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  1. Paperjams - a big thank you. I have contacted Andy at Surrey Sunroofs and he quoted me £695.00 for the complete job. He was very familiar with the fault. They a long way from me, but at that price I'd travel (based on indication quote from Indy). My Sister in law is 50 miles from Surrey Sunroofs. So it looks like we'll going for a visit soon. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks Paperjams. I have sent an email to a sunroof specialist. Hopefully they can help me out.
  3. I went to the Indy today and they had a look at my sunroof and the sunscreen has pretty much had it. The metal strip (spring) on the sunscreen is now in mess at the back of the roof. As expected, it's a roof out job. They reckon half a day to strip out, a few hours to put new screen in and another half day to put back in. So I'm looking at probably a day and a half labour, plus the new sunscreen which is £280.00. Plus anything else they find wrong. Its going to have to wait a while, which I hate. But I've got to have new lower control arms done next week which is going to hit the wallet hard. The sunscreen failure does seem to be a very common issue and I have heard many comments that pano roofs are a pain in the arse. BMW must know there's a design flaw, but they're not going to care, particularly on a 6 year old car. I still might have a word with a sunroof specialist, but there is no doubt that the sunroof has to come out and I know the cost of the part. But maybe I could save on the labour cost which is going to be the bulk of the repair cost.
  4. Hi The ref is G6YNC. Hopefully my description was good enough for you to understand the part I may require. Thank you
  5. I'm going to speak to the Indy I use tomorrow (Monday). I have found a sunroof specialist in Taunton which is about 60 miles away from me. So I can call them if I don't get any joy with the Indy. Always use Indy rather than Stealers, as Lennox says, stealers are just fitters nowadays. I'd have a go at it myself as I've had sunroofs out before, but I don't have a garage or workshop. Thanks for all of the replies
  6. Mine is a 2010. If you use the sunroof and hear a noise like paper jamming in a printer, stop the roof!!
  7. Thanks Paperjams. I'm a bit too far away from Surrey. But I will see if there are any sunroof specialists in my area.
  8. Hello Please can you tell me how much a replacement sunscreen (retractable headliner) for a 2010 F07 in cream? Yesterday when closing the sun screen, the drivers side track of the sun screen seems to have come unattached from the guide and the metal track has got stuck. As the sun screen closed (pulled forward by passenger side), the metal track on the drivers side has been pulled away from the fabric. Thank you. Regards Mark
  9. Hi I had an unpleasant experience yesterday when I closed the sunscreen (the retractable headlining part of the sunroof). In short, I think the drivers side has somehow come unattached from the guide and got stuck. As the sunscreen closed (being pulled forward by passenger side guide), the metal guide track on the drivers side has pulled away from the fabric and the metal track is all coiled up like a spring. Not impressed!!! Has anyone had the same issue? If so, what was the cost to fix? I am going to speak to local Indy tomorrow about it. But I might have a go at fixed myself because the labour cost will be high I think. Just need use a workshop or big garage for a few days. Ive had a sunroof out on another car before and it was a pig of a job. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Mark
  10. That looks really nice. A nice set of wheel really make a car. I want to get rid of the 18's and the 50 profile which can't happen soon enough!! I just need to convince she who must be obeyed!
  11. Thanks Steve. Your GT looks mega!! What tail popes have got on it? Do you know if the BMW 20's are non-run flats only or both?
  12. Hi I've got a 535d F07, absolutely fantastic car with an amazing spec (I know we all say that) including Hartge ECU. The only thing I don't like about the car is the wheels. I bought the car because of the spec. The wheels at the moment are 18" style 271 18's with 50 profile on the tyre which looks massive and that's what I don't like. I want to put a set of 20", either style 253's or style 316's. Can I just bolt those on? Thanks Mark
  13. Thank you for your reply. You have made done good suggestions. I will check all that you have suggested. I can't see anything to suggest the door panel has previously been removed.
  14. A weird one this. I've got a 2010 F07. Sometimes when driving when it's raining I can hear what sounds like trickling water!! There is no sign of water ingress in the car. All carpets are dry even up as far as they go. I thought it might have been something to do with the air con. But I do hear it when the air con is both off and on. Has anyone experienced this?
  15. Pottsy - what engine do you have?