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  1. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F302779051547 Use that to as him about deals for spacers and stud sets etc, he's good.
  2. I used the mtec studs, 82mm long iirc. They have a 5mm hex in the end to fit them which made it really easy
  3. 15mm front and 20mm rear spacers, that's each side. Yup, stud conversion fitted too, fitting wheels is now a doddle
  4. Finally on the car I wanted to change the discs/pads etc so took some time to get the free time to get everything done! They sit nicely with the edges of the wheel arches now, not hidden deep inside. Also fitted a Maxton Design front splitter, chuffed to bits with how it looks! Sorry if the pictures are large, on phone and no easy way to shrink them!
  5. ger

    E39 M5 Water pump

    Just found that my water pump is knackered Does anybody know if they can be rebuilt or, somewhere that sells a new one for a reasonable price? Tia!
  6. ger

    6 speed E39 M5 Gearknob LHD

    I just pulled it off, glue is strong but can be persuaded to separate. Iirc I used some 'Serious glue' to glue the other 'frame' to the leather.
  7. ger

    6 speed E39 M5 Gearknob LHD

    Yes, I've done it. Everything else is the same.
  8. ger

    pdc sensors

    If you have an intermittent one you have to be ready to check when they're not working, I 'crawled around the car on my knees' at Morrison's car park and I noticed a few people tapping each other on their shoulders and pointing, you get strange looks! Not that I cared a bit
  9. I got them from mtec (or mteconlineshop) on ebay. He said he'd do a set of spacers, studs and nuts for £100. These would be 'no name' spacers. I went for Bimec spacers in the end, having had bad experiences before with unbranded ones. They were a bit more but exactly what I was after. Hopefully I'll be sorting my car this week, been busy with other peple's cars up until now!
  10. I discovered that they're abrasive a short while after that post, they're soft as a sponge but at a molecular lever they are very abrasive. I wonder if adding soap would make any difference?
  11. I had tge same thing happen to me, nut just snapped off. These are tightened quite a bit (175Nm) and there are two grooves for water to find its way in to get them to rust good and proper! Buggers arent cheap either!
  12. Yup, Mtec kit it is. I'll be giving it all a good clean, new disc, pads and shoes going on at the same time. Loctite should hold well. Thanks for all the help everyone, much appreciated. I'll post up some pics after they're done.
  13. I had a look at the car and reckon that these will fit so I've ordered 20mm each side rear and 15mm each side front and an 82mm stud kit. Looking forward to having them on
  14. Thanks for the quick replies. I was going to go for the stud conversion, makes life much easier. I have them on the e39. I'll try to have a look in the next few nights, wouldn't like to go much more than 20mm, that's just me but don't want to go to all the bother to find the wheels are still a bit 'lost' in the arches. If anyone else have experience, let me know
  15. It's probably been asked a few times but I can't find a definitive answer. What width spacer should I go for to fit to the rear and the front with the standard 18" mv2's on my e61? Wheels are a bit lost and could do with bringing out a bit. I've seen 15 and 20mm per side been mentioned but do definitive answer from my limited searching. Thank you