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  1. Still for sale
  2. How much posted mate?
  3. I do have some recently bought (within last 6 months) top mounts for sale, if you need them
  4. It is just the shocks mate - you will have to use your springs , top mounts etc.
  5. Beat me to it!
  6. Have about 10,000 miles on them. Still in good condition. Collection from Luton. £80
  7. Never taken them out before, is it easy to do?
  8. how much for the injectors?
  9. Sure, or I can post mate. Let me know
  10. Ok, pm me when you are ready mate
  11. £100 collected from luton
  12. Hi, Looking to have my E39 Auto box serviced - anyone can recommend anywhere close by?
  13. Give these guys a call - was recommended by a few mechanics I spoke to:, they can refurb yours or if they have one in stock replace it. Just got a rack from them myself.