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  1. Battery

    make sure to connect the plastic vent hose, and block the vent on the other end of the battery - otherwise a leak will eat out your battery tray
  2. The heater on 32 will only help if the fan is on flat out. The newspaper test ONLY works if the temp is hot enough to make it lock - most of the time it is NOT locked. The pump could have lost it's impeller, and not be pumping, but also check it the whoel radiator is boiling hot - it may be blocked and there isn't enough circulation (either blockage or pump). You need to stop driving ii though, if you want to protect your head gasket! A head gasket on these is usually a MAJOR too, as the threads for the head bolts often strip.
  3. E39 525 M Sport - Was There Such a Thing?

    Doesn't matter how many times you say it though
  4. Air bag recall

    I fitted an earlier wheel... and luckily for me, sold the newer one already Are the old flat Sport ones not affected by the recall?
  5. Potential Debris/Obstruction of Air Filter Intake

    The alternator one is probably crammed full of leaves etc too - they block the flow pretty much entirely.
  6. The little o-rings in the filter housing (on the pointy bit, on the cap) can leak pressure into the sump - they should really be replaced on a regular basis, like the cap o-ring is.
  7. And so it begins !

    The kits only work if the diaphagm is intact oo, and mine wasn't, so I got a brand new one too... don't think it was that much either... but it was a few years back anyway. If they fail, they can destroy the engine if the pin makes it into a cylinder, so it's a good thing to do!
  8. Autolock can be done with checkboxes in BMW Scanner 1.4. about US$20 from xcar360.com It's pretty easy, and can be used to read fault codes too. If you want to go more advanced, get an INPA setup from Jimmy at Cable-shack.co.uk
  9. Car Dead - Help Please.

    Sounds like the battery is still poked. Battery should be 12.5V MINIMUM after charging. 12V is flat. an E39 won't start on that. I wouldn't waste any time on anything before putting a decent battery in it, because even if there is another fault, some modules will NOT function with low voltage, and when you connect a jump battery, a pile of the available current will be being sucked into the knackered battery - especially if it has a shorted plate.
  10. Don't smack the aluminium. It doesn't work very well for one - the aluminium insulates the steel... and yes, it's stresses the aluminium in a bad way. I used the franklin tool, and hit the top side with a hammer (likeStRaNgEdAyS said) after tightening the tool to where I thought it would shatter . You also find, after leaving it tight for a while, you may be able to tighten it a bit more. When it came off, it shot to the ground, and took a small chunk of concrete out of the floor! I've also heard people have left them, and come back later to find it off.
  11. Recommended Xenon/HIDS for e39?

    There used to be complete conversion kits on ebay, with brand new lights. I got them for ours. Has a self levelling kit too, if you want to fit it. The difference from halogen to xenon is like night and day I don't think I've ever driven a car with worse headlights than the E39 with halogens... and I'm dailying a '72 Beetle!
  12. 530d DMF/Clutch/gearbox issues?

    Do diesels have the clutch delay valve (CDV)? if they do, take it out! Made a HUGE difference to out pretrol one - prior to removal, it was easy to stall, and hade to make smotth shifts and modulate the clutch correctly. Probably nothing to do with your problem, but "since you down there"
  13. Key fob - flat?

    might be battery... but sometimes they just lose sync - ask uncle google how to fix it. I have to re-sync my Mrs key about once per year... NEVER have the issue with mine though!
  14. 530 strange clatter on tickover :(

    i or d? Disa valve on the petrols is worth checking as a possible source for ANY rattles, before it lunches the engine. Could also be the AC compressor. I had a leased Corolla that sounded like a diesel with the AC on and idling for a while.
  15. Odometer stuck at 651053 miles

    cluster = speedo, yup. The time being kept in there may only be true for the high cluster - not sure about low, TBH.