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  1. jordane34

    E39 Brink Towbar

    basically after the detachable part of the towbar for my e39 saloon. its a Brink towbar. i believe its this one (picture attached) Cheers
  2. jordane34

    535i and M5 propshaft the same?

    cheers for the reply jonah. answers my question really
  3. jordane34

    535i and M5 propshaft the same?

    was wondering if they are the same or different. part numbers for the rear half seem to be but just wondering if anyone has used one in there 535 or vice versa. cheers
  4. jordane34

    Another Wont Start Thread, E34 535i

    cheers man love the car too much to just give up. just one of those things, like said only a couple of relays so no mega harm done.
  5. jordane34

    Another Wont Start Thread, E34 535i

    Just thought id finish this thread off as sorted the problem in the end, but not what you might think. Turns out that the second hand alternator i had was faulty. this some how caused the fuel relay and IGNITION RELAY to both blow!! why it started then stopped. so my intitial problem was just an alternator but turned into a nightmare. i replaced both relays but fuel one was fine, ignition was not. ended up having a BRAND NEW ALTERNATOR (£££££££££££) and brand new relays, should have done this in the first place. lesson learned. Car runs better than before, absolute spot on
  6. jordane34

    Another Wont Start Thread, E34 535i

    how can i check the engine timing at home? no spark from coil when cranking, so no spark at leads. rotor turns. plugs arent wet but smell of unburnt fuel. it leads to the problem i had before of bad crank sensor so even though it "clicked" the injectors ill go and buy a multimeter tomorrow (as mine broke) and test it at the plug. Just to clarify incase someone has had the same symptoms, car just died wouldnt start, would crank but not start. fitted new alternator, car started, for about 15 mins then died. now wont start at all. fuel pump works had new fuel relay fuse is fine, has fuel. tried new ecu, new main relay, new starter relay, tried a known good coil. checked earths. literally pulling my hair out at this!!!
  7. jordane34

    Another Wont Start Thread, E34 535i

    i did unplug the lead but just the same
  8. jordane34

    Another Wont Start Thread, E34 535i

    ill double check everything tomorrow. if the gap is too big on the crank sensor how would u adjust it? could it being too close cause a no start? and is there a "correct distance" for it to be away from the toothed wheel? thing is i had the car running for 15 mins, i moved it went inside to get my stuff to go out (left car running) came out was off!! then wouldnt start :s
  9. jordane34

    Another Wont Start Thread, E34 535i

    anybody got any ideas? been without my car now for 2 weeks :'( ive replaced rotor and dizzy BRAND NEW (before this problem) crank sensor BRAND NEW (again before this problem) and still works, was making the injectors "click" Ecu Fuel Pump Relay DME Relay Fuel Pump Works Fuses are ok Ignition Coil (took it off a mates car which he drove to my house and then drove home lol) its just so frustrating, had a couple of mates look at it who are mechanics and they are stumped too :s any help appreciated. car cranks just doesnt fire up.
  10. jordane34

    Cylinder Identification Sensor, how important?

    i hadnt unplugged it/touched it before my car had stopped working. the plug is right next to the plug for the crank sensor. if it makes no difference to the car running then i'm back at square one http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/80138-another-wont-start-thread-e34-535i/
  11. jordane34

    M30 535i - VERY slight - if at all - coolant leak

    mine has always smelt of coolant...........and petrol and hot rubber (not tyres lol) never really bothered me, just the way an old bmw should smell
  12. basically mine has a split in it, however read that on some of the cheap ht leads they dont have this? car doesnt start and checked everything. pic of lead.
  13. jordane34

    Another Wont Start Thread, E34 535i

    ok update on this. the wire i mentioned is a cylinder identification sensor. i read that on some of the cheaper leads they dont have this and car runs fine? so dunno if it would be this. i have also know replaced BOTH fuel relay and dme relay. literally dunno what else to check. think i may have to buy some more ht leads just to eliminate that as a problem.
  14. jordane34

    Another Wont Start Thread, E34 535i

    yer i hope so!! running out of things to check haha. i didnt think it was "that bad" until my mate showed me a picture of one he had to replace which had a really small "nick" in it, which caused failure.