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  1. Caruso

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Love that colour!
  2. Was flying line of sight mainly, although I did use the FPV camera view through the controller to frame some of the shots. Here are the drone details https://www.firstpersonview.co.uk/quadcopters/dji-phantom-3-advanced-quadcopter
  3. From the title you can probably guess what happens at the end!
  4. Caruso

    Muffler Delete ???

    Here's my 540 before and after. No effect on performance and cost about £80. Before: After:
  5. Caruso

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Made this video of my 540T
  6. Caruso

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Today I nearly traded it in for this Jaguar which has done just 45k miles. However, the Jag driving experience suffered from comparison to my E39 540 Touring. The Jag (3.2 V8) had a lack of oomph below 3.5k rpm, the ride was not significantly better than my 168k mile E39 and, unforgivably, an overly loud indicator tick tock noise. So I'm a bit happier with my 540 now, although I do wonder what I'll ever find to replace it with.
  7. Caruso

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took my knackered <1 year old battery back to Halfords where they swapped it for a new one no questions asked. Good service from them.
  8. Caruso

    E39 mileage register

    36391 bazza523 2003 520iA SE ES Touring 38000 Richardsbmw 2003 530i champagne2 2900 E39mad 2003 530i SE Individual 43058 Dragyth 1996 528i SE Automatic 43167 adamhearn 2003 525d 46122 zarnd 2002 e39 M5 47589 tobybmw535i e39 535i /R reg 49000 carnageg 2001 540i 51383 LimavadyE39 53634 rysie 525i sport 55833 SCZ4 2002 E39 540i Sport 65150 Gee_V8 2002 540iA Sport 68000 Neil A 530i Sport 70000 ( photo'd odometer ! ) oji170 540iA Individual 70250 E39mad 525d (SOLD Feb '13 with 93200 miles) 73000 mrmarc 530iA sport (Jap Import) 74000 Lui 1998 528i se sport second owner from new immaculate condition 74000 themanstan 530i 74130 nazzamataz e39 520i SE 1999 74863 Deano16v 1997 540 Touring 6 speed 75003 Jamesno1 2002 525i 78000 Rory 2001 530d SE 79000 Big D 523i 80626 v8 boy, 1998 535i SE auto. 81375 DJM 523ise (again should be about 81600 but Speed sensor fault) 81579 Paddy O'Furniture 2003 535i Sport 81549 MattC 2000 E39 M5 82410 jacecodi 2002 530 i champagne II 84900 Shik 530i Champ 2 86292 Adam D 51 530i Sport 88245 WNeill 530i Sport 90426 as355f1 525d 90900 Gav. 1997 540i 92163 Calypso-E34 95000 Karl1 2002 525i sport 95000 surveysteve 528iA Sport 95235 paperjams 95835 Savcom's 2002 530D 98312 BadDave Alpina B10 3.2 99698 Darlo 2000 530i Sport 102000 Sphinx 523iA 102000 bsvensso 1997 540iA Touring 104100 Kevmo 2000 M5 105100 Harz535 530iA '02 111111 Mikey_535 1999 M5 111550 E39Man 2000 530i Sport 112000 Lloyd 523iSE step tropic 114500 urquatro 2000 540iA Touring 117553 kinada 2000 535i Sport 118000 Tidgy 528 118400 SC7 2002 530i Sport 122000 vanhool, 528ise (new engine at 37,000) 122550 Scotty540i 1997 540i SE 123000 mjenkings 2001 525i Sport 123000 Busteredwards 523i 125000 Conan 2002 530d Sport 125000 markgixxer750 M5 127000 mrroverrover 2001 525D auto Touring 127500 Robbo 528iAT 129000 Eddy Matthews 2000 520i auto Touring 131000 micheal d.s. 523i 132000 AndrewMac85 1998 Alpina B10 V8 131200 TaoOrganic, 2000 530D SE AUTO 132500 peejaybmr 528 136300 BM Ian 528i Sport 136756 puggie 523i 137000 mne666: 525D 137547 puggie 523i 138002 Staddly 520i Touring 2003 138777 Dan. 523i Touring 139000 Scruffy: Slammed 523i 139202 Zap 1997 535i 141300 Blue Oval 530iA 2000 141900 IJD 540iA 1998 142000 SC7 2002 530i Sport Champagne Edition 142000 Pow 528 143000 mark 528 145000 AlfaJim 2001 530dA SE Touring. 145000 G-lo e39 520i 1999 146000 Osi_NL 520i 147,000 Trisman 528i/532i Alpina Touring rep. (Was 120,150) 148654 Andy Ran - 2000 M5 (previous 138987) 150650 camoscato 1998 523i 150141 Piper 1999 540i Touring 151425 Revs Hotclutch 530i 152000 mattyv33 535i 152000 Marlow925 M5 E39 '99 154000 lee540 e39 540i 155000 Marlow925 525d Touring manual E39 '01 156000 pompeybmw 528 158201 dan101smith 540i/6 Touring 160000 Justin.. 2001 530i 160000 Pritesh '99 530D 161000 Machinehead '99 528i auto touring 161000 shrink 530D SE Auto ('99) 161500 RichE39 1997 528iSE (has had replacement engine) 162200 Caruso E39 540i Touring 165000 BriC 2000 535i Sport Manual 165893 Morgan528i 1999 528i SE Touring Auto (all original) 166000 rob-the-viking 528 168750 R.D.5.5 2000 540i Auto 172000 Greg 523i (engine change at 55k) 172070 BWMtastic 2000 530i SE Touring (running on LPG since 101000) <------------------ 173000 rickybotts_123 520i 175000 BriC 1999 520i 176000 Digidick 1999 528i Auto 178000 maxtherotti 540IA 180000 Zildjian 2000 M5 180000 Trisman 2000 530i Manual Sport. 180333 Matt21 2000 530iA SE LPG 186000 Donut 1996 540iA 189400 djw113uk 1997 525tds 193000 blue-alan M535i Sport 199707 DerekJr 1999 523i SE Auto 202000 Dennis Cooper-2003 530d Touring (actually around 206000) 206564 Piper 1996 540i saloon 210050 Dotcom1970 530d SE Auto 214089 Seesure 2001 M5 214396 Sean 530i (latest figure) 2000 SE on LPG 222222 MP3 1998 523iSE Auto (engine/cooling system rebuild at 193k) 231500 RockyBalboa-UK 2001 540i Auto Sport Saloon (original engine and gearbox plus Prins VSI LPG conversion since about 100k) 251300 Lance1a E39 528i Man, original battery, exhaust, clutch. 260095 chris 42 528iSE Touring (all original too!!!!!) 321525, mne666 (father In laws) 353000 Raymond 525tds
  9. Caruso

    BMW i3

    I had my E39 540 Touring in for some work this week at my local main dealer (Chandlers Brighton). When booking it in I asked if I could try the new BMW i3 as a courtesy car, and they duly obliged. They came through for me, so here is my review based on a day with the i3. It looks fantastic, very futuristic and with lots of novel touches. I personally found the seat amazingly comfortable. The steering had a nice weight to it despite the skinny tyres. Acceleration around town was up there with the 540, but not sure it would be able to keep up at higher speeds. The 'engine braking' when lifting off took some getting used to. It took a bit of throttle control to just 'coast' but it's the sort of thing that soon becomes second nature. I can't make my mind up if the complete lack of engine noise is a good thing or not. On the one hand it makes conversation between front and rear seat passengers easy, but I do miss the aural queues about what the powertrain is doing. One niggle was that it had a great rear parking sensor, but none at the front
  10. Caruso

    Interior Lights not coming on

    Well the problem is now sorted by the fitment of a new General Module (£619 incl fitting + VAT). Chandlers of Brighton did give me a lovely new i3 as a courtesy car which is a whole different topic (mostly positive). I felt the cost was worth it as the E39 540 is becoming a bit of a rare beast these days.
  11. Caruso

    Interior Lights not coming on

    I've had it back to my local Main Dealer and the combination of gearbox light staying on, plus the interior lights not coming on are apparently indicating a fault with the General Module. So I've now got one on order. None in stock worldwide, so no delivery date as yet.
  12. I recently took delivery of one of these special editions of the Seiko EPD display watches and would like to share my experience. Since the Seiko SGDA series first launched I was always fascinated by the new display technology, and when the Star Wars special edition series that launched in Oct 2012 included an SGDA model I knew that was the one for me. Fast forward a year and depreciation has now bought one within my grasp! There are 18 different still pictures from the original trilogy that are displayed, a different one for each of the 12 hours, plus some hours alternate between 2 pictures. I haven't yet seen all of the pics shown below. Where there is more than 1 pic for a particular time, then it means there may be more than 1 pic displayed in that particular hour. The original SDGA001 had a feature where at 10:08 the King on the pack of cards display, stuck his tongue out. Why 10:08? Well traditionally that is the time that analogue watches look best - completely irrelevant for a digital but a humorous touch from the Seiko Techies I think. Here is a demonstration of the features of the watch The functionality is identical to the SDGA001 with the exception that you get the Star Wars pics instead of the playing cards scheme, and the world time graphics include a Tie Fighter instead of a plane, and a Death Star in place of the Earth. In fact both watches ship with the same manual. So, what's been my experience of the watch? Initially I was very looking forward to receiving it. When it arrived I loved the pictures and the quality of construction that the watch oozes. But controlling the watch is a pain due to the wait for the screen updates. And the novelty of the Star Wars pics soon wore off. So that left me with what??? Actually it left me with something very good indeed, which is all of the best features of the original SDGA001. This is a solar powered, atomically timed digital watch of unparalleled quality and clarity of display. The alarms are useful and have a quality sound, and the dual LED light is bright enough to cast clear shadows on the ceiling of a dark room. The Star Wars legend on the crystal is all but unnoticeable to others, and the blue face sets off the stainless steel nicely. Then, if you want to show off a bit more of the watch's capabilities without being too obvious then you can use the World Time mode. So in summary, this is a novelty watch that hides what is actually a very decent timepiece underneath.
  13. Caruso

    Interior Lights not coming on

    Thanks for the responses. One last question - does your orange light on the auto gearbox stay on when the ignition is switched off? I'm not sure if I'm noticing it because the lights don't come on?
  14. A few weeks ago my interior lights stopped coming on when opening the doors or unlocking the car. It is also slowly draining the battery. The battery is less than a year old, and holds a charge when not connected. Any ideas what the problem could be?