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  1. Rear wheel bearing rumblings

    So in short you haven't had much more luck than I did, still love the e39 though out of the BMW's I've had still my favourite.
  2. Rear wheel bearing rumblings

    As Clavurion said Jack up the hub and you can just see the bolts but you will need a couple of socket sets of extensions to get at them and be able to turn a ratchet. Fiddly but not too bad. At least on my saloon this worked.
  3. Rear wheel bearing rumblings

    Hi, I have just had the joy of replacing the rear wheel bearing on my E39, as you say 12 sided socket so annoying when you already have a six sided 36mm socket. I had huge issues in getting the driveshaft off the flange, to the point that I had to remove the entire hub assembly and the use of a 20ton press and a torch. Nightmare of a job but once apart the rest went straight forward - I hope you have more luck than I did on mine. Silent as a mouse again now though.
  4. £500 - Relisted for Sale. BMW E39 528i Sport.

    Hi, Can we pm on this please as I would like to take a look? Thanks, Craig
  5. £500 - Relisted for Sale. BMW E39 528i Sport.

    Hi, Is this still available? Thanks