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  1. Changing Headlights to facelift

    Hella also make adapters - google it, I think Amazon had them a few years back. Good quality (They made the original lights)
  2. E39 restoration project.

    I use 0W-40 in our 525i... We do a lot of short trips, and the 0W seems to help with economy when the oil hasn't heated up enough to thin out to normal operating viscosity... but I the 40 makes me feel better about the days that are 30C+ degrees and humid as a swimming pool I used 5W-40 for one oil change and on the 6 mile trips my wife does several times a day, the economy really suffered - I was surprised. BMW does say 0W or 5W and 30 or 40 - any combination is "correct". It's supposed to be rated ACEA A3/B4 for shear stability.
  3. 01 525i no heat in cabin?

    Also, Check your actual coolant temp, too. Just in case: The gauge is a waste of time for telling anything useful, in standard config. The gauge will read 12 o'clock from about 70c, but the heater won't be "HOT" at that point - once it's up a bit higher you'll feel the difference.
  4. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Trust the Germans to do it different to everyone else, right?!?!?! - It's such a funny way to do it. The springs tend not to work well with compressors - I had 3 sets of different kinds and mixing and matching at different stages of compression made it easier - I was still worried I was going to lose an arm! Looks better now anyway. Well done!
  5. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That diagram came with a brand new set of Sachs sport shocks - they are the "other" sport suspension option though - M-tecnic II??? S704 or something (can't remember!) the car is a standard sedan, but had sport suspension specified from new. just to be clear, I broke out my mean Paint Skillz - it needs to rotate like this: I'm not sure if you have the correct spring either - I seem to recall mine fitting quite tightly around the rubber cup on the shock - they bottom of the spring is that funny egg shape of the spring platform.
  6. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ummm... the bottom is well wrong Sorry! Looks like you need to release the load a bit (compress the springs) and rotate the bottom of the strut about 30 degrees relative to the spring. Do these help: This sis for reinstallation:
  7. Another headlight question....

    NONONONO! Purely a sample pic You should just have to set the xenon tes/ignition option on and cold checks off, and I believe, hot checks on. The rest should be the same as what it is when you open it up. You should have headlight vertcal aim control on, but not automatic or dynamic. The rest you can fiddle with fairly safely EXCEPT the PWM (pulse witdth modulation) - you can blow bulbs or leds if you fudge them up! Your screen will lok different, most lilekly. you *may* have an LCM4 too. if it's late enough manufacture date. Just go gentle with the clicking to start with... then you can move on to making the service intervals shorter, correcting the stupid temp gauge, and making your hazard lights double flash etc
  8. Another headlight question....

    https://www.xcar360.com/bmw-scanner-1-4-0-car-diagnostic-interface-tool-code-reader.html You don't need the adapter. It's a chinese "clone"... http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=1067835: Your options can/will look different. I have LCM4 in mine, so mine was different again. Save your original coding, then fiddle with only one or two things at a time, so as not to get lost! I believe on mine, "XENON TEST" was labelled "XENON IGNITION"
  9. Another headlight question....

    I haven't done it for a while, but I do recall an option in BMW SCANNER 1.4 that allows for xenon ignition. You can buy your won cable and do it, from xcar360.com it's something like US$30 shipped??? You want the hot checks on, otherwise you don't get a warning if the bulb is out when it should be on (which might not worry you, but better to know!) Buy the cable, and fiddle to you hearts content!
  10. Another headlight question....

    You want Hot checks ON, cold checks OFF and xenon ignition coded on. The xenon ignition tells it to retry a certain number of times, before flicking up the warning. The failure to ignite will very most likely be a weak bulb.
  11. Front Control arm dramas

    Hitting the alloy hub carriers with a hammer is a no-no. It used to work on cast steel ones because they transferred the shock and bounced back to shape, but aluminium stretches, hardens and possibly fractures.... and the inserts fall out . I'd be looking for new hub carriers
  12. E39 525 tds touring electric gremlins

    Ignition switch on our 525i gave us occasional ABS light, no indicators and occasional wipers. replaced with new, all sorted. They're a shit design.
  13. Abs fault and gearbox

    Check the wiring first! It can be a module fault too, though.
  14. Abs fault and gearbox

    ABS reports wheel/car speed for trans and abs/traction/speedo etc. ABS issues, and tyre pressures/sizes can affect the trans shifting.
  15. Japanese Import E39s

    We used to import more used cars from Japan, than new cars. Not sure if it's still true. Our E39 came from Singapore, and our 2 VWs are NZ new. We have owned far more imports than cars sold here new. EVERYTHING is imported, but all the common stuff comes in larger quantities, and quite a number of japan-only models come in too.