine after 18 months.
  14. Petrol fuel economy

    Easily into the thirties! Not bad for a V8. Not so good round town, but luckily I don't do enough miles to really care.
  15. The comfort seats are 20 way adjustable so you've a good chance of finding a comfortable position. I particularly like the side bolsters that come in and hug you as you start the car. Just try explaining to a passenger how to adjust their seat when they can only feel all the buttons down the side of the seat rather than see them! Not easy. Mine are heated by the way.
  16. V5 log book vehicle details

    Mine says 545i Sport Auto on the V5. It's a June 2005.
  17. Just bought a 535d have some Qs

    Nice! TV in motion is a setting that can be changed with coding. I did mine with NCS Expert.
  18. Help me code auto folding mirrors

    When I did mine I was looking under FRM or NFRM for either ASP_KOMFORT_EINKLAPP or SPIEGEL_KOMFORT_EINKLAPP. I can't remember if this was where I found it though. I have a vague recollection of not finding it and eventually working out that it's in the door modules as you say. Sorry, not much help really.
  19. Check your scuttle drains!

    It's got a lot of options but I didn't spot 'aquarium' on the spec list
  20. Check your scuttle drains!

    Seems to be. When I popped the bung out it drained out a bit further under the car but gentle seepage seems run along the various components to just behind the arch.
  21. Check your scuttle drains!

    I was seeing water dripping behind the drivers side wheel arch, even after several hot, dry days. I've just checked and mine was a little damp! (see photo) Popped the grommet through and all good now. Couldn't detect any water in the passenger side, but after half an hour with a torch and a garden cane all I succeeded in doing was leaving 2 inches of snapped garden cane under the ECU. I'll just have to remember to check it every now and then. As luck would have it the pollen filters were due to be replaced so I did those at the same time. To answer the question above about pollen filters, I got the Mann carbon filters from ECP and it turned out they were identical to the OEM ones that I replaced - same make and part number but without the BMW stamp.
  22. I'm not an expert on this, but as far as I can make out initially there was just the 545i until around 2005 when it was replaced with the 550i and a 540i was also introduced. I don't imagine they sold all that many V8s as fuel prices were going up and the big diesels were becoming more popular. I do about 3k miles a year in mine and the fuel computer usually averages about 23mpg. With that mileage the consumption just isn't a factor for me. As standard they are very refined and quiet. When you get the revs up (which you rarely need to do as it leaves most traffic behind without really trying) there is a very satisfying V8 growl but I think the standard exhaust is a bit too discrete. I'm thinking of changing the back box to liberate a bit of burble. I'm really taken with this car and it feels like a keeper.
  23. I bought an £800 Yaris off ebay so I don't need to use my V8 for the 2 mile daily traffic jam to work. An added bonus is that every time I get back in 'the beast' it reinforces what a great car it is. Go on, get yourself a V8 - you know it makes sense! Here's my (quite long) list S205A AUTOMATIC GETRIEBE Automatic transmission S217A AKTIVLENKUNG Active steering S261A SEITENAIRBAG FUER FONDPASSAGIERE Side airbags for rear passengers S2NNA M LM R.DOPPELSP.172 M/MISCHB. BMW alloy wheel, M double spoke 172 S300A NOTRAD Emergency spare wheel S302A ALARMANLAGE Alarm system P337A M SPORTPAKET M Sports package S403A GLASDACH, ELEKTRISCH Glass roof, electrical S415A SONNENSCHUTZROLLO FUER HECKSCHEIBE Sun-blind, rear S416A SONNENSCHUTZROLLOS Roller sun visor, rear lateral S428A WARNDREIECK Warning triangle and first aid kit S430A INNEN-/AUSSENSPIEGEL AUT.ABBLENDEND Interior/outside mirror with auto dip S431A INNENSPIEGEL,AUTOMATISCH ABBLENDEND Interior mirror with automatic-dip S438A EDELHOLZAUSFUEHRUNG Fine wood trim S441A RAUCHERPAKET Smoker package S455A AKTIVSITZ FUER FAHRER/BEIFAHRER Active seat for driver and passenger S456A KOMFORTSITZE ELEKTRISCH VERSTELLBAR Comfort seat with memory S465A DURCHLADESYSTEM Through-loading system S494A SITZHEIZUNG FUER FAHRER/BEIFAHRER Seat heating driver/passenger S496A SITZHEIZUNG FUER FONDSITZE Seat heating, rear S502A SCHEINWERFER-WASCHANLAGE Headlight cleaning system S508A PARK DISTANCE CONTROL (PDC) Park Distance Control (PDC) S522A XENON-LICHT Xenon Light S524A ADAPTIVES KURVENLICHT Adaptive Headlights S601A TV-FUNKTION TV function S605A TELEMATIK VORBEREITUNG Telematics preparation S609A NAVIGATIONSSYSTEM PROFESSIONAL Navigation system Professional S610A HEAD-UP DISPLAY Head-up display S612A BMW ASSIST BMW Assist S620A SPRACHEINGABESYSTEM Voice control S633A HANDY VORB. BUSINESS/BLUETOOTH-SCH. Preparation, mobile phone, Business S672A CD WECHSLER 6-FACH CD changer for 6 CDs S677A HIFI SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL HiFi system Professional DSP S698A AREA-CODE 2 Area-Code 2 for DVD S704A M SPORTFAHRWERK M Sports suspension S710A M LEDERLENKRAD M leather steering wheel S715A M AERODYNAMIKPAKET M Aerodynamics package S754A M HECKSPOILER M Rear spoiler S760A INDIVIDUAL HOCHGLANZ SHADOW LINE High gloss shadow line S775A INDIVIDUAL DACHHIMMEL ANTHRAZIT Headlining anthracite L812A ENGLAND/IRLAND AUSFUEHRUNG National version England / Ireland S850A ZUSAETZL. TANKFUELLUNG EXPORT Additional Export tank filling S863A SERVICE KONTAKT-FLYER EUROPA Dealer List Europe S877A UEBERKREUZBEDIENUNG ENTFALL Omission of non-combined operation S880A ENGLISCH / BORDLITERATUR On-board literature, English S8SAA LAENDERSPEZ. NAVI.-FREISCHALTUNG Navigation access request,country-spec. S8SBA LAENDERSPEZ. TELEMATIKFREISCH. Telematics access request,country-spec. S8SMA FAHRGESTELLNUMMER,V.AUSSEN SICHTBAR Car ident. number visible from outside S8SPA COP STEUERUNG Control unit COP
  24. CD Player - MP3 file compatable?

    TP on and TP off are the only ones I use as I can never remember where it is in the menu. I'm probably being a bit harsh, it's mainly that it struggles to interpret the names in the address book from my iPhone. When it doesn't recognise a name it seems to get so confused that it forgets I'm trying to call someone at all and suggests something utterly random and unconnected instead. It reminds me of that piece that Clarkson did on Top Gear a few years back on the Mercedes Command system. I haven't extensively tried the other options as I don't usually change much on the move that can't be done with the steering wheel buttons.
  25. CD Player - MP3 file compatable?

    I coded mine to play mp3s recently. I can confirm that if you put the songs in folders when you burn the disk you can navigate to a folder and just play the songs in that one folder. Works well. Also, based on my experience I wouldn't go to too much effort to get voice control working. Every time I ask it to call someone on my phone it usually changes the radio station or switches to the heated seat control view or some other random action. Or perhaps I just need to learn to enunciate better!