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  1. And when he's driving the Rover down the Embankment in that film the MGB behind was my mate's dad - he thought they were filming an ad!
  2. Welcome Mr Fozzie, they are a nice bunch on here Glad you got E39, will have a peep when we get our garage together! Must go now, eBay beckons - I need another E39! see you tomorrow! Ian
  3. Put my 18 year old daughter on the Stag policy - has to be accompanied by Mrs S or myself when driving, shocking an extra £23.50 on top of the £103pa standard policy!! NFU charged us £800 extra to put her on Mrs S's Hyundai i30 whilst learning and no extra charge when she passed (many companies then add thousands as driver will be unaccompanied), I was happy with that figure and she earns her own NCB as well even as a named driver.
  4. For me, not sure on colour and interior (dash/load cover) look worn.........presume its an SE from front bumper.
  5. Creaked windscreen, presume he means cracked!!
  6. Now that's a good plan - same for E34s, I might go BMW shopping next week!
  7. No need to get into debates on pros/cons of budget tyres etc etc, just want to shift these as they were on a set of wheels I'm doing up for the Skoda. 225 40 18 Maxxis (Pair) W rated 5mm approx. tread Week 52 2013 stamped No damage £50 collected Leamington Spa area Courier will be about £26 on top to UK mainland. I also have a third 225 40 18 Runway tyre, hardly used, Mid 2016 manufacture (third picture) £20 collected or plus £13 courier. Thanks Ian
  8. I think rubbish diving isn't just in UK, look at the French who tailgate on Autoroutes then cut in too early - we got clipped by one car at 120kmh that did that and saw two cars spun round in front of us by the same manoeuvre - all I one day, don't recall seeing that many accidents happen here. And their propensity to overtake on blind bends is far greater than here. However I agree with earlier post - the vast majority of drivers are inept at best and dangerous at worst (regardless of the speed they drive at). How many people do you hear say 'I really don't enjoy driving'? - human nature will dictate that anything you don't enjoy doing, but have to do regularly isn't going to be done to the best of your ability. As for the Satnav Test, surely teach people to understand maps and road signs first - might have helped the driver below 'down our street' last week - he missed: Road Narrows Unsuitable for large vehicles 2.25m width restriction signs! Gave us all a good laugh for half an hour, cost his firm a few hundred quid for damage to the house on the right (and lorry!)and I think neighbour had to realign her Satellite Dish! No way he could get through gap - hence reversing lights. Ian
  9. Very possibly, but worth a look and proper SH checking,if FSH stacks up, a bit of TLC on seats and its a good un. There's a somewhat large gentleman in the next village selling his 1997 528 that he's had from new with 75K miles and FSH at BMW - the drivers seat on that is also heavily worn - possibly size of driver and fact he wears old style rock hard jeans could have done that! Leather does need feeding regularly, something many non enthusiasts forget. Maybe this is a slightly portly denim clad owner as well?
  10. I was rather thinking 'Suicide is Painless'..............................
  11. Now this would be my daily had I not got the Skoda..........Someone on here must surely buy this.
  12. IMHO Cruella knows that Labour isn't electable in its present form, so she sees no reason not to try to extend the Tories' reign by an extra couple of years, and yes as 'she' wasn't elected it will give her own position more credence as well as her frankly bizarre, blinkered Brexit process. However I think its an unnecessary distraction from the actual Brexit process/nightmare, and there will be a record low turnout as most people won't see the point of voting. The only way to make this interesting to most voters would be the unlikely emergence of a (new?) party with a 'remain' manifesto - albeit the likelihood of Trump having sex with Kim Jon Thinghy is probably more of a possibility! Frankly, I can't see who to vote for (or vote against) this time - goes against my 'free to vote' belief - but frankly I cant see anything other than a Labour or Lib Dem landslide changing anything and that isn't going to happen. Freedom is a pain sometimes!
  13. Sorry these were sold a while ago Ian
  14. So why so many 'to my pet Sheep'?
  15. Nah nah nah nah na!! You can get them in Yorkshire as well, In fact they seemed to have a lot fewer left!