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  1. I'm not a regular here anymore, so a bit late on the uptake. I've had a few Forum/PM chats with Keith and we tentatively agreed to meet for a drink a while ago when I was next in Fareham, how I wish I'd been more organised and sorted that drink. Very sad news. Ian
  2. Well if my 944 engine didn't keep self destructing I'd have probably been there! Cooling system overhauled Head rebuilt Compression tests fine All service items changed 500 miles fine 3 miles to paint shop - and it drops a ring! I've SORNED and uninsured it so I cant even torch it now and claim on the insurance but I'm too honest for that. Porsche ownership for me has been painful, but if anyone has a 930 Turbo they want to lend me to try and rebuild my confidence in Porkers - send me a pm!! Ian
  3. Chaps Same happened on my Imola 540, got gearbox oil and filter changed, better but still went into Trans Failsafe after 50 miles. I changed Gearbox ECU myself and all was fine thereafter, didn't need any recoding but I was careful to get one from a car the same year with all the same part nos etc on it. There you go, bet you thought you'd never receive technical advice from me!! Ian
  4. Ive got a spare 3, so you'd be halfway there with that!
  5. As usual, posted for interest - needs a gear knob so knock him down a bit! Posted 2 days ago Make BMW Model 5 SERIES Year 1996 Mileage 50000 Seller type Private Body type Estate Fuel type Petrol Transmission Manual Colour Silver Engine size 2500 Description BMW E34 525i Touring Manual £1500 Here for sale is my E34 5 series, it started life as a 518i, the 1.8 engine died from a head gasket failure. The previous owner who is a automotive electrician at McLarren F1 I may add did the entire swap himself. The engine engine is a 2.5 M50B25 non vanos and has only covered around 50000 miles on an automatic gearbox, the gearbox has also been sourced from another 525. It has a 525tds differential in it which makes the car very long geared and a perfect cruiser, revving at about 2000rpm at 70mph. The previous owner did all this himself and then took the vehicle on a European road trip hence the GB sticker and it ran faultless, with no overheating issues even in traffic in the channel tunnel. The car has no rot on it whatsoever and I couldn't believe it when I first saw it, sills are solid and there is no rust coming through on the arches. Only rust would be surface from a few stone chips and small scratches. The car has a few optional extras including Full leather interior M sport steering wheel Full panoramic sunroof Split opening tailgate Any question I will more than happily answer. I am located 10 mins from J26 of the M1 £1500 Thanks for reading
  6. And as many people have been saying about this, people with a £2000 car drive them generally because they cant afford/don't want to spend £12K + on a car, its a very limited target audience. The only way this would really work is if Cruella and her gang offered people low cost leases on new low emission cars. I'd buy a low(er) emission car if someone gave me £20K or the ability to pay a similar monthly amount to my car costs at moment!
  7. Well done Lance and I remember your 'Shed!!' well - car enthusiasts dream! Ian
  8. I know, my knees creak loudly when cycling around there!!
  9. Hi Jimbob How long is the box, ie what size skis can it take? Might be interested (am local) if my E39 punt comes off! Ian
  10. Having spent 10 hours on the German Autobahns on Friday covering approx. 250 miles between multiple road works and at least one unannounced Motorway Closure with no diversions (even the Police who turned up were a bit flummoxed), and then Sunday's Belgian Motorways with potholes big enough to lose a small lorry in - maybe the EU isn't all its made out to be..................hang on though, the German Austrian and French Patisserie we scoffed regularly was fantastic, oh what a conundrum EU roads or EU Puddings? - I'm in the puddings camp, I hope Brexit doesn't affect imports of EU puddings!. Helpful?
  11. I never realised Banbury was so high above sea level!! Looks great, unfortunately there's no half measures with LPG, people either love it or won't buy a car with it due to (erroneous IMHO) perceived issues with engine wear on gas. If it was me I'd be happy that I don't have to spend £1,500 on a decent LPG install to get user friendly Costs Per Mile. Good luck with it, looks great for the price. Ian
  12. I rather like this...............would prefer it if it was manual though. As usual for info, I make no further comments as I'm clueless about cars in reality!
  13. And when he's driving the Rover down the Embankment in that film the MGB behind was my mate's dad - he thought they were filming an ad!
  14. Welcome Mr Fozzie, they are a nice bunch on here Glad you got E39, will have a peep when we get our garage together! Must go now, eBay beckons - I need another E39! see you tomorrow! Ian