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  1. cad42


    Thanks, ordered over the phone.
  2. cad42


    Hey, Sorry, could you add in two more parts : Another gasket: 11428637820 And the belt: 11287628650 Thanks! Jonathan.
  3. cad42


    Thanks, I'm pretty sure part number is 11428637821. Vin ends in Aw50926. Cheers. Jonathan.
  4. cad42


    Hi, Oil filter housing gasket for an n52, please! Thanks! Jonathan.
  5. Hey, Vin ends GF14019. Edit: found the part number: 13621433077 I think. I'm assuming that I can't just buy the green rubber ring? Could I also have the little hose that goes from the bottom of the rad to the alternator on the passenger side I believe that is: 11531711385 . Cheers. Jonathan.
  6. cad42

    Oil / Insp 1 Service pack

    Hi, Insp 1 is coming up, please can I have a service pack for it? I think this is the same as for the oil service? GF14019, E39 540i. Thanks. Jonathan.
  7. cad42

    E39 Fuel level sensor

    Hey, GF14019, drivers side fuel level sensor, please. Many thanks. Jonathan.
  8. cad42

    Oil Service Kit 540

    Sorry: also drivers side front wing liner - the bit that always gets smashed!
  9. cad42

    Oil Service Kit 540

    Hey, Please could I have an oil service "value line" kit for GF14019 (e39 540)? Could I also have a separeate price for the rear section of the exhaust heat shield, please? Thanks. Jonathan.
  10. cad42

    Rear Anti Roll Bar Bracket

    Hey, E39 540i GF14019. The bit that goes around the rubber and holds it to the chassis has snapped. Cheers. Jonathan.
  11. Hi, Can I have a price for a front anti-rattle brake pad clip. Vin ending: GF14019 (E39 540). Thanks. Jonathan.
  12. cad42

    Thoughts on this 550?

    Hi, What do people think to pre vs. post faclift on a 550? Normally I'd be inclined to hold out for a facelift if you're looking around that age. I know the enginge did not change for the facelift, what about the gearbox? Have read that the earlier v8 boxs can be a bit rough. snrbrtsn, that's a nice car! Maybe I could be the next next owner once my e39 has serverd it's time, and the price has dropped a little more! Cheers. Jon. P.S. Andy went to see the car I originally linked to and was amazed (predictably) but there's an engine warning on top of everything else people have pointed out so I don't think he'll be having that one. He's in no rush.
  13. cad42

    Thoughts on this 550?

    Thanks guys. Tend to agree a few more toys would be good on a 550. Looks like the cheapest facelift on autotrader though. Andy did spot today that the bonnet shutline looks a bit off! Any thoughts on running costs? A lot worse than an e39 540? The mpg claim made us chuckle, too!
  14. cad42

    Thoughts on this 550?

    Hey, A friend needs a new car after his was rear ended and written off. He likes my e39 540 but wants something more modern. So I found this just a few miles away: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201401171107614/sort/pricedesc/make/BMW/model/5%20SERIES/postcode/br33ej/radius/1500/engine-size-cars/4l_to_4-9l/onesearchad/used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew/price-to/13000/body-type/saloon/fuel-type/petrol/advert-type/featured-listing/dealer/780/usedcars?logcode=flp Do you think an se will be much harder to shift on than a sport? Potential problems I guess will be similar to my car ie coolant system, gearbox, suspension wear and all the electronics. Is there a lot more to go wrong compared to the old e39 540? Cheers. Jonathan.
  15. cad42

    Returning to M-Tech II springs

    c3bmw are listing sachs shocks for ~140 a corner. I'll be ordering a set soon, and will probably pair them with Eibach Pro kit springs. My car was excessively lowered by a prior owner so this will actually be a raise in ride height! I'm probably not going to change top mounts as mine are not bent at all - I've never felt the car bottom out - and the cost quickly spiralls...